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Not Saved Comment   (Salvation, 19 Comments & 1 Votes)
The child as an Adult DECIDED to leave the family.
---Nicole_Lacey on 10/21/16

Yes. You see the parables of the Prodigal son and the 1 & 99 sheep are...
Christians For Trump   (Christianity, 54 Comments & 1 Votes)
These laws are passed to prevent problems that have never existed.
---StrongAxe on 10/21/16

Did you watch the video I suggested to you?

It tells...
Worst Sin To Commit   (Sin, 62 Comments & 3 Votes)
---Luke on 10/14/16
---michael_e on 10/9/16

These would have us believe:
- Jesus lies,
- Jesus who IS...
Finish It Here October, 2016   (Relationships, 51 Comments & 2 Votes)

Nicole said, "
You are a great example WHY I disagree."

Ma'am, those are the sources of your religion.

I believe you have me...
Have A Salvation Party   (Salvation, 7 Comments & 2 Votes)
Bill, I understand now.

Thanks for explaining....
Whole House Air Purifier
Armed with a whole house air purifier, a person with allergies, bronchitis, or asthma will be able to breathe more...
American Churches Are Laodicea   (End Times, 21 Comments & 8 Votes)
Rob, you wrote this:

Nicole Lacey, I was born and raised in the United States and went to Medical School here with two degrees.--Rob on 10/20/16

Ten Commandments Destroyed   (Salvation, 24 Comments & 1 Votes)

I have tried to reply to your last comment twice in the past few days, and neither response was posted, so I'm going to give up on this particular...
Husband Went To Jail   (Marriage, 5 Comments & 2 Votes)
prayer for you, however God blesses you

Feed on 1 Peter 3:1-4. Trust God for how He means this for you....
No Love In Marriage   (Marriage, 5 Comments & 1 Votes)
Appreciate how Jesus our Groom loves you! And love as family with the ones who do know love >

"And be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one...
Revealed Objective Truth   (Salvation, 24 Comments & 1 Votes)

No, I'm not. Why is it that in almost every blog you comment on, you always steer the discussion towards one single point - that is, that we are...
Tax Guide For Small Business
The IRS provides a tax guide for small business which is extremely comprehensive and detailed....
First Step Of Salavation   (Salvation, 75 Comments & 1 Votes)

Does not the "Scriptures." state believers and unbelievers??
---john9346 on 10/19/16

John Yes,

But a unbelievers do not...
Where Was Adam Made   (Apologetics, 75 Comments & 1 Votes)

The Bible mentions men in genealogies, but women only if they are important to the plot. It doesn't mention any children before Cain+Abel, but never...
Violent Against Property   (End Times, 36 Comments & 3 Votes)
//hosting an appreciation dinner for our local police department (about 30 officers plus other city officials) this coming Friday.//

May God bless you...
Explain Matthew 23:1-3   (Marriage, 29 Comments & 1 Votes)
//peter NEVER claimed to be pope.//

Yet the man lead all the speeches Acts 2:14 3:12 5:3, 29 10:1-49

FINALLY at the very first meeting Council of...
Interpret A Dream   (Christianity, 17 Comments & 3 Votes)
I was wondering for a moment when I had this dream. Different Samuel. ...
Christian Youth Summer Camps
Christian youth summer camps allow children and teenagers to attend a camp where they will meet friends with similar...
Drunk And A One Night Stand   (Sin, 58 Comments & 38 Votes)
/In rebuking David, God told him He would have given him even more wives if he had asked. 2Sam 12:8\-aservant on 10/6/16
-Very poor and misleading...
Living With A Bitter Spouse   (Marriage, 29 Comments & 8 Votes)
I appreciate this post and all the comments. I need help living with a bitter spouse also. Lately, I wonder if it has already defiled me and my children. Very...
I Hate My Husband   (Marriage, 13 Comments & 2 Votes)
Has anyone heard from Monk?...
Unrepented Sin Unforgiven   (Sin, 53 Comments & 11 Votes)
First Off, Repentance Is Not The Same Thing As Forgiveness, Repentance Means To Turn Away From Sin, Jesus Has Already Paid The Price For Our Sins When We Except Him...
Dating A Married Woman   (Marriage, 53 Comments & 1 Votes)
StrongAxe, God did PUNISH David, but not Bathsheba.
Bathsheba suffered only by connection

As a mother suffers when her son is in jail.

I am...
Wives Submit To Your Husbands
Ephesians 5:21-24 - Submitting yourselves one to another in the fear of God....
Are There Salvation Standards   (Salvation, 75 Comments & 2 Votes)
There are commandments of God. There always have been. BUT many confuse the commandments of God to say they consist strictly of the 10 commandments. This I believe...

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