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Phone Affair Considered Adultery

My husband and I are trying to work out our marriage. He has had an affair on me via phone & internet,though never in person. Does God still count this as adultry since Jesus told them even if you have looked at a woman?

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 ---simone on 8/29/05
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Jesus said it is said do not commit adultery. But I tell you that if anyone looks at a woman has committed adultery. I feel that Jesus is talking about the heart. Wear your is the rest will follow. In his heart he has committed adultery and in time will go the rest of the way if he does not stop and turn around and put his Eyes On god and his wife. But the wife his to make herself appealing to him and desire her. And build his self-confidence too. In marriage it is two not just one.
---Wayne_Blanchard on 2/2/08

Mine finally ended up in a divorce after the porn sights started popping up, etc. Adultery is still adultery.
---Dee on 10/2/05

Wayne: It is not the wife's fault if the husband commits adultery. Husband's are commanded to love their wives. PERIOD. Women are told to submit to their wives. PERIOD. Nowhere i scripture does it command women to be appealing. No where in scripture does it give an escape clause that men may commit adultery if the wife is not appealing.
---Madison on 8/30/05

Don't beleive it for a second. It is not the wife's responsibility if the husband cheats. This is a psychological manipulation of narcissistic men. It is something every abuser would say, and EVERY counceler disagrees with. You shouldnt deny your husband, but it is HIS responsibility if he cheats, not yours. That is HIS relationship with the Lord, that is why your faithful, it is not on you. The bible never says it is the wifes responsibility to be appealing!!! It says don't deny, that's it.
---Jessica on 8/29/05

We have connected together of course since then,since this too was over 3 yrs ago,but I was wondering if it was biblcial, which it is thanks.
---simone on 8/29/05

Read the following Scripture: Proverbs 6:25-26, and Matthew 5:26-27 Christ here is dealing with the attitude, in which He states it's just as wrong as thinking about it. So, "yes" this is adultry. (To you, it may not be a serious as the actual act of adultry, but to the Lord, it's adultry.)
---WIVV on 8/29/05

Yes, God would consider adultry. doesn't matter if it was not in person. It was in his heart and mind. even if not looking he still went through actuions. He was thinking of another women in mind and heart which was sin.
---Shaz on 8/29/05

I have had the same thing happen too me and GOD can and WIll help you get over the affire and help get you back on lifes track he has for you and for your mate all so we have to forgive our mate to be able to keep going on and growning in JESUS
---ama on 8/29/05

By scriptures, we know God looks at our heart. Lusting after another women, via sight, internet, or phone, is still the same as physical, per scripture. Scripture also states that we love our own wife, not someone else's wife. Question, how would he feel if you were doing it?
---geraa7578 on 8/29/05

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