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Tithe To Abused Animals

Is it OK to tithe to the hurting instead of to a rich church who spends on frivolous things like $300,000 for lighting? I would like to give to abused animals. God says, "if you give to the least of me, you have given to me." So isn't that tithe acceptable, rather than to a rich church?

Moderator - An abused animal isn't what that scripture is referring to. The Gospel is about people. However, if you want to help abused animals feel free to give of your time or other resources that aren't being used for the Gospel.

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 ---PAT on 4/15/09
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PAT: I agree with the Moderator, animals are not included among people that tithes should be used for.
---Adetunji on 11/6/13

Darlene, same with my church. we have missionaries to come and present their ministries. missionaries live of money that churches have set aside for missionaries.
---shira4368 on 10/31/13

Giving to abused animals of your tithes is like giving no tithes at all. Shira I know you are a woman of deep faith and sweet compassion but just a little thought,missionaries are exactly where God wants them,with exactly what God wants them to have. Yes I am like you wanting to make things better for them but what is important is that their ministry is solid and God will do the rest. I think the Assembly of God has a horrible practice,they make their missionaries go from church to church begging for each one to support them and that is wrong. A laborer is worthy of their hire and are to live off the altar,they shouldn't be made to beg. There's nothing Christian or Holy about it.
---Darlene_1 on 10/31/13

If you have a problem with the way your church appropriates (or misappropriates) the funds, then I suggest attending another church where you can tithe with confidence that your funds are being appropriately allocated. However, taking away from your tithe in order to give to humanitarian causes is not good. Tithing and charitable giving are two different things.

On a side note, why would you spend your limited resources on abused animals when you are surrounded by abused, hungry, and homeless humans?
---Jed on 9/14/13

Your tithe and a charitable donation are two different issues. Malachi 3:10 tells us "Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, that there may be food in my house. Test me in this, says the Lord Almighty," etc.

Anyone TITHING to a church which wastes the money on frivolities should be changing church - immediately.

'The storehouse' - everseen by godly people (we hope) will distribute the tithes in ways which God will approve. That is how the blessing will flow.

We give also to charities if we can still afford to do so but our help can be practical - doesn't have to be money.
---Rita_H on 9/14/13

Just don't understand this. A large church in Memphis, Tenn spent one million dollars for a lighted cross in front of their church. I walked inside and saw portraits of all the pastors. The portraits were 6 ft by 4ft and there were many. They had a store inside and another store to purchase recordings of sermons. Outside was a garden with sculptures of men of the bible. It grieved my heart to see this when missionaries can't get the simple things of life...toothpaste, deodrant, and other necessities of life. If you ever go to Memphis look for the giant cross. you will be amazed at the waste of money.
---shira3877 on 7/25/11

Regarding the 300,000 dollars for lighting. What is it used for, if the money for lighting is used to keep non-christians in the church it is not so frivolous. Also how much does that steeple cost? The tithe is for God's work. The best way for God's work is the CHURCH.
---Scotth on 7/25/11

Yes it is. Animals are least then us, they are hurting and are in pain. Animals are flesh just like us. God wants all flesh to be saved. WSPA helps animals and find people better jobs.
And then the animals is free from these cruel evil people.
Animals go to heaven too you know.
So yes give and you will recieve for helping animals. God bless you.
---Andrea on 7/23/11

"James_Ralston--Obviously, animals lost access to their manger, but //The animals bowed down to Him when He was born?//That would be interesting to see.
---Donna66 on 3/27/11

The question, as I see it, is whether we should give to the Church, or to a charity. The answer, as I see it, is "Neither." We tythe to God. We give to Him a small portion of what He has blessed us with. If we give to a Church, we are missing the intent of the tythe. The Church isn't asking that we acknowledge God's gifts. God is. The Church is the place we go to meet with God and to surrender to Him that which is His. If you think your Church is too large, join a smaller Church. But give your tythes to God with a prayer of thanksgiving.
---CalicoHawk on 3/27/11

If you feel compelled to tithe...give it to the church. They are the ones that demand it. (I agree with you about elegant lighting and other expenses that mainly appeal to the vanity of the pastor. I left a church once, for reasons like this)

THEN you can adopt a homeless animal. Feed and catch a stray cat then have it altered. Help pay vet bills for victims of animal cruelty.
And God bless you!
---Donna66 on 3/23/11

First of all the Message of salvation is for people. With that part out of the way, we still have two jobs. One for taking care of the garden and everything in it, and the evangelism. When Jesus came to die, He did this to fulfill the law of sacrificing animals to pay for sins. He did not come to abandon everything in the Old Testament, which is what most people probably think. Jesus did not come here to save animals from sin. Because they are sinless. He came for the sinful (humans) that does not mean He doesn't care about His animals. The animals bowed down to Him when He was born, and laid in a manger (food bowl). Long story short (I can drag this out for a while), tithe just means giving a tenth to God.
---James_Ralston on 3/23/11

The tithe should be used on people, not animals. To give tithe to help animals is degrading the intended holiness of the tithe. Abused animals could be helped with the other money you have that is not tithe.

You speak of rich churches, yet you should still give them tithe money. Or you could split it and help hungry children here in America or overseas. There are many children in this country that go to bed hungry, and that need the necessities of life. Children whose parents lose their jobs, sometimes through no fault of their own. There are many people who need help.
---Betty on 4/17/09

We all seem to need, and want, the feeling of being able to relieve another's distress.

I have rescued severely abused dogs and discovered how very difficult and time-consuming it can be to turn them into semi trusting pets. I have helped the sick and wounded and troubled in the course of my career. It is satisying work when done well.

But God doesn't always ask us to do what "feels" good. Sometimes he requires us to give without knowing the results. The needs of His Kingdom are myriad, and He knows what is needed and why.
(I'd say mostly His work is not done with animals). Often we give without knowing exactly where the money goes and without "feeling" anything...except the satisfaction in obeying God.
---Donna66 on 4/16/09

The only things you can "give" to God is praise and obedience!
Nowhere are Christians commanded to tithe, that is a money making scheme borrowed from the old law covenant!
Christians are admonished to give in secret so no boasting is heard!
Jesus said "Don't let your right hand know what the left is doing" (in giving alms)Mat.6.3.
---1st_cliff on 4/16/09

There is always someone to complain about what a church or pastor does. How does anyone here know for sure that the lights that this money bought were not required by the local government?
In order to sit just one person in a part of our church it would cost about $900.00 for two lights. They are required by the county Fire Dept.
If the church is built like some want no one comes to it. Lost souls are not reached that way either.
What God orders God pays for. Time spent complaining would be better spent finding out what is going on for sure.
---Elder on 4/16/09

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Hello Pat, It is a sad day when a church spends $300.000 for lighting when souls are starving to death here in America. But they do, so, pray carefully about your tithes and give where you are directed to by the Holy Spirit. Don't tithed to the animals, give to the people who are caring for them. They are volenteers most of the time and so if you provide means for them to receive a small salary then your tithes is justifiable. People in all given situations needs kind hearted givers. Give where you feel like you will make a God given difference to someone's life. Bless you for even offering to pay tithes, most don't.
---Brenda on 4/16/09

While I commend your passion for helping abused animals, I agree with the moderator that the scripture you referenced wasn't referring to them. I won't tell you where to place your tithe, only to ask you to think what would the Master do? Also, if you feel your church is not practicing financial wisdom or that they are not reaching out to the poor, you may want to consider changing churches. No matter what you decide, helping animals is always a good thing. Even if you don't give your tithe to the effort, there's always other offerings of money, time, etc. that can help them.
---AlwaysOn on 4/16/09

The tithe is sacred money. The amount (10% of your "increase") is fixed and its purpose strictly set aside for the ministry of the gospel. Offerings are optional, and are intended to supply the physical needs of the church and the people of the community. What you wish to give for animals is up to you - after your obligations to the ministry and the church are met.

Don't forget that mankind was given dominion over the animals. Jesus killed and ate animals. Do you who care so deeply about animals also eat them?
---jerry6593 on 4/16/09

if Dogs do hurts only after the original sin of Adam and Eve, i think it is better to feed humanbeing from the fruits of that tree we all know. if dogs do hurts before our original sin, then it is not our responsibity to feed them. it is of God.
if,as a human being, i was fed insufficiently by the church, i will search more food by myself and buy it.if i am full, the money is useless.
---dsda on 4/15/09

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Giving to the least of these is referring to people, not animals. People are far more needful than animals. Why not spend money on feeding and clothing people, instead of dogs and cats? If your church doesn't need your money certainly there are other establishments like the Salvation army or other ministries that can use your help.
---john on 4/16/09

Pat, Maybe you're like me....the more I deal with people, the more I like my dog!
---1st_cliff on 4/15/09

To me, the question is if God puts a burden on my heart and I give money towards that burden can that be considered a tithe? I answer yes if that burden is truly from God. As far as the animal example goes, I agree that there are probably better uses for God's money like feeding hungry people. However who is to say if that burden truly didn't come from God? Search your motivations and inspiration and if you are truly convinced that God is asking you to help out these animals then so be it. That truly is a decision best made between you and God.
---TIMOTHY on 4/15/09

PAT...Let me get this right. You would rather give money to an animal organization than to give to a food bank which feeds people. The scriptures in no way refer to animals. Find a church that is clothing the naked, feeding the hungry and housing the homeless. Tithe to that kind of church. It's really sad that so many people are so willing to take care of animals before people.
---SusieB on 4/15/09

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Why do you think the money spent for lighting was frivolous?

It could well be that to properly light this particular building, that cost was necessary.

Or are you a lighting designer/engineer?
---katavasia on 4/15/09

If you support a Soul Winning, Gospel Preaching Teaching Church that is true to the Word of God then you will help many in many ways.
An animal abuser who gets Saved will stop abusing animals. It is the same with spouse abuse, addictions and so forth.
Support your local God serving Church.
---Elder on 4/15/09

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