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Benny Hinn Restoring Marriage

Have you heard the good news? Benny and Suzanne Hinn are restoring their marriage. Praise God!

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 ---Eloy on 6/8/12
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Eloy, you know I love you, and I tried to correct you and you in return condemn most of us to hell just because you don't like anyone to correct you. And you do deserve what I said for no genuine believer would never compare his tribulations in life with those of Christ sacrifices on the Cross. You were never whipped, kicked around, had stakes driven through your hands and feet, and put on the Cross to die. "What you say about Christ is right out blasphemous."
You need to repent of that selfrighteous behavior.
And if Kathr supports your words, she too should repend for blaspheming the Lord to support your view.
---Mark_V. on 6/29/12

kathr4453, A-men sister. Hurting people hurt people. Mark bears false witness against me in editing my words into corruption and falsehood which I have never posted. I notice also that when he is confronted with the truth, he often resorts to derogatory name-calling and false witnessing against anyone that confronts him with his untruths. I just pray for him that one day he will repent from wracking Christians and accept Christ into his heart and life and then be able to edify with his posts rather than dis.
---Eloy on 6/29/12

Kathr, anyone who trashes the sacrifice of Christ deserves what he gets.
Second, not all children can understand Romans 3. Third if they do why don't you?
Forth, Romans 3:1 Paul was talking to those who had been Gentiles in the flesh about the Jews who got the oracles of God. Paul string together a series of O.T. quotations that indict the character (v.10-12), conversation (v.13,14) and conduct (v. 15-17) of all men. Nine times he uses words such as "none" and "all" to show the universality of human sin and rebellion. None righteous, indicate that man is universally evil (Ps. 14:1).
---Mark_V. on 6/29/12

I did put down scripture MarkV, Romans 3 even stated verse 1.

Why can't you read? Do you not have a Bible you can LOOK UP the scripture I was referring to?

Now you want to post scripture having NOTHING to do with your original commentry on Romans 3.

No one cares about YOUR commentary on Romans 3. Paul's words are commentary enough for any CHILD to understand.
---kathr4453 on 6/29/12

\\Two, the destroying ex does not want to be a Christian.\\

Youm have given no evidence that youm want to be a Christian, either.

\\ Three, God does not want me to rejoin to that eternally condemned adulteress.\\

Jesus LOVES to forgive adulteresses. Have youm not read John 8?

However, because youm say, "I see," therefore yourm sin remains.

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 6/29/12

Eloy, ---You also lied when you said a person can be born again twice or for that matter three times. You also lied when you said you suffered more the Job and Jesus Christ on the Cross. --- And your sorry butt did not suffer more then Christ did on the Cross, you are still here lying.
With you own words you condemn yourself.
---Mark_V. on 6/29/12

MarkV, when you fail to present a good argument you love to attack and assault another bringing up everything and everything you can to DISS another. Why do you do this??? Does it resolve the subject at hand?

Why teh foul language as well, calling names and calling Eloy a sorry b---?

Enough already!

The only sorry B--- on line here is yours!
---kathr4453 on 6/29/12

I believe we should all praise God for restored marriages regardless of who they are.
---kathr4453 on 6/29/12

Kathr, if you want to correct me, you should put down Scripture. You mix your opinons with different context.
"Enter not into judgment with thy servant, for no man living is righteous before Thee" (Ps.143:2).
"Surely there is not a righteous man on earth who does good and never sins" (Ecc. 7:20)."For the mind that is set on the flesh is hostile to God, it does not submit to God's law. "indeed it cannot" and those who are in the flesh cannot please God" (Rom. 8:7,8)
Kathr, if they could seek God, they would have one thing good in them that could please God, but "indeed it cannot"
Only believers seek God, hear His voice, and follow Him.
---Mark_V. on 6/29/12

Eloy, what you wrote on 6/29/12 is a perfect example of Benny Hinn, the Word of Faith Movement, and servants of Satan who do what is written in Romans 1:18-32.
---Rob on 6/29/12

Eloy, if no liar has a place in the kingdom of God, then there is no place for you. For there is only one way into heaven not two, not three as you say. And you lie when you say there is righteous people going to heaven without the imputed righteousness of Christ. The only righteousness man has of his own is self- righteous and that won't get him into heaven. You also lied when you said a person can be born again twice or for that matter three times. You also lied when you said you suffered more the Job and Jesus Christ on the Cross. Your family didn't have to die as the family of Job. And your sorry butt did not suffer more then Christ did on the Cross, you are still here lying.
With you own words you condemn yourself.
---Mark_V. on 6/29/12

markv, I am not going to debate with you. I have studied in depth the Holy Scriptures, and especially those passages where sinners taken verses out of their context to support false doctrine and sin. Whenever a sinner extracts a verse from its context, they can corrupt the Scriptures to say whatsoever their flesh desires the Scriptures to say, but the fact remains it is a corruption and a lie, and no liar has any part in the kingdom of God. Therefore, study to show yourself approved, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, and is willing to give an answer to them who ask about the hope that is in you.
---Eloy on 6/29/12

MarkV, your whole understanding on Romans 3 is off the chain..Paul is talking about Jews and Gentiles, not saved vs lost. He asks, are WE, "Jews" better...answer NO, we Jews are sinners too. He concludes ALL have sinned, both Jew and Gentile.

If you read that whole text honestly, you will see the WE=Jews begins Chapter 3 verse 1..What advantage hath the JEW...and the remaining verses are in accordance to teh beginning statement.

The Jew was not better or sinless or saved JUST because God trusted them with the oracles of God.

READ MarkV and stop twisting!
---kathr4453 on 6/29/12

Eloy, you must be self taught. The passages in Romans 3, refers to the lost and the lost only. Believers only seek after God.
(Rom. 3:11) begins with,
"What them, (Paul tells the believers) Are we better than they? (those who are lost) Not at all. For we have previously charged both Jews and Greeks that they are all under sin. (only unbelievers are under sin) As it is written: There is none righteous, no, not one, There is none who understands, (they do not have the Holy Spirit)
There is none who seeks after God."
Unbelievers do not seek after God. The reason your thoelogy is wrong because you believe you are sinless. And no amount of Truth will correct you when you hold that theology. You do not understand period.
---Mark_V. on 6/28/12

eloy you are so wrong about benny himm. If he is working for the Lord, then what he does is God's business. It is really hard for me to look at him and even think he is a man of God. It is God's business what His people do but if you think he is a man of God....well I can't change your mind. If he really is who he says he is he would "touch" anyone without being paid. Like I said before, if you think he is real, just call him and tell him to visit hospitals. of course he wouldn't get any money for that so we both know he won't do that.
---shira4368 on 6/28/12

mike, It is not uncommon for someone traveling around the world healing people to receive much payments. If Benny remained in one local hometown corner church perhaps he would not receive as much income because of the lesser audience, or perhaps he still would. It does not matter, he is praying for and laying hands on the sick and people are indeed getting healed. Whether he has 5 cents towards his name, or 5 billion dollars, it does not matter. Persoanlly, I know that if my Father blessed me with his wealth I would give greatly to the poor and to those whom I know need help. But how much Benny makes and how he spends it is his own personal business, and not any body elses. Just as I myself have zero care for how much income any soul makes.
---Eloy on 6/28/12

markv, you keep taking verses out of context to suppo0rt sin and false doctrine. There are millions that want to be saved and become a Christian. The verse you took out of context is speaking only of the backslidden Jew whom was given God's Covenant but chose instead to live in sin, it is not speaking of all humans and especially not of the saints, as sinners often miscontext and misdefine this verse to support their sin.
---Eloy on 6/28/12

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Eloy, you say,

"Two, the destroying ex does not want to be a Christian.".

Don't you realize by now that no one lost wants to be a Christian? "There is none who seeks after God" (Rom. 3:11). That does not mean she will never be saved. Could be God permitted her to leave, so that she would fall deeper in sin, and then bring her to salvation. Many of us, get down to the gutter and God comes and pulls us out by the Spirit. God pulled you out when you said, you rejected Him, why not her?
---Mark_V. on 6/28/12

eloy, i am not jealous of benny hinn. i was brainwashed into believing that just give into the kingdom & just hope. without any plan or our participating in doing our part we just drift through life. proverbs showed me that WE the people are to work hard & plan our life not sit down & wait for HOPE & follow 'prosperity gospels'. if you want to believe that that is YOUR CHOICE but I hope that one day you when you realize that benny hinn is getting rich at the expense of others you wont get angry with him
---mike on 6/27/12

markv, First, why are you asking of me any question when you only blaspheme the truth I answer? Nonetheless: One, I did not ask Benny to restore my marriage. Two, the destroying ex does not want to be a Christian. Three, God does not want me to rejoin to that eternally condemned adulteress. For if your right hand offend you, cut it off and cast it from you: for better it is for you to enter into the kingdom of God maimed than to have your whole being cast into the hell fire.
---Eloy on 6/27/12

Eloy, if Benny Hinn is so powerful, why did he not restore your marriage? I myself am happy he and his wife got back together. With all his power, he should have never been separated in the first place. All he had to do was will it, and everything would be hunky dory.
And how about you? If you have this power also, how could this happen to you in your life? With your power, you could have willed that you forgive your wife. Why have you not willed that? Do you not realize that you are not who you say you are?
---Mark_V. on 6/27/12

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Yes, As in Mr. and Mrs. Benny Hinn, God not only can restore a person's life, but he also can restore a person's marriage. Praise God! Thank you Jesus!
---Eloy on 6/26/12

Eloy, you use one unverified account to try to prove that Hinn is not a fake. Well it is one fake standing for another fake.
Why not post the thousands that have been told by "Slick" Hinn it is their fault they haven't been healed?
God uses sickness, like in Paul, to show His power. Why don't you accept the things of God and forget the rest?
---Elder on 6/26/12

eloy, I am well grounded too and I can tell a false person when I see one. benny needs to take his wig off and some of those $1000 suits and you would see the real him. anything you say just bounces off my head and keeps going.
---shira4368 on 6/26/12

Eloy, you say to those who oppose your views,

You will always know a condemned sinner by their dissing of Christians"

Do you not realize that the very words you use on others condemn you?

"But I say to you that for every idle word men may speak, they will give account of it in the day of judgment. For by your words you will be justified, and by your words you will be condemned" (Matt. 12:36,37).
You condemn others because they do not see things as you do. Disagree with them but do not condemn them to hell when all they want to do is correct you. But you have been told this before but nothing has changed.
---Mark_V. on 6/26/12

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You will always know a condemned sinner by their dissing of Christians. We christians do not do what sinners desire us to do, instead we do exactly what God tells us to do and not what any sinner nor what their chief loser satan desires from us to do. About thirty years ago I have held and prayed for a dead soul and indeed the dead one came back alive. I also prayed for a professor who had aids, and he also was totally cured. We saints do what our God tells us to do, and not what condemned antiChristians want.
---Eloy on 6/25/12

jed, I am a well-seasoned born-again Christian, so nothing that you sinner can say to me, like miscalling me a retard, can ever surprise me. I know my place in Jesus, and unless you get saved you cannot be with us in heaven.
---Eloy on 6/25/12

wonder why benny rooster don't go to the hospitals and heal the sick. now that would be a real test of his unfaithfulness. he has gotten rich off sick people. God can heal if He so chooses. I have been healed too but not by benny.
---shira4368 on 6/25/12

\\Darlene_1, I agree with you in prayer for brother Benny and sister Suzanne, may they have a very long and very happy and very blessed life together.\\

What are youm doing to be reconciled with yourm ex-wife, Eloy?

Or are youm enjoying yourm fantasies of getting to reject her at the Last Judgement too much?

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 6/25/12

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Saint Eloy, your self-righteousness is amazing. Telling other people they are not a christian and saying that you are not a sinner? Wow, do you have a surprise coming!
---Jed on 6/25/12

Darlene_1, I agree with you in prayer for brother Benny and sister Suzanne, may they have a very long and very happy and very blessed life together. We serve a good God, he is good, and he is always good, always and at all times. Thank you Jesus! Praise your goodness and your mercy onto the children of men. May all behold your goodness and desire the same, from glory onto glory onto glory. In Jesus I pray. Amen.
---Eloy on 6/25/12

\\ As long as Benny does God's work, he has all the blessing and parade from God.\\

Eloy, can youm tell us just what is "the parade from God"?

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 6/25/12

jed, tell that lie to Raymond Scott of Bakersfield whom is proven to be healed from advanced colon cancer, and tell that lie to his doctor, Alan D. Cartmell whom recorded the proof of his healing. See, dead tongues from sinners love to mock Christians whom are actively doing God's work, because you sinners are carnal-minded and cannot receive any thing at all from God. Why? because you are too busy throwing your dirt upon us Christians whom do God's work and upon his goodness in order to receive anything from him. God does not indiscriminately heal, he heals whom he heals, but the antiGod and antiChrist sinners, why should he heal them? You bad-mouth his children, should he have mercy on you? No. Change, then you will receive from God.
---Eloy on 6/25/12

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true chrisitans donot mix with the world & this pastor is a worldly false teacher. While it is good for people to work out their marriage,it is none of our business.We should focus on Gods kingdom through his son, our messiah Jesus Christ.
---womandisciple on 6/25/12

Saint Eloy, there is no real documented accounts of anyone ever being healed by Benny Hinn. In fact, there are countless claims of fraud and corruption from people that used to work for him and were part of his "ministry". Even most of his own family has cut him off because of his practices and has turned him in. Apparently you have never seen the Dateline episodes about him? There are many other people who have investigated him also, with all too convincing evidence and eye-witness testimony from people that know him personally.
---Jed on 6/25/12

Eloy, there is thousands of faith healers on tv, and thousands of others in churches, if they are doing what they claim they are doing, there would be thousands of example written down by doctors. If they could do what they claim, hospitals would be empty. We do know God heals, we have never denied that. Millions of times He has healed that is not the point. The point is with so many who claim healing, there is no evidence to that happening. We hear of one story but not millions of stories.
---Mark_V. on 6/25/12

rob, READ- In 1995 Raymond Scott of Bakersfield had advanced colon cancer, a disease that required chemotherapy, radiation and multiple operations. In desperation, Scott attended a Hinn crusade in Sacramento, where, he says, God cured him. His doctor, Alan D. Cartmell of Bakersfield, wrote in his medical report that Scott "experienced a miraculous healing" and can return to all normal activities "following this amazing recovery." "My medical records prove what God's done," says Scott, adding that he has remained free of cancer. "Hinn is a facilitator of the Holy Spirit. He never claims that he does the healing. God does."
---Eloy on 6/23/12

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There is no documented evidence that Benny Hinn has ever healed anyone. But there is documented evidence that people were worse off, and even died when Benny Hinn said he healed them.

If Benny Hinn could heal people, why doesn't he go to hospitals instead of having those so called miracle and healing cruisades.

Benny Hinn also says God can't do anything unless he gives God permission, because God is illegal here on earth. This is a common teaching of the Word of Faith Movement.
---Rob on 6/23/12

jed, what is manipulative about truth? what is deceptive about real manifested and documented healing? Nothing. Again, stop bashing Christians, and get saved. And then after you become a Christian yourself then you will love all your brothers instead of dissing them.
---Eloy on 6/22/12

Jed, what you said is very true. Jesus said, "Every careless word that men shall speak, they shall render account for it in the day of Judgment. For by your words you shall be justified, and by your words you shall be condemned" (Matt. 12:36,37). About Jesus, they say,
"Jesus died two deaths. He died spiritually and He died physically" that "He accepted the sin nature of Satan in His own spirit" That God is 6ft. 2in weights about 200lbs. That God is on the outside looking in, that he has no legal entree into the earth, that things don't belong to Him, that this is the position He has been in since man sinned. Paul Crouch says he is a little God.
---Mark_V. on 6/22/12

"People give him money because they witness results, and because they want to." -Eloy

Saint Eloy, that's the definition of manipulation. It's when someone uses exploitive and deceptive tactics to make others think they really want to do things in order to advance the interest of the manipulator, often at the other's expense.
---Jed on 6/22/12

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rod4him, accepting a gift is not selling anything. When someone gives you a gift, have you sold them something? No. So stop dirtying the ministry. Those whose single profession and livelihood is ministering, should they not be paid for their profession? Yes they should, or is all their work for God without payment? Worldly professions get paid for their services, so how much more likewise Spiritual professions: Evangelism, Prophesyings, Healings, Resurrections, Pastorings, Teachings, et cetera?
---Eloy on 6/22/12

//People give him money because they witness results, and because they want to.//

If this is true, he is in essence "selling" healings, letting people pay him for healings.

What would Peter have done in Acts if this happened?

Acts 8:20 But Peter said to him, May your silver perish with you, because you thought you could obtain the gift [healing] of God with money!
---Rod4Him on 6/22/12

jed, Benny does not force anybody to give him money. People give him money because they witness results, and because they want to. Now if he ever preaches tithing, then that is a cursed sin, because God's grace cannot be purchased, and any soul that demands tithes will be thrown out and cut off from the kingdom. For God does not charge money to give his mercy and his grace, condemned religion charges, but not the love of God.
---Eloy on 6/22/12

//The coveting of what belongs to somebody else is sin.../

Yes, "Thou shalt not covet.."

Jesus said, "Because thou sayest, I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing, and knowest not that thou art wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked:"

Take it up with Him.
---Rod4Him on 6/22/12

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Mike, I believe you are totally correct. God does not gift false teachers. While the "Word of faith" movement is undeniably cultic, and particular groups within the movement are clearly cults, it should be pointed out that there are many sincere, born again believers within the movement. This believers for the most part, seem to be totally unaware of the movements cultic theology. The message the word of faith teachers bring is without question the most attractive message being preached today, or for that matter in the whole history of the church. Who doesn't want to be healed? Who doesn't want to have money? Who doesn't need a miracle? Everyone in the world has problems, and these teachers feed off peoples needs.
---Mark_V. on 6/22/12

Mike, Benny is legitimate in his call to heal the sick. The coveting of what belongs to somebody else is sin, and to publicly slander a person for spending a lot of money because they have a lot of money to spend is sickening. Sinners need to get a life, and MIND THEIR OWN BUSINESS. The worldly sinners are jealous and blaspheme other Christians, but real Christians do not. Think, if you had a fatal disease like malignant cancer tumors and therefrom would most likely be dead before the year was finished, and Benny Hinn layed his hands upon you and prayed for you, and God's Spirit through Benny totally healed you, would you not be grateful and want to pay Benny for his life-giving service to you? Rather than dissing, Give honor where honor is due.
---Eloy on 6/21/12

Saint Eloy, there's a difference between being jealous of what someone has worked for and being angry about someone using God's Word to manipulate and steal from faithful godly people for their own personal gain.
---Jed on 6/21/12

clam down...i'm not the only one who question these 'prosperity gospel'.
---mike on 6/21/12

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mike, would Benny's amount of income matter to you if you yourself were rich? What if Benny were still divorced, or perhaps his life was jailed, diseased, or dead? Would you feel good then? So you can see that concerning yourself about somebody elses income is 100% sin. So stop it, and worry about your own income and not any body elses. Does not a person have full liberty over their own income and over how they choose to spend it? Of course they do, just as no other soul has any say in how you spend your money either, whether you are a good money stewart or manager or whether you are a poor money stewart or manager, for your own money is yours and is no body elses business, no ones.
---Eloy on 6/21/12

\\As long as Benny does God's work,\\

Which has yet to be established.

We DO know, however, that youm do NOT do God's work, Eloy.

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 6/21/12

benny hinn said honestly that his salary is bet. $500,000 - $1 million a year. he has a private jet.

i am jealous? we were warned that people will say anything to get your money. the disciples, paul did gods work inspite they were poor. so did the disciples, paul have the same salary, material wealth so they can preach the gospel like benny hinn?
and let an angel be curse if it preaches a different gospel. so why is it called prosperity gospel
---mike on 6/21/12

mikehowe, As long as Benny does God's work, he has all the blessing and parade from God. I watched the fabricated youtube creation- It is all heresay and falsehood, The poor wanting Benny to give them a financial audit of his personal income. What? You first give us an audit of your personal income. Don't ask anybody for that what is zero of your personal business, you poor jealous sinner. It is sin for the poor to covet the wealthy, and then blaspheme the wealthy. Being blessed with a lot of money is not any sin at all. What? Shame on you for earning a lot of money? shame shame shame, you should be poor and in rags like me? Grow up mikehowe. You also have the ability to earn a lot of money, so stop bearing false witness against those whom do.
---Eloy on 6/21/12

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The youtube also lied saying there are no records of healing: In 1995 Raymond Scott of Bakersfield had advanced colon cancer, a disease that required chemotherapy, radiation and multiple operations. In desperation, Scott attended a Hinn crusade in Sacramento, where, he says, God cured him. His doctor, Alan D. Cartmell of Bakersfield, wrote in his medical report that Scott "experienced a miraculous healing" and can return to all normal activities "following this amazing recovery." "My medical records prove what God's done," says Scott, adding that he has remained free of cancer. "Hinn is a facilitator of the Holy Spirit. He never claims that he does the healing. God does."
---Eloy on 6/21/12

mike, jealous of others' blessings is a sin. It is a good thing that Benny and Suzanne have restored their marriage, Be Happy For Them, rather than dissing them. What God has joined together let not mankind put asunder. Whose side are you on? God's? or the enemy of God? If Benny is doing God's will, wherein the people he ministers to are receiving healing, then whom are you to diss God's work? Can you do better than Benny? Really? Can you? Let us see. For it is easier for a blasphemer to raise a tongue against a do-gooder, than it is for the blapshemer to get up and likewise do good as God commands you to do.
---Eloy on 6/21/12


i was just giving an example of what you said. that is what prosperity gospel preaches that when you give money it will come back 100 fold & they can back it up with scripture.
even pat robertson uses that same tactic of manipulation and his favorite one is malachi. he has a malachi segment to collect more money.
and also they know how to shut those who did not receive their 100 fold by saying you lack faith not god. but still many believe & defend them
---mike on 6/21/12

My point that god doesn't bless anyone with money.
---Catholicus on 6/20/12

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mike. I think you've taken my quote out of context. I was saying that benny hinns wealth is not an indication of God's blessings on him. You can acquire wealth a number of ways including manipulation and deceit. I do not believe God will bless those who are poor stewards of money with even more money.
---Jed on 6/20/12

the best of god's blessings are not monetary

that cunning tactic came from malachi. first they will quote it-saying that blessings will come down from heaven-when you gave $$ you will receive that you'll have no room to contain it...
then when those who give question why it is NOT working, greedy priest will say YOU LACK FAITH or use that 'it is not always in the form of money'...that is when the bible warn us to 'beware of greedy priest who will say anything to get your money' & how 'cunning & crafty they are'.
it is the same answer benny hinn said 'it is not my fault, bec. they lacked faith that's why they did not prosper.'
---mike on 6/20/12

Rod and Jed, you've confirmed my point. Thanks. :)
---Catholicus on 6/20/12

---Jed on 6/20/12

sorry to rain on your parade eloy.
---mikehowe on 6/20/12

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Rod and Jed, you've confirmed my point. Thanks. :)
---Catholicus on 6/20/12

//The fact that Benny can afford a ten-k room shows how much god has blessed him.//

Amazing how many of the churches have deceived people with this kind of thinking.

Although there are rich people in the scriptures, the general tone in the NT and explicitly stated in Revelation is that the rich are condemned.

Revelation 3:17 Because you say, I am rich, and have become wealthy, and have need of nothing, and you do not know that you are wretched and miserable and poor and blind and naked, ...
---Rod4Him on 6/20/12

"The fact that Benny can afford a ten-k room shows how much god has blessed him."
---Catholicus on 6/19/12

That's just rediculous. You think everyone who has money has it because God blessed them with it? Osama Bin Laden was rich, Sadam Hussein and Hitler were too. It doesn't mean God blessed what they were doing. People can get money many different ways, including manipulation and deception. The best of God's blessings are not monetary. A good steward would not spend $10,000 on a hotel room for a night when you are begging people for donations. God doesn't bless poor stewarts of his money with more money.
---Jed on 6/20/12

The fact that Benny can afford a ten-k room shows how much god has blessed him.
---Catholicus on 6/19/12

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Saint Eloy, you haven't been out much if you don't think there are hotels that have rooms for $10,000 + per night.
---Jed on 6/19/12

prove it? youtube bennyhinn exposed. IT IS A 2 HR NBC DATELINE. he stayed in a hotel in MILAN described as 'fit for a prince' RM 1001 the largest hotel in europe: 5400 sq ft with 4 bedroom, jacuzzi, sauna, turkish bath, corner terrace, panoramic views & 100 ft swimming pool decorated with marble/frescos and the rent is $10,800 per night. he also owns a private jet. and I know what you will say: liberal media liberal media... OHHH just great
---mikehowe on 6/19/12

The Peninsula Beverly Hills offers its most expensive rooms for $7,250 per night.
---Catholicus on 6/18/12

mikehowe, I know of no hotels which charge $10,000.00 per night. So Prove it.
---Eloy on 6/18/12

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benny hinn who preached the gospel & stayed in a hotel for $10,000/night.
---mikehowe on 6/18/12

Darlene 1, A-men sister. I agree with you in prayer. Thank you Jesus. A-men.
---Eloy on 6/10/12

Hopefully, Benny Hinn will work out the other issues in his life as well, and be ablel to really know God's healing power, the real deal, not some act.
---Jed on 6/10/12

The problem with talking about someone you don't even know is that you don't have a clue what is really going on in their lives. I personally don't care what happens in the marriage of a false teacher.
---KarenD on 6/10/12

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"you've got the looks, i've got the brains. let's make lots of money" again.
---aka on 6/10/12

I know youm have fantasies about getting to sit next to Jesus and condemn yourm ex-wife at the Last Judgement. Youm've shared them with us here on these blogs. ("SHE TOOK!" as youm put it, to refresh yourm memory.)

It would please God more if youm sought to be reconciled with her yourmself, Eloy.

Otherwise, she will be admitted into the Kingdom and Wedding Feast, and youm will find yourmself excluded and in outer darkness.

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 6/9/12

Eloy that is wonderful news, I am always happy when people can work out their problems and put their lives back together. May God give them joy,peace,love and happiness in Him and in each other.
---Darlene_1 on 6/9/12

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