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Normal Christian Lifestyle

Please post what YOU believe is a normal christian lifestyle -- not what you THINK it should be nor what others THINK it should be nor what the bible says it should be.

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 ---Steveng on 8/2/16
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Normal Christianity is like the unprofitable servant that buried the talent. UNFRUITFUL! (Matthew 25) It is a little this and a little that. (Isaiah 28:10,13)
---mike4879 on 1/5/17

A Christian must be consistent in following the instruction found in 2 Timothy 2:14-19, along with following the example found in Acts 17:11!
---Rob on 8/9/16

Discover what God does with us. ---Bill
Holy Spirit searches all. i usually find i could do nohing when the truth is "to let me deny myself", that is to say, when i face what i descovered, i must deny my own image. when i deny, i must die. Maybe life out of death is like this. and miracles might be the last testamony, that is a new life, and faith in HIM dwelt in this new life.
i do not know much......
---ds on 8/5/16

I believe it is for me, as one under the authority of Christ, to lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness, honesty, humility, patience, and love in extending towards others, that which I would like to receive from others. Therefore with as much as lies within me, I make an honest attempt to live peaceably with all men, and to mind my own business. Judging no one.
---josef on 8/6/16

To be kind to all. To spread the truth. To help all you can in any way you can.

To be loving and care for the Creation that GOD has put us in charge of.

To be loving.
---Samuelbb7 on 8/5/16

Discover what God does with us.
---Bill on 8/4/16

Please post what YOU believe is a normal christian lifestyle...
---Steveng on 8/2/16

Two words, Love and tolerance.

First, love. We should be so different from the world that they marvel at how we love each other and our neighbors. We help and assist others, never thinking of ourselves or our possessions.

Secondly, we have forgotten the great Non-Biblical phrase to "love the sinner but not the sin". We have become intolerant at society because it is becoming atheistic. As a result, we no longer are relevant. We need to with love and compassion embrace all our neighbors, regardless of religion, race, gender, or belief.

When we show them how much we care, they may care what we say.
---Mark_Eaton on 8/3/16

Living among people of the world who can call you a Christian just from looking at you and your behavior.

No words spoken.

They see Christ in you.

---Nicole_Lacey on 8/3/16

Cluny that is a non-answer and a waste of one of the 75 opportunities for others to post here.

A NORMAL Christian lifestyle will be whatever each CHRISTIAN family wants it to be for them but that does not mean that it is correct.

The choices you give us in answering this are weird in the extreme Stephen.

Born again Christians WILL be guided by the bible. Some are far more strict than others but it's safe to say that anything in a lifestyle which goes against scripture will not be pleasing to God. He DESIRES that we live according to HIS rules.
---Rita_H on 8/3/16


You wrote: Please post what YOU believe is a normal christian lifestyle -- not what you THINK it should be nor what others THINK it should be nor what the bible says it should be.

I don't see how it's possible to answer this question without further clarification. How do you define "normal"? If not by a biblical definition, do you mean "cultural norms"? Those vary from country to country and place to place and time to time. The question is too broad.

Also, if one can't cite an authority like the Bible, one must NECESSARILY be giving his personal opinion - so anyone who strictly follows your question's guidelines is necessarily prohibited from answering at all by those very same guidelines.
---StrongAxe on 8/3/16

Well, for one thing it wouldn't be anything like Steveng's lifestyle or that of his worldly denominational "church".

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 8/3/16

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