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Unicorns Satyrs Cockatrices

While we are told to believe every word in the Bible as God inspired, do we really have to believe that there are unicorns, satyrs and cockatrices? All are mentioned in the Old ancient King James version of the Bible.

Moderator - Meanings, use and context of words change.

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 ---riolion on 3/9/17
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First is the love meaning of any scripture . . . how God means for us to become in His love and share and live with Him in His all-loving love.
---Bill on 3/17/17

The first dispensation of divine blessings and gifts from the creator/deity was creation itself.
The FULL and eternal dispensation did not happen until Jesus came to earth. That is why scripture says that Jesus is the.
whole FULNESS of deity.
Jesus is the ETERNAL dispensation of divinity (the CHRIST that Moses chose to suffer for, and the eternal extension of the deity in the Garden of Eden).

God is not LIMITED by "TIME", but He does RECOGNIZE its importance to HUMANITY and that it is of practical meaning (but to Him "a day is as a thousand years").

Nevertheless, WE need that new paradigm for understanding.

Verse are from RSV.
---faithforfaith on 3/11/17

Unicorn meaning a wild bull.
Satyrs meaning a rough or hairy goat.
Cockatrices meaning vipers.
Look up the words using a Strong's Concordance or a bible dictionary.
---Trey on 3/9/17

Satyrs are he-goats believe to be demon possessed due to their erratic behavior. Unicorn, I believe, is simply another name for the rhinoceros. Cockatrice is an old english term for a venomous snake.
---Josef on 3/9/17


The Bible (i.e. the original scriptures as written by the original authors) claim inspiration for themselves, but manuscript copies of those are only as good as their frail human copyists (very good, but not 100% perfect), and translations of those are only as good as the translators. The King James translators themselves claim that their translation is imperfect.

The meanings of many uncommon words are lost to antiquity. Translators frequently used words that were only approximations, or sometimes pure guesswork, for words they did not fully understand.
---StrongAxe on 3/9/17

The Secret Societies that we know of today are not modern, they are ANCIENT (more ancient than we know). They serve the DARK FORCES (principalities of satan that have infiltrated the "Church"/temple religious systems of the world.

FOMENKO (russian historian) claims that the modern form of human life (Homo Sapian) has existed for only 1200 years (human life form HOMO ERECTUS preceded us) and some people believe that planet earth might be BILLIONS of years old. So it MIGHT be possible that "TIME" and history have confused the true understanding of scripture.
---faithforfaith on 3/9/17

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