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Read Or Study The Scriptures

What is the difference between reading the scriptures and studying the scriptures?

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 ---Truthseeker on 5/7/17
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Reading the Bible is reading the words and thinking about what they say.

Studying is taking a book of the Bible finding when written to who and why. Looking at each passage and praying for understanding. Looking at the context of what is being taught. Understand what is being taught.

Then looking at all the other passages in the Bible on that topic taking them in context.
---Samuelbb7 on 5/25/17

People will purchase books, cd's and dvd's by others, but you can't get them to read, let alone study the Bible!
---Rob on 5/15/17

Living water cannot come from an indifferent and cold heart of stone, it can only come from a warm heart of flesh.

Eze 11:19 give them a heart of flesh,

Eze 36:26 and a new spirit I will put within you, and I will take out of your flesh the heart of stone and give you a HEART OF FLESH

The living water is an important understanding.

The Lord said that in the last days, He will pour out His Spirit and the sons and the daughters of this present generation shall prophesy (declare/announce,there are no more prophets, Hebrews 1) of greater understanding. (of course there will still be many skeptics both young and old that will continue to dream dreams of fantasy and also sensational visions.
---FAITHFORFAITH on 5/15/17

1 Corinthians 2:12 - Now we have received, not the spirit of the world, but the Spirit which is of God, that we might know the things that are freely given to us of God,

1 Corinthians 2:13 - Which things also we speak, not the words which is man's wisdom teacheth, But which the Holy Ghost teacheth , Comparing spiritual things with spiritual,

1 Corinthians 2:14 - But the natural man Receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God, For they are foolishness unto him: neither can they know them they are spiritual discerned,
---RichardC on 5/14/17

True and good points made. We need to study the Bible.

---Samuelbb7 on 5/14/17

If a person REALLY wants to know the truth of scripture they have to stop letting BECOMING A GREAT SCHOLAR (egotistical/prideful self-proclaimed 'holy' man.

Many people like to build up (puff up) their ego by imagining they can be "HOLY".
The first dispensation/provision of divine blessings FROM THE JESUS DISPENSATION is the crucifixion as the LAMB of God.

The second part is the living water that poured from Jesus's side along with the blood.1 John 5:8).

When you truly care about something (PASSIONATELY), that feeling starts as a gut feeling and often can come out your eyes as living water.

If you make the effort to understand a LITTLE, then you will be given more understanding.
---faithforfaith on 5/14/17

Reading scripture is like reading any novel - read once and forget. Reading only sticks in the brain.

Studying scripture - like meditating on the words of God - slows down ones thinking so that the words are better retained in the mind AND soul.
---Steveng on 5/14/17

"Word usage (semantics) is very important because our usage of the CORRECT words is the only way we truly can PROPERLY express every thought we ever have." And understanding the words used in the original language by the scribes to express the Father's thoughts, and how those words were defined in that language is the only way we will, under the inspiration and guidance of His Spirit, ever properly understand the Father word to us. Reading the words as translated, assumes the accuracy of the translation. Studying, or making an effort, to assure accuracy, shows ourselves approved or acceptable to God, a teacher that will not be shamed.
---josef on 5/13/17

Tragically, no distinction is made (with TRAGIC consequences).

"STUDYING" the scriptures is a terrible mistake (which illustrates the human tendency for SEMANTIC misunderstandings). We should not "STUDY"/analyze the scriptures like a scientist, we should READ them to understand the MESSAGE God has for us.

Word usage (semantics) is very important because our usage of the CORRECT words is the only way we truly can PROPERLY express every thought we ever have.

We live according to the words that we choose to express ourselves, but it should not be that way and it is misleading.

We are not cold-blooded calculating scientists and should not address or interact with God in that manner.
---faithforfaith on 5/8/17

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