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Why Do I Have Doubt

I have read both Adnan Oktar and David Rhole, my heart tells my that Christianity is true and Science has not proven it incorrect. Why do I still have doubt?

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 ---John on 6/30/17
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Heb 11:6 must believe that he exists AND that he rewards

The goal is to DRAW NEAR to Him and LOVE the truth".

In John 14:6, Jesus described Himself as THE TRUTH of EVERYTHING.

In 2 Thessalonians we are told that in order to be saved, we must LOVE Jesus endearingly...

So draw near with all of your heart and mind to the truth (Jesus).

Be a SON of God, not a slave or servant of Him.

The goal for modern worshippers must be ETERNAL LIFE worshipping ETERNAL GOD and embracing the ETERNAL COVENANT (Jesus).
Deu 33:27 The eternal God is your dwelling place.

Rom 16:26 according to the command of the eternal God

Heb 13:20 by the blood of the eternal covenant.
---faithforfaith on 7/1/17

I don't know these authors, so I can't speak to their statements.

Perhaps an analogy can be found in the arts, music, for example. A Beethoven symphony, Haydn quartet, Puccini opera, or Sousa march can and do move and stir many people's emotions (hopefully, to elevate them).

Can science tell us why? No. That's because these are matters that speak to the heart. All science can say that so many musical instruments in a room heated to so many degrees cover a decibel range of X to Y, and a frequency range of M to N.

God speaks to our hearts.

Does this help?

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 7/1/17

Religion's purvue is to deal with things science can know nothing about. Science can't tell you whether or not God exists, because that's not something that can be proved or disproved by experimental methods. It's outside of science's purvue. Similarly, scientific matters are outside of religion's purvue. They both deal with different subjects.

The problem happens when religious people try to treat the Bible as a science book, which it isn't, and when they fail, they claim they're being persecuted by godless scientists (which they aren't.)
---StrongAxe on 7/1/17

As i understand, heart never tells right or wrong. it is mind's job. Heart shows me a new life in me, what it is like, how it is raised in HIS WORD,etc. heart shows me the WORD, but first i must read the scrptures.
Heart is not a place of recognizing the present world, but a place to get into a new world.
that is my understanding, welcome your seeings.
---ds on 6/30/17

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