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Pastor Wife's Affair

I am a christian and also a pastor's wife. I recently became emotionally and physically involved with my boss who is 30 years older than I. The guilt and shame are tearing me apart. I asked God for forgiveness and committed to stop the relationship. However, I don't know if he should tell my husband?

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 ---Natalie on 8/1/17
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The first thing you have to do is admit to yourself that you have sinned. Just stating you have guilt and shame for what you did is not the same as admitting you have sinned against God. Second, forgive yourself. Second, go to your boss and tell him you are a Christian and you have asked God to forgive you. If you don't tell him before he makes advances toward you again, he may retaliate if you turn him down. Third, TELL your husband. Keep it simple,(no excuses),just say you have sinned, tell him how, and tell him with whom. Just keep in mind that you may have to pay negative consequences of what you have done, even to the point of divorce. Doing these, (in the order presented,) may give you and your husband closure
---WIVV on 8/15/17

You have sinned, there is nothing more common to mankind. You must forgive yourself, before you can expect your husband to forgive you.

Sin, like cancer, comes in many forms,... but it's all sin. You stand guilty of adultery, a sin which God will forgive,.... if confessed. Before you beat yourself up, remember you are a sinner, and sinners....sin.

You were born with this affliction, and God will forgive you, for a time. But through the Blood of Jesus Christ, he has given us a cure. The cure comes through the daily confession of sin (1 John 1:9). And through obedience to Jesus Christ (John 14:21) (1 John 3:9-10).
---David on 8/7/17

I understand that it is betraying if one cheats on one's spouse. And betraying has nothing to do with loving, and so it is anti-love.

And so, if you have been involved with such an anti-love person, what about his family, if he has one????

Most of all, then, you need to find out how to love. God's love has almighty power to make it easy to have self control.

Now if you have been able to do what is anti-love . . . how come your husband and your close friends could not tell the difference?

And how can you manage to be away from your pastor enough so you can do such things, when a lady is so needed to help her man become for real as a pastor??????

You two have much bigger issues to deal with, than if you tell.
---Bill on 8/4/17

Yes, you should tell your husband. But you need pray about it first and best if you can share with a trusted elder in church, someone your husband respects you and ask him / her to help you tell your husband. He has every right to know you cheated on is best he hears it first from yourself.
---Nakhumicha on 8/2/17

Quit your job NOW!

Tell your husband why you quit.

Pray like you've never prayed before. God wants to bless your marriage.

Accept the pain that you will endure for a while, and seek to relieve your husband's pain. It won't last forever. God can and will do miracles. Have faith!

---Jerry6593 on 8/2/17

Prayers for you, your husband and your marriage. Now is the time for complete honesty.

I pray sincerely that you can work through this together. If he ends the marriage, however, he is permitted to do so based on your actions.

It's a rough road ahead, regardless. Bad behavior has consequences, but you will get past it and move on if you learn from this. I pray your marriage will be restored.
---Press_On on 8/1/17

You should tell him. Why force him to dip behind another man? Give him a choice. Do unto others, as you would have others do unto you, Christian.
---Josef on 8/1/17

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