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Will You Take A Chip Implant
Have you ever realized that fingerprints and DNA are forms of biometric identification?

The former has been used for over 100 years.

Christ is risen!

What Is God's Anointing
\\Few are always right. I'm not but I'm willing to admit it and to be taught by Bible verses.\\

If you don't believe that what you think is always right, why do you think it?

Have the courage of your convictions.

Christ is risen!

Will You Take A Chip Implant
Please give the name of a school system or a real bank that requires a chip implant.

Bet you can't.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Slacking Budget Husband
What do you mean by "slacking budget"?

That your husband is not actually paying the bills?

Is the bank account in his name only, or both of yours?

If it's in both of your names, you have every right in the world to go down to the bank and find out what's going on.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

What Is God's Anointing
\\Cluny there in lies the problem you think the majority of what others say is wrong and you call yourself always right.\\

Don't you think that YOU are right, Darlene?

If you do, what's the difference between your thinking you're right all the time and my thinking I am?

OTOH, if you don't think you're right, why do you say things?

Glory to Jesus Christ!

What Is God's Anointing
\\I gave him an explanation and he thought that wasn't enough so he tried to explain away free speech with his version of free speech \\

Do you think that free speech guarantees the accuracy of what you say, Darlene?

Do you think it carries with it a reciprocal obligation on my part to accept everything you say as true?

Wrong on both counts.

You have a right to say what you wish, and I have the right to point out the many times you are wrong.

Christ is risen!

Is Mary Special In Heaven
\\This is our "Position" In Christ. NO One is positioned above another.
---kathr4453 on 4/21/14\\

According to the words of Jesus, there are different degrees of punishment in hell.

It then follows there are different degrees of reward in Heaven.

Revelation describes some (such as the Elders and the Four Living Creatures) being nearer to God than others are.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Is Mary Special In Heaven
\\I believe Cluny that you are not saying that GOD did not exist till after his birth to Mary\\

Correct. I am not saying that.

And I said in so many words that Mother of God never meant that Mary is Progenetrix of the Divine Nature.

Christ is risen.

Is Mary Special In Heaven
\\Mary was the mother of Jesus in His humanity. Mary is not the mother of God\\

This is the heresy of Nestorius.

"Mother of God/Theotokos" has never meant "progenetrix of the divine nature."

It means that the babe she bore is fully God and fully human in ONE person, not two.

If you read Luke 1, Elizabeth calls Mary "Mother of my Lord"--in effect, "Mother of YHVH," and was inspired by the Holy Spirit to do so, as the Bible plainly says.

And who is Lord BUT God?

Theotokos is really about who JESUS is.

That's why I won't discuss Marian doctrine on here: because most people's Christology is aberrant, if not heretical.

Christ is risen!

Hagee's Blood Moon Prophecy
\\Jesus said that we are to do greater miracles than he did while he was on Earth. \\

Do you or your worldly denominational church do greater miracles, Steveng?

Christ is risen!

What Is God's Anointing
\\Cluny you are trying very hard to pick a fight with me but I won't indulge you.\\

Wrong again, Darlene.

I'm giving you sound doctrine, and you are not accepting it.

Christ is risen!

Is Mary Special In Heaven
\\The rest of us mortals are even when we get there.
---KarenD on 4/17/14

Are you saying that the most marginal Christian will have the same reward as the great Apostles and Martyrs?


This is NOT what the Bible says. Read the Parable of the Talents, or St. Paul's words about one star differs from another star in glory.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Easter Sunday In Your Church
\\Cluny, it is very clear to me that Christ arose and I don't really care what day of the week but I can say it isn't pagan.
---shira4368 on 4/18/14\\

I never said you did.

I said that some people, who are clearly ignorant, think that Easter sunrise services are pagan in origin. They are not.

Christ is risen!

What Is God's Anointing
One time my late father attended a session of what he called the Fully Belly Itching Ears Fellowship, International.

The leader was touching people on the forehead, saying, "Shocka meshugana, shocka meshugana," and people were dropping like flies.

Those who know Yiddish know what "meshugana" means. The rules of this site don't allow me to give the complete definition here.

Christ is risen!

Is Mary Special In Heaven
\\If you want to worship her. If you think that will help your faith.\\

I know nobody who gives Mary the LATREIA that belongs to God alone, and what's more, you don't either.

If such people exist, it's not because of the teaching of the church, but IN SPITE OF IT.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

What Is God's Anointing
\\We agree with each other because we both have experienced God's move in that way,we believe.\\

If you fell down during a service, it was not God who pushed you over.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Is Mary Special In Heaven
\\Cluny, I said surrogate and earthly. There is by v for both. \\

But she was NOT a surrogate, but the true Mother of the Incarnate Son.

And there is no v in "both."

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Hagee's Blood Moon Prophecy
\\From now on I will ignore all comments posted by rude bloggers & I pray the moderator(s) will take the appropriate action to stop these immature hell raisers.\\

Does this include the moderators taking appropriate action against yourself, Leon?

You've made rude comments to me and others from time to time.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

What Is God's Anointing
\\we live in a Country of free speech,as I said,it was merely an explanation of why I used that term\\

Your right of free speech does NOT carry with it an obligation for others to refrain from pointing out when you are wrong.

The constitutional meaning of "free speech" simply means there will not be prior restraint by the government on any level.

BTW, I've noticed that you have not actually dealt with the points I have raised beyond your saying you had no intention to answer them.

Does that mean you cannot do so?

Glory to Jesus Christ!

How You Became A Christian
\\Rita, we do have a personal relation with God when Christ comes inside our hearts. He is after all, our Savior and our father. what else do we need to make it personal?\\

That's not the same thing as "personal savior," or even needing one.

Besides, WE don't make anything about
our relationship with Christ on our own. HE is the one who makes it.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

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