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shira4368's Blog Replies
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Christian Traditions
Samuel you just described the Word of God that won't die. It even survived without a printing press. I thank God for the printing press.

Thankful For Gift Of Faith
There are words of a song that deals with death as healing. My friends sang that at my daughters funeral. It goes " Have you prayed for a loved one struggling hard with pain. You ask The Lord for healing but healing never came. And inspite of all your efforts the good Lord called them home and it's hard to let go when you're trying to hold on. Verse 2: Now you're down in the valley looking to the sky, you prayed Lord you know what's best when I can't understand why... And if you could hear your loved one speaking now to you, they would say you wouldn't be grieving if you only knew. Cont......

Does Luck Exist For Christians
Elena, you didn't offend me. I was just saying why I don't believe in luck. Love you Elena, you are special person here on CN. Love your answers here. Very humble.

Explain Missing A Miracle
An evangelist was coming to preach at our church and he was late getting there. He finally was re-routed from I-75 to off roads and back to I-75. he found out if he had left his home 5 minutes earlier he would have probably been in the deadly accident that caused the detour. That is a miracle.

Thankful For Gift Of Faith
Kathr, your post to Elena is so so uh how can I say this? It is wonderful and peaceful. Elena needs prayer from believers. We all need prayer but Elena is at the top of my list. Elena, you are special to me and you have such a humble spirit, everyone on CN loves you and appreciates you.

Should I Confess My Affair
If you have repented to God and you won't do it again, I wouldn't hurt my spouse by saying anything about an affair. I know most won't agree with me but I think it's better to be quiet. Now if you do it over and over that's a different story.

Christian Activities In Church
Scott, I have a question. Why could you not do music the week an American idol was where ever?Was it a church? Don't understand about the music.

Unmarried Couples Serve In Church
No one who is living in sin should serve in any capacity in God's church. visit.... Yes. Be saved then be married. Yes, we should encourage everyone to go to church but serve? No way

Does The Spirit Of Man Die
Samuel, if the Spirit of God does not live in a person, they are spiritually dead. When a person is born again of the Spirit of God, we are made alive in Christ. A good thing to know is if we are born once, we die twice but if we are born twice, we die once. Born in the flesh and born in the spirit makes us born twice.

Does Luck Exist For Christians
Some people believe in luck. I believe God directs all things and luck don't figure in God's plan. Things happen for a reason. I have told this before. My brother said he was lucky when he got a piece of steak stuck in his throat. Emergency dr found a tumor in his stomach as a result. That was not luck. That is divine intervention. I got other "luck" stories but space won't allow me to write.

Easter Sunday In Your Church
I never said you said Easter was pagan, I was agreeing with you.

How You Became A Christian
Rita, we do have a personal relation with God when Christ comes inside our hearts. He is after all, our Savior and our father. what else do we need to make it personal?

Easter Sunday In Your Church
Cluny, it is very clear to me that Christ arose and I don't really care what day of the week but I can say it isn't pagan.

Does God Always Forgive
God always forgives when as a sinner we ask for forgiveness then after we are saved we still seek forgiveness for sin. Pseudo means false, fake, not real but pretends to be real.

Easter Sunday In Your Church
I call easter "Sunday Son rise".

Easter Sunday In Your Church
When so done goes to church even once a year, they are still getting exposed to the gospel. We have homecoming and there are those that always come only then but they get preached to before they eat.

Mercy At Time Of Death
Samuel, a dead spirit is how we are born. It is called "born in sin". We are naturally sinners until we are born of the Spirit of God.

What Is God's Anointing
Oh wow, another spell corrector. Maybe it was a type o

Explain Missing A Miracle
Leon we can see that today in many ways. My brother and sister dont see the miracle God blessed them with. Both hearts are hard. People are blessed everyday but still have hard hearts.

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