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How To Join A Cult
I think Rita and Cluny, together, got real close.

Concerning the victim, he/she is looking for something. Maybe something bigger than self, maybe truth, acceptance, etc

But someone in the cult took the time to find the seeker and offer something appealing - even if it's false

The victim doesn't set out to become enslaved, but is open to anyone who seems to care

Church Gave Blessing Bags
your welcome. I just thought it would be fair to the mods to offer the possibility, since I remembered a scenario like that.

I like your opinion that maybe it should be generically ascribed to multiple users.

As to Cluny's submission, I think it's admirable to make the effort to take care of the less fortunate.

Church Gave Blessing Bags
Rita H,
it might not be as bad as it seems. A mod explained once that there were multiple submissions over a short period of time, which were all similar.

Rather than post essentially the same question two or three times in a week, they took the one which was most intelligible, then borrowed small nuances from other similar submissions.

the entire question was ascribed to the one person.

it's possible that someone else submitted a very similar question recently, so that addendum could have been borrowed

How To Join A Cult
Leon, Leon, Leon, this is hilarious.

So, it's not "How can somebody get in?"

Rather, it's "How do people get hoodwinked?"

Reminds me of a construction job, where non-English-speakers were hired to tear out only some drywall from an office space.

The contractor was befuddled to find that all the drywall marked "LEAVE" had been torn out. What happened? He wanted it left in.

Well, as it turns out, leave means go away

this one gave me a chuckle

I Just Accepted Jesus Christ
"sinner's prayer" is an anti-gospel, godless superstition which is deceiving millions into a false hope.

Romans 10 in no way supports it, and that is an easily demonstrated fact.

God does not hear sinners, period. Scripture confirms that, no matter how emotionally attached to superstition someone is

Understanding Of The Gospel
"James L, faith is a fruit of the Spirit - Gal 5:22."

Are you suggesting that this is what one might call "saving faith", as if it were to support the notion of regeneration before saving faith ??

If so, the burden of proof would be upon you to demonstrate it, not simply assert it.

"Man does not direct the Spirit is passive and God is active."


I'm not sure what you think that adds to the discussion, for I've argued the same points in my previous posts.

Rather than drown your empty assertions by arguing what I agree with, support it with something other than a "one hit wonder" that has no supporting context

What Changes A Sinner
I think it was a typo. I merely copied and pasted the whole thing.

I think it was supposed to say - sinner to saint

What Changes A Sinner
"A Sinner is changed into a Sinner by accepting Jesus in the heart, asking him for forgiveness, by admitting being a sinner. Then you make Him the lord of your life. And then accept his constitution of the bible to guide you in everyday life."---Lydia on 3/19/14

So no need for Jesus to die or rise again?
No need for a sinner to know about His death?
No need for the Holy Spirit to convict or enlighten?

Do I understand you correctly, that as long as you have done all your marvelous works of self righteousness, that you have made yourself acceptable to God?

Understanding Of The Gospel
"...salvation is of grace....It cannot be of works....There is no merit in believing, for faith itself is a gift of God. God give His people an inward working of the Spirit in order that they may believe, and faith is only the act of receving the proffered gift."
---Luke on 3/19/14

Almost 100% correct. Faith is not an "act of receiving", faith is passive.

The Holy Spirit convicts and enlightens, whereby we believe the gospel of peace.

Like a doctor transplanting a heart. The body doesn't have an "act of receiving" the heart.

When the Holy Spirit enlightens us, we believe.

Not of works, lest any man should boast

Understanding Of The Gospel
"JamesL, where does man get faith?"
---trey on 3/19/14

What do you mean "get faith" ???

Do you mean "Where does man get the spiritual water gun which he points and shoots toward Christ?" ???

Do you mean "Who superimposes a change of disposition onto a man, by which he now desires to choose Christ?" ???

If either of these, they are both bogus.

Faith is not a "choosing", whether byway of superimposition by God or natural faculties of man.

And faith has nothing to do with obeying or submitting or following or devoting.

Faith is full assurance of the promise of God (Rom 4:21-24)

Purpose Of Resurrection
"KJV, NKJ, NASB, Amplified and I have five more."

Hmmm. ok. Doesn't help in this case

"...the Body without the spirit is dead. That is part of my point."

Not sure how that helps your point. Explain, please? And what is spirit, in your opinion?

So we are not looking for some bodiless existence but the Resurrection in our new bodies."


I agree, we are meant to have a body. Naked otherwise

"The state inbetween is one that the Bible calls sleep."
---Samuelbb7 on 3/19/14

For the body, yes.

Uniting Of Many Religions
If I were Copeland, only looking to fleece the masses, I would enthusiastically embrace the 1.2 billion mass attenders, too.

RCC looking to gather a wandered flock, Copeland looking to gather more "seed money"

Match made in heaven (or hell, maybe)

Understanding Of The Gospel
I think the original question muddles two very key elements:
merit and access

Nothing that man does or doesn't do can change the merits of Christ's work on the cross. It is purely by the grace of God that Christ died for the sins of the world

But we access this grace through faith.

Can a lack of faith undo His work? Hardly.

Can a lack of faith keep one from accessing eternal life in Christ? Absolutely

Purpose Of Resurrection
"Where does the Bible say that the dead have no bodies?...."

Tell me which translation you use, and I can answer fully.

However, Peter wrote that he would soon put off his body (literally tent - Gr. skenomati) and depart (2Pet 1:13-14).

Obviously his body, because this is the same word used of The Word being made flesh (John 1:14)

Paul spoke of the resurrection in 2Cor 5:1-9, saying that this tent will be torn down (die). That we are at home in the body. That w long to be more fully clothed.

James 2:26 says that the body, without the spirit, is dead

Purpose Of Resurrection
The purpose of the resurrection is so we won't be naked.

we will be clothed again

What Is Repentance
Repentance is not a theological word, it is a common word which simply means to have a change of mind.

Much is made of the inherent inclusion of a change of direction. While that's true, the change of direction MUST directly relate to the change of mind taking place.

In other words, if repentance is from unbelief, then the change in direction is to belief.

If repentance is from behavior, then the change in direction is behavioral.

One does not change direction from unbelief to godly behavior. Nor does one change from ungodly behavior to belief.

Belief and behavior are not two sides of the same coin

Whose House Is This
\\ If by "off the wall" you mean open minded, then I'm happy to say I resemble that remark! \\
---Leon on 1/31/14

Honestly, I had in mind odd, or goofy

But, that it only seems that way

It's easy to say, "Really, Leon? Really?"

I confess to having said that a time or two. But with a closer look, they weren't as goofy as I thought.

And the conclusion you reach is not whimsical. There's lots to find along the way in looking for the answer

When you live life in the details, it can bring up some "seemingly" goofy questions. But I've learned to tag along for the ride.

Good stuff, brother

Whose House Is This
I've gotta say that I like a lot of the questions you come up with. Some of them seem a little off-the-wall, but I guess that's the byproduct of always asking questions.

Good stuff, man. You see a lot of little details in scripture that are missed by so many, including me.

Love it, love it, love it

Reminds me of one I might post

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