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Does God Always Forgive
God always forgives when as a sinner we ask for forgiveness then after we are saved we still seek forgiveness for sin. Pseudo means false, fake, not real but pretends to be real.

Easter Sunday In Your Church
I call easter "Sunday Son rise".

Easter Sunday In Your Church
When so done goes to church even once a year, they are still getting exposed to the gospel. We have homecoming and there are those that always come only then but they get preached to before they eat.

Mercy At Time Of Death
Samuel, a dead spirit is how we are born. It is called "born in sin". We are naturally sinners until we are born of the Spirit of God.

What Is God's Anointing
Oh wow, another spell corrector. Maybe it was a type o

Explain Missing A Miracle
Leon we can see that today in many ways. My brother and sister dont see the miracle God blessed them with. Both hearts are hard. People are blessed everyday but still have hard hearts.

Hagee's Blood Moon Prophecy
no one knows when the coming of the Lord will be. hagee should know that too. I have children and grandchildren who are not saved. while I don't know what will happen tonight, I know the end is near.

What Is True Religion
there are many religions there is only one salvation.

Is Joel Osteen Biblical
joel osteen is not like other preachers. he is a tv preacher with big bucks. when they "preach" in a giant crowd its for a fee.

Evolution Global Warming Myths
al gore has made millions off global warming.

How To Survive Rapture
Samuel, it doesn't matter if you read the bible thru a thousand times. that does not mean anything. you still need context. bro elder is sharp on the bible, listen to him.

Church To Protect Children
Elena, these people are very poor. The wife has something like Down's syndrome but it's not that it's she isn't right but she loves everyone. She is super sweet and some Sundays she will go to the altar and I believe when a person goes to altar means they have humbled themselves to go. She goes to pray for her husband.

Prayer For USA Christians
Darlene, it is sad. I have medicare and tri care so the government owns me. I have to do whatever they say. I had really rather my children and grandchildren get healthcare. Ive had my and Im ready.

Church To Protect Children
elena, this guy had a sexual encounter with a girl who was 17. he was 30. she also has a bad reputation in the small town they live. you are right, if we knew some of the things close to us we would cringe. I still say parents should watch their kids in church. in this case the kids are not threatened. I know a guy who was exactly like the one at my church. the guy had her and she wanted to get married and he said no so she turned him in for rape. my son was a police officer and a woman started sending him emails. he had 20 pages of emails but she went to sheriff's office and accused him of rape. if he had not had all the emails, he would be in prison. cont.....

Are Family Members Difficult
I am a mother of a son and it is the other way around here. my ex daughter in law just has many issues. when my grandson was small 1, 2 and 3 yrs old, she would pinch him very hard on his arm because she said if she spanked him in public she would go to jail. I can tell you I hate her pinching his arm so hard it left a bruise. if I walked in a room, she wouldn't speak to save my life. In spite of all that we did get along.

Adam And Eve's Children
if I was child bearing age, I would not want to have children the way the world is today. I feel so bad for our young folks and what they are going to have to endure. I will be gone but my grandkids will still be here. my children will likely be here.

Having God's Approval
rita, all the churches are using a projector but I hate them. I love song books. who care if a woman's head is covered? I don't wear pants to church but it isn't wrong. at least they are going to church. I was just raised to wear dresses to church. a personal choice. I do believe children should be with their parents at church unless they are small like a newborn. one of the ways I was grounded is being in church with my parents. parents should control their children all the time, not just in church. anyone that has been on cn for a while knows I am a king james person.

What's Up March 2014
thanks Darlene. I try to defend myself and my faith or denomination. I am what I am and God made me this way and I aint gonna change for anyone. you are such a blessing here on cn.

Is Joel Osteen Biblical
trav, I totally agree with you. he is a wuss before he even opens his mouth. he and his wife were in Tallahassee florida and thousands crammed the place where he appeared. I just don't get it. how can people be so lame? sort of like the teacher who got fired for trying to take pot away from a student. I never thought I would see the day where some people are so stupid.

Church To Protect Children
rita, I know a church close to where I live that wouldn't let a sexual preditor come to their church. the pastor said he was protecting the children. to me that is wrong as anything. parents should be watching their kids at church. parents can't always watch their children but church should be the first place a sinner needs to go. the preditors wife still goes there. what really bothers me is the people of that church should minister to him instead of banning him from church.

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