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Hagee's Blood Moon Prophecy
As I look at this blog today, I see that about half the posts (i.e. most of those in the past several days are nothing but a mud-slinging fight about Ellen White and Sabbath-keeping and Seventh Day Adventism, none of which are even remotely related to the topic of this blog.

So many blogs get hijacked into several people's favorite pet divisive doctrines. Can we PLEASE create blogs solely for fighting about those issues, and get back on topic here and elsewhere?

Having God's Approval

How long ago was that? When I first started coming here (about 2-3 years ago?), the friend who told me about this site called it "the piranha blog" because of all the vicious cannibalistic in-fighting that goes on all the time - and sadly, it hasn't changed much.

In so many blogs, many people hijack this topic and that into their own pet peeve topics (whether it be sabbath worship, the divinity of Jesus, creationism vs. evolution, etc.), and many scream at anyone who disagrees with them, calling them unsaved, heretics, false teachers, and sometimes even calling down curses - hardly Christlike behavior.

Hagee's Blood Moon Prophecy
Harold Camping predicted this date, and that date, and the other date - each more certain than the last - and each one totally wrong in retrospect. How many people's faiths were irreperably harmed because they believed this or that preacher's doomsday date-setting, that was later proven false?

My Husband Was Offended
Jesus tells us to forgive our enemies up to 70 times 7 times, and that if we don't forgive our enemies, our Father in heaven won't forgive us.

If Jesus says to do one thing, and your husband says to do another, you have to choose which one is more important. It's a hard choice. He did, after all, say that he would break up families - likely for this very reason.

Having God's Approval

Any church that preaches "thou shalt do this" and "thou shalt not do that" - when this and that are not specifically mentioned in scriptures - is adding to the law, and becoming legalistic, as the Pharisees were. This is the exact trap that both Jesus and Paul preached against.

How To Join A Cult
Life is full of injustice and uncetainty. People CRAVE certainty and predictability. They will flock to anyone who will promise this. Cults promise this, by painting everyting in black and white (i.e. you're with us, or you're the enemy, etc.), which makes them so attractive. This can also happen in non-religious contexts - for example, look at how easy it was for Hitler to take over post-depression Germany by promising law, order, and economic prosperity. This even applies to legitimate religious denominations - searching people are much more likely to join groups that promise certainty and black-and-white-thinking (like fundamentalism and extremism) than groups that require one to take an active part in thinking things out for oneself.

Does God Always Forgive

I once read a story about a man who decided that he would repent later in his life - no need to do it now. Later, on his deathbead, he was in agony because he wanted to repent before he died, but he just couldn't do it. He died in torment.

I Just Accepted Jesus Christ
Our salvation does not depend on our own righteousness - if it did, we would all fail. It depends on Jesus's righteousness.

John says that when we sin, he forgives us. Paul says "if we say we are not sinners, we are liars" - and he was writing to CHRISTIANS, not unbelievers.

Trying to do good, believing the wrath of God is hanging over your head like a sword of Damocles to strike you down the first time you make a mistake - is legalism, that was a trap the Apostles warned about.

Adam And Eve Fall

You wrote: Strongaxe you hypocrite!

Now there is a loving, Christ-like response. Please justify it by explaining just what I am saying but doing otherwise.

I have commented on the theme of this thread. ... It was Leon who took the thread off theme ... introducing a trinitarian argument, not me. I couldn't care less what you people believe. ...

I commented, not because the trinitarian argument was hijacking this thead into unrelated subjects (because that happens frequently, by many people), but rather because one blog after another gets hijacked into an argument about trinitarianism. And your constant commenting on it at length shows you DO care what others believe.

Adam And Eve Fall

You wrote: Oh dear... it didn't take very long for a Neo-platonic trinitarian in the form of elder to crawl out of the woodwork on this thread.

Why do you so often hijack one blog after another to turn it into a forum to condemn trinitarianism (which, by the way, happens to be the belief shared by most Christians, with a notable exception of Jehovah's Witnesses)? If it offends you so much, Why not create another blog to discuss tha subject specifically, rather than to divert so many other blogs into pointless arguments about this subject that is totally unrelated to the subject of those blogs?

How To Survive Rapture
The answer to the blog question is a simple one. Christians have always faced (and will always face) persecution and tribulations from time to time. these must be endured, sometimes even unto death (e.g. Christians in Rome being fed to lions). We're supposed to endure and hold to the course.

The only difference between normal tribulations and The Great Tribulation will be one of degree (and a happy rescue out of the middle of it).

Those who RELY on being rescued may fail if they are forced to endure great tribulatations and think it's The Great One.

Uniting Of Many Religions

None of the scriptures quoted state that scripture is the ONLY authority.

The fact that all scripture is given by inspiration of God does not state that all other things are NOT by inspiration of God.

To split hairs, just WHICH books are, in fact, Scripture? Why do you accept Collossians as scripture, but not Laodiceans? It can't be from the books themselves - each recommends the other. Such decisions are from HUMAN tradition outside of scripture.

Rich Young Ruler

Much of the Bible gives general rules, but doesn't deal with specific details and clarifications. For that, we need interpretation.

For example, "thou shalt not kill" (which really means "murder"). Just WHAT is "murder"? Under what circumstances is killing permissible and when isn't it? There are clearly cases when it is (since the old testament prescribes the death penalty for many offenses), but there are many cases that it doesn't get into specifically. Thus, we need interpretation, that relies on God-given human judgment.

Earth Was Destroyed

While the Bible calls Genesis the book of Moses, it doesn't actually say that he wrote it (or that he wrote all of it). If he DID, how could he have written the account of his old death, and in the past tense yet?

Then again, there was Eloy who believed that all 5 books of Moses were actually written by Enoch, which is totally absurd.


Calling someone else's parentage into question is both irrelevant (since it doesn't pertain to the subject of the blog nor someone's ability to talk about it), un-called for, and un-Christ-like. Would YOU want someone to challenge YOUR parentage? If not, you're violating Jesus's Golden Rule by doing so to someone else. Please let's all play nicely, shall we?

Banned Christianity In Public

It's physically impossible to hack a powered off computer (like talking to a dead person).

However, "off" could mean sleeping or hibernating, that are more like sleeping peipoe. It's even easier when all the computers themselves are off, but the main server (that is the one that ACTUALLY has the grades on it) is running 24/7.

You similarly can't hack a phone that's off, although those also have different levels of "off". Pull the battery out to make sure.

In communist Russia, people learned a trick to stop eavesdropping. KGB could tap phones even if hung up, but NOT while dialing - so they would jam a pencil into the dial to stop them.

Rich Young Ruler

You said: How many times does the Bible have to say something for it to be true?

Only once. However, if something is only mentioned once, it's likely not nearly as important as something mentioned hundreds of times. it's also dangerous to try to develop an elaborate doctrine out of a single verse.

For example, the Mormon's practice of "baptism for the dead" from misinterpreting a rhetorical comment by Paul, or the elaborate Jewish meat/milk dietary laws wildly extrapolated from "do not seethe a kid in its mother's milk".

Read Only The Bible

You asked: Do you believe that prophecies can be conditional?

They can be, but if so, such conditions are typically mentioned in the prophecies themselves. For example:

If my people, who are called by my name, humble themselves and pray, I will hear from heaven...

If one is permitted to arbitrarily insert unwritten/unspoken conditions into a prophecy, it becomes unfalsifiable - which also makes it unverifiable - just like horoscopes. One of the key tests of a prophet was to see if what he said came true - which you can't do if you can just add conditions after the fact when the prophecy doesn't take place.

Christians With Depression

Even though Jesus frequently told people "your faith has made you whole", these same people actually needed to physically go to Jesus to be healed. Even the Roman centurion, with more faith than anyone else Jesus ever met, asked Jesus to "say but the word, and my servant will be healed" - he didn't declare his servant healed in Jesus's name himself.

The sad fact is, even with many Christians in the world, and many prayers for healing, not all such prayers are answered. (And no, "no" and "wait" don't count - Jesus never said that to anyone who came to him). since Jesus isn't walking the earth and healing people today, he leaves us to our own devices - and that includes doctors.

Are You Fearless

I used to freak out when a bee or wasp got near me. Over the years, I have mostly overcome that, just stay calm (but cautious) when near them.

I am also afraid of heights. To fight that, I climbed Twin Peaks when in San Francisco. The first time, couldn't walk around the viewing wall. The next time, I could, holding onto it. The third time, without holding on. Next, I could climb the hill on hands and knees. I pushed more each time I visited. The last time, I did it standing up, at night, after a rain, so the grass and wooden steps were slippery, and was able to do it.

With irrational fears, we fear what COULD happen. If we do it and find that it DOESN'T happen, the fear frequently diminishes.

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