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shira4368's Blog Replies
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Give A Praise Report
cluny, many prayers are going up for you and your health. it isn't fun being sick. I know. Ive been sick the past 4 years. I can't seem to get over the hump.

Churches Not Preaching Salvation
in another blog I made the statement that all that is required of us is to know about salvation. I was scolded by someone about rightly dividing the bible. my comment had nothing to do with rightly dividing the bible. It had to do with preaching Jesus and how He died for our sin. all that is required to be saved is to be born in the family of God. all we have to do is tell others what Jesus has done for

Married To A Drunk Pastor
elena, the pastor you talked about is not qualified to be a pastor. someone needs to expose that. he is digging himself a hole. bible says if a man can't control his household, he is not fit to pastor.

Debate Or Relate To Bible
yes I know that verse very well. some in our country feel like they should not have to work. our welfare system could benefit the poor but some abuse it. we didn't have welfare when I was growing up. my mom and dad worked cotton mill and we barely had anything. mom made our clothes out of flour sacks. now, even the poor buy expensive tennis shoes and designer clothes. the way things are now is there is not many jobs. the paper is full of jobs like cooks in a fast food restaurant. problem with that is no one wants to do it. we are surely in a mess.

Sheol Genna Hades Hell
Luke our flesh will surely die. Whether you believe or not is not up to me. I will have a new body in heaven. When my flesh dies, that is 1 death.

Anoint Sick With Oil
Cluny, what a wonderful testimony. I am happy for you. God can heal who He wants, when He wants and how He wants. Anointing with oil is biblical..

How Are Offerings Made
Rita I totally agree but they say it's for tax reason. Maybe so but I give cash and only God knows what I give.

Is Joke Telling Biblical
I love proverbs. Packs much with few words.

Take Sermon Notes
we are suppose to bear one another's burdens. how could you do that with out testimonies? at times we have testimonies. if God leads someone to testify, they can do it with freedom in my church. we have much liberty in our church all the time. that is the normal for us.

What Are Gates Of Hell
Lawrence, I agree

What Spurned Mega Churches
Elena, I know God can heal Detroit and if all Christians would pray, the whole world would change. I also know that American cities are wicked. God didn't make them that way, man did evil and will continue to do evil til Jesus returns to gather His own. I also know you are always looking on the bright side and you are always positive. That is a wonderful gift God has given you. That is what I admire mostly about you. You see good in everything and I have a tendency to be the opposite. That is why I said you lift me up with your post. Christian love to you always.

Sheol Genna Hades Hell
We are born from our mothers womb, then when we are born into the family of God. That is twice born. Our body will die but our spirit will live. If one is born from their earthly mother but never born into the family of God, they are born once. their flesh dies and their spirit is doomed. That is my concept. If we aren't born again, we will be in hell which is worse than dying. If anyone has better words, please help me out here.

What Spurned Mega Churches
Elena, bless your heart. I love you with Christian love. You have lifted me many times and not to be rude but I get angry when I know your living conditions. I can't imagine living in Detroit. You deserve much better and my heart aches for you. You are a godly woman and I love your post. I pray God puts a hedge of protection around you. Happy you found a good church. Sister, love you dearly

What Has God Taught You
Mary I can relate to you. I feel the same way. I don't ever want to hurt anyone's feelings but if we are totally honest, some could get offended. I refuse to offend anyone and if that is called a lie, then I am a liar. I've seen some look me in the face and tell a big lie that hurt another. To me they aren't the same. The bible says not to bear "false" witness. That says it all.

How To Meet Christians
I've met many Christians and of course some are fake but I've met many who are real. God will take care of the tares. Satan has his plants in churches also that is why we need the whole armor of God. The one thing that bothers me is some think if you don't believe a certain way you aren't saved. I believe all churches have saved in them just like they have tares. It won't keep me from going to my church or any church I visit on occasion.

What Are Gates Of Hell
How did Jesus walk thru a shut door after He had arisen?

What Spurned Mega Churches
There are mega churches everywhere. I've not seen 1 that worshiped the ol time way in years. God didn't change but churches have surely changed. Instead of ol hymns, it's words on a screen that say the same things over and over. They call it praise and worship music. While I do live in this space of time, I still choose ol time preaching, praying, singing, shouting.

Debate Or Relate To Bible
whats wrong with making money. working honestly is a God given opportunity for everyone. some make it, I spend it and others don't make it.

Kids Fleeing Violence
Darlene, we need to clean our own homes before we try to clean others. All this is political and the next big election is for president. Just watch how the leftist are doing. Meanwhile dr. Phil has a feed the children foundation that was meant for kids in our own country. We have sent enough money overseas to clean their houses plus feed them so who got all that money? Of course the people didn't get any. This is a sore subject with me. Some people are afraid to speak out. IRS might zero in on them. Christians better start standing up for what's right. Where is the common sense?

What Spurned Mega Churches
Elena I love your post. I'm so happy you found a good spiritual church to worship God. I've never been to a Lutheran church. I love to go to a Holy Spirit filled church. Sometimes I can tell when I walk into the door of a church. I love the church I'm going to now. I've had a hectic day so I'm gonna get comfortable and cool it til bedtime.

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