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Church Out Of Touch
\\With over 2 billion denominational Christians in the world (about one third of the world's population), just about 4 million Christian congregations and just about 70,000 different denominations in the world one would figure that the earth would be somewhat peaceful.\\

Among these is the worldly denominational Church of Steveng.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Types of Baptisms
\\But, the message will also be the same-baptism is to indicate a person has received Christ as Savior and it's to show that Christ will return.\\

Please give the exact scriptural quotations that say that, wivv, especially the one linking water Baptism to the Parousia.

BTW, did you know that NOWHERE does the Bible use the formula "receive Christ as savior"?

**It's a shame that christians only stop at water baptisms and forgo the laying of the hands to receive the Holy Spirit. Hebrews 6:2

---Steveng on 7/24/14 **

Speak for yourself and your worldly denominational Church of Steveng.

Orthodoxy never stopped doing this.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

AntiChrist Coming Soon
***//The whole book of Daniel was written to encourage the Jews in Palestine who were being oppressed by Seleucid Greeks//

Wow, talk about limiting Gods word. ***

As we both know, jason, there's NO way that Daniel could ever have an immediate message for the Jews of Antiochus Epiphanes's empire and a later message for those living in the Tribulation, right?

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Where Is Hell Located
Since you know so much, Leon, why don't you just tell us where hell is?

And how did you learn something an ancient saint didn't know?

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Where Is Hell Located
\\Cute Cluny, but all you've done is quote the "far out" opinion of a 4th century man. \\

You'd be surprised how many Christian doctrines were elucidated by St. John Chrysostom.

Of course, 21st century Protestants seem to think that the Word of God first came to them.

But I will ask you, why do you want to know where hell is? If you really want to find out, you will, but I don't think you'll like it, or have much of a choice about leaving it once you do.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

End Time Religions
\\Martin Luther said it's the Roman Catholic Church. Also, Mr Hyslop in his book, 'The Two Babylons'.\\

And who made their mouths prayerbooks?

Hislop (to spell his name properly) is full of historical errors.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Like A Mustard Seed
\\ Do you honestly think God is unable to correct me?\\

What do you think God is having me to with you, Bryan? I point out where you're wrong all the time.

Do you think God's going to send you a special vision correcting you?

|| I say God's word heals and you say no it don't,||

Liar. I never said that, either.

I know God's word heals. But you don't give God's word. Just your own.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

AntiChrist Coming Soon
\\which empire when christ was born, lived & died? roman empire.
true christians were persecuted in rome.\\

When Jesus said, "if THEY persecuted Me, THEY will also persecute you."

Who is this THEY that Jesus referred to who persecuted Him?

Hint: It wasn't the Roman Empire.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Anoint Sick With Oil
\\No "partial" healing , it was instant and "complete" including raising the dead!\\

Not always.

Remember the blind man that Jesus had to heal twice?

Or do you?

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Mysteries Of The Kingdom
\\As we can see cluny you have the touble believeing God sent Jesus to save the world not condemn it.\\

The one I don't believe is YOU, not God, Bryan.

I don't believe YOU because I know the Bible, and you are always misquoting the Bible and attributing things to Jesus He never said.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Like A Mustard Seed
\\ Saying like Jesus doesn't heal. \\

There you go lying again. I never said that.

I don't mind your lying about me.

What DOES bother me is when you lie about Jesus and the Bible, saying things that are not in there as if they were.

No, Bryan, I do NOT consider you a "fellow believer," because I believe in the real Jesus and the real Word of God, but you obviously are deceived by a lying religious spirit.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Correct Pastor During The Sermon
Once I heard a wandering charismatic preacher who pretended to be a prophet named Ralph Short.

He claimed that Jesus did no miracles after the Resurrection because He didn't have a physical body and the Holy Spirit needs a physical body to manifest through.

The Christians on here will see the many things wrong with this.

I confronted him privately after the service. He simply said, "I didn't know that. I'll have to look that up."

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Where Is Hell Located
\\Your were held captive by it, but Jesus being the one who set you free from it.\\

You're held captive by a lying religious spirit who is turning you into a medium.

This lying spirit says things to you that are misquotes of the Bible, and you merely repeat them here, Bryan.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Where Is Hell Located
This question, frequently repeated here, was asked in the 4th century of St. John Chrysostom, the inventor of expository preaching.

He replied, "You ask where hell is, but why do you want to know? In my opinion, it's not in this universe at all. But let's not try to find where it lies hidden. Rather, let us learn how to avoid it."

I have nothing to add to this.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

End Time Religions
The one who was first drunk with the blood of the saints was Empress Poppea Sabina, a Jew who poisoned her husband's mind against Christians.

If you read the Bible, you will learn there is only ONE religion and ONE nation that get personified as a harlot.

BTW, did you know that both Jerusalem and Mecca sit on seven hills? But Rome sits on NINE.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Like A Mustard Seed
\\ Not my words Jesus said them. are you call the apostles liars to?
---Bryan on 7/24/14

No, just you.

YOU have raised nobody from the dead.

YOU have not had any amputees grow new limbs as a result of your prayers.

YOU always misquote the words of Jesus.

You're deceived by a religious spirit masquerading as Jesus. Repent.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Mysteries Of The Kingdom
\\they mocked the Holy Spirit. Act 5
---Bryan on 7/24/14\\

And you are mocking Jesus by believing an impostor spirit.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

AntiChrist Coming Soon
\\Iron is associated with the Roman Empire.\\

By whom?

\\ The two legs are symbolic of the Western Empire (Rome) and the Eastern Empire(Constantinople).
---jason9835 on 7/24/14\\

Are they?

The first three empires included historical geographical Babylon. But this city was NEVER in either Roman Empire.

However, it IS in mahometan hands.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

People Completely Dead
\\Psl.146.4. His breath goeth forth,he returneth to his earth in that very day his THOUGHTS perish" KJV
Unless, of course, you don't believe the book of Psalms!"
---1stcliff on 7/23/14\\

The LXX says "plans" rather than "thoughts".

Glory to Jesus Christ!

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