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StrongAxe's Blog Replies
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Like A Mustard Seed

You said: Do you honestly think God is unable to correct me?

God usually works through people. Matthew 18 describes how brothers each other, not relying on God to do it for them.

All truth is established by 2-3 witnesses. (Deuteronomy 17:6, 19:15, Matthew 18:16, etc.). If someone says something here, it is easy to scroll down and see what was said and what wasn't.

If you have a quote to share, it is good to look it up in a Bible (or site like Biblegateway) to find chapter and verse and get the wording correct. That way anyone can verify it's correct, and so you don't accidentally misquote the bible, because putting words into God's mouth that he didn't actually say can be a dangerous thing.

Kids Fleeing Violence

You wrote: Nobody is controlling anything, else we wouldn't be having this conversation.

No, that just means that nobody is controlling everything. It's still possible for some things to be controlled.

Kids Fleeing Violence

Just as leftist media ignore or hide stories that are uncomfortable for the left, the right does exactly the same thing for their side. Fox news omits stories that are bad for the right - or sometimes deliberately distort them to spin them in the other direction by taking things egregiously out of context. With both sides playing dirty, there's no way ANYONE is going to get balanced reporting, other than viewing all news with the attitude of "they're all liars" and trying to manually sift the wheat from the chaff.

Is Pope Francis Popular

You said: From the first trinity pope even now. Popular by doctrines commandments of men orthodoxy. Manmade theology and ideology etc to try to make it real. Which Is actually truly really Not of God.

There was not a single complete coherent sentence here, so I'm confused at what you are trying to say. Could you pleaase try to rephrase this in more coherent English?


You said: Jed: ... I've been attending fundamental churches for 33 years, and have never met a man like you. Wow.

Then you haven't been on this site long. There are many Olympic-grade athletes here, capable of leaping to conclusions in a single bound.

End Time Religions

You said: Diane, the trinity roman cath church with her offspring trinity daughters churches are the institutes with phony christians in it. With the Lies of easy believism, once saved always saved, no works salvation, 2nd working of grace etc Lies.

In all the places where the Bible describes how true believers are distinguished from false ones, NONE rely on correct theology. We must believe in God, yes. But the distinctions are always on how we act - how we love God, how we love or brothers - NOT on how good a score we can get on a theology exam, or which particular doctrines we believe (trinity vs. unity, sprinkling vs. immersion, or any number of other hair-splitting irrelevancies).

Kids Fleeing Violence

You said: leftist activist Tammy Bruce...

How biased leftist media is, and how leftist journalists react to this, has no bearing on how biased rightist media is.

In Australia majority of media is Left.

The percentage of the media that is left or right has no bearing on whether leftist media is more or less deceitful than rightist media.

... so much PC extremism in government policy...

Many rightist politicians introduce ludicrous laws like one recently in California requiring divorced women (but not men) to obtain a judge's permission before dating again.

"The pot is black" has does not alter the fact that the kettle is also black.

End Time Religions
Wikipedia has an article about cities built on 7 hills. Unfortunately, listing them all is too large for the message limit here.

There are 19 in the U.S.A, 3 others in the Americas, 2 in Africa, 8 in Asia, 35 in Europe.

Among these, Jerusalem, Mecca, Rome, and Tirumala India are major centers of religious worship.

"One of the hill town of Tirumala is precisely where the Temple of Seven Hills, the Tirumala Venkateswara. This temple is affirmed to be the most active place of worship in the world."

Kids Fleeing Violence

You said: But the most widespread, dominant propaganda is from the leftist dominated media. This is acknowledged in USA, Europe and Australia.

Note that "this is acknowledged" by conservative media. Liberal media would claim different statistics. And it likely varies from country to country. Without lists of specific incidents, it would be unwise to make blanket statements.

Unfortunately, many Americans take Fox news to be the Gospel truth.

Kids Fleeing Violence

You said: In previous debates we had, you always supported the Left, thus showing who you align yourself with. But based on your statement above it seems you have now changed.

This is because, in matters in which both you and I share conservative views (and I suspect there are many of them), there is no need for debate, so they don't come up in discussion here.

The fact that the Left control public debate and thought through dominating the mainstream media, universities, etc, further confirms they're the greater evil.

Have you ever witnessed the inaccuracies on Fox news? Sadly, journalism these days is about propaganda and entertainment more than truth.

Kids Fleeing Violence

Mussonlini was a fascist. He also made the trains run on time. To say "anyone who supports punctuality therefore supports Mussolini, and is therefore a fascist" is logically flawed. You make the same kind of assumptions about who and what I support.

There is much that is right about the right, and much that is wrong about it - same with the left. For Christians to align themselves with either political faction is a marriage made in hell. Jesus was offered rulership on earth at the price of compromise with evil, and he wisely refused. Many Christians over the past millenia, from Popes to Evangelicals, have sadly chosen differently.

Kids Fleeing Violence

You said: StrongAxe, I see your still pushing the Left's endorsement for murdering babies.
and He may be against abortion on demand, BUT above StrongAxe is against those who try to stop abortions and then he falsely alleges no aid is given to poorer countries when aid is given.

I said absolutely nothing of the kind. I was pointing out the hypocricy of those willing to spend much effort and expense to stop abortions - but then care nothing for children after they emerge from the womb - e.g. turning back orphans at the border. This kind of thinking is all too common in right-wing circles.

I applaud those who are concerned with the unborn and stay concerned once they are born.

Kids Fleeing Violence

You said: And the deceitful leftists often use kids amongst illegals to make emotional appeals, without the facts

What about those deceitful rightists who are more than willing to pump millions of dollars into trying to stop abortions in third world countries, but once those children are born and safely out of the womb, they are left to their own devices, with no help from us?

Did Life Begin On Earth

Creationwiki (with a Creationist bias) mentions "General Theory of Evolution", as defined by Gerald A. Kerkut. One hears about this mostly on creationist sites. It is not in common usage.

Conservapedia (with a similar bias) admits "evolution is most commonly used to describe Darwinian evolution by means of natural selection." - i.e. NOT cosmology.

It's fruitless to attack a seldom-used meaning of a word different from what people understand it to mean - especially as the common usage is related to this blog topic ("Did Life begin on Earth"?), while the General Theory is not (i.e. how the earth got here has no bearing on how life got here).

Two World Floods
It's always dangerous to build any kind of important doctrine (let alone an entire philosophy) based on the specific nuance or translation of a single word or phrase. Many kinds of weird doctrines have started out this way (for example, the Mormons' practice of "baptism for the daad").

Did Life Begin On Earth

Regardless of whether or not you believe evolution and cosmology are science or fiction, the fact remains that they are different things, and that Darwin's Theory of Evolution says NOTHING WHATSOEVER about how the sun, earth and stars were created. Claiming that evolution DOES speak about them indicates either ignorance of what it says (so attacking it is like criticizing cheese without ever having eaten it), or callous indifference (with a respect for truth on the same level as supermarket tabloids), or deliberate deception (on the level of political propaganda). So which is it?

Did Life Begin On Earth

You have parroted this list here frequently, but let's examine it:

Evolution: Stars and sun before earth.
Evolution: Earth molten blob initially
Evolution: Dry land then oceans

Evolution only speaks about how species formed, NOT planets or stars. That's cosmology. If you can't tell the difference between these vastly different sciences, how can you expect anyone to take any other points (even valid ones) seriously?

Bible: big bang future.
BCV please.

Darwinian evolution ... is based upon there being no God

Wrong. It makes no mention for nor against God, BECAUSE God is not relevant to the subject - as in geometry, cooking, sewing, carpentry and other subjects.

Two World Floods
This is probably related to the theory that "In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. And the earth was without form and void" are two successive events - i.e. God created them, abd then subsequently the Earth was destroyed, and the rest of Genesis is the account of the second creation. I don't remember who came up with this idea.

Explain Matthew 24:37

Success often leads to pride, and pride often leads to a sense of elitism and a contempt for others. This is common among celebrities and successful people in all walks of life, and (sadly) it's all too common in mega-minsters and televangelists as well.

Explain Matthew 24:37

The remark was made on Sept. 12 2004. Google: swaggart kill. There are video clips of the incident in question on the top few sites listed.

If someone threatened to harm Swaggart, he should even forgive and love such a person. That is the Christian response. Not "kill him", even in jest.


The very fact that people are fallible is a good reason why we should not rely on them as authorities without corroboration.

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