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Did God Divorce Israel
You and i are not Israel, but it clearly states that God divorced Israel.
---aka on 8/20/14

Yes we are Israel (God's choosen people that put faith in the Lord, not the nation as a whole) in that we are God's chosen and He is open to give us mercy. The method is different but grace is the same. Jeremiah 3.1 states the grounds for divorce and that God is justified in divorce but read Jer. 3:12-14. God will not be mocked by pride and rebellion but will always be ready to receive if we humble ourselves.

Did God Divorce Israel
//did God unjustly divorce Israel?//

God never divorced Israel. They and us test his patience and he lets consquences come when we choose to go against him but he never divorces us. Read the book of Hosea, it is a real life parable of Hosea being a typology of God and us being Gomer. note the events in the book take approx. 10 to 15 years.

Men Of Adultery
//plus the fact that women virtually had to do as they were told//

True but women have more power than they think. Just look at the book of Genesis. Not until Joseph's escape from Potiphar's wife did a man stand-up for what is right at a woman suggestion.

Finish It Here August 2014
/Wasn't it Apollo 13???. The one that had issues and the whole world prayed, yet in the end God was not mentioned either.//

Kathr - please expand on your meaning, Was this just your concern or was this wide spread. This is one of my favorite movies, engineering nerd. The little clip you are referring to was meant to show how much the world was now involved with the story of Apollo 13 where previously they had not been.

Are All Christians The Same
//we attend 3 different denominational churches Fellowship between us is no problem//

you mean you look past denominational difference and love people as people and love fellow christians as equals. This is what Paul meant when he said "I follow Paul, or I follow Cephas, or I follow Christ. Is Christ divided? I don't agree with all of my friends theology but I can still care for them.

Church Out Of Touch
In some aspects yes. I discovered this about my previous church recently, which is a totally biblical and a good church. Sometimes we fall in love with the principles of christian life but lose the practicallity of it. James said it this way "...I will show you my faith by my works" or Jesus "I am the vine you are the branches, a good vine creates good fruit." Also people are at different stages of life thus they may need to go to a different biblical church.

Like A Mustard Seed
another aspect of mustard plants is that you cannot have just a little patch of mustard. The mustard plant is very invasive plant and will grow and "take over" other plants space. This is related to faith in that a small change of faith by the kingdom of God can have big changes elsewhere in your life.

Adam Saw The Deception
"...and she also gave some to her husband who was with her, and he ate" Gen 3:6.

Kids Fleeing Violence
about 5 years ago a reporter cannot remember who, summed it up pretty good. "Americans love immigrants (the person) but hate immigration (the process).

Many Right Ways
I will take it OT view of it. Look at Matthew Ch. 1 and the lineage of Jesus. How many major sins brought about the birth of Jesus. Look at Abraham, God only spoke to him 4 times in about 40 years. My point is this if God says do something then go do it, if God is silent about something try it. Remember we live in grace not bondage. Satan the thief brings despair and bondage and steals joy but God brings about life and life to the fullest John 10:10.

What Are Gates Of Hell
The gates of hell is a whirlpool in Caesarea Phillippi just north of Israel. This naturally occuring whirlpool is said to be the link between the overworld and the underworld and the "gods" would transverse between the two at this location. Religious followers would sacrifice things by throwing valuables into this whirlpool to please the "gods." If the items were sucked down your sacrifice was accepted. Jesus used this location to start the church saying that the forces of evil (demons) would not destroy his church.

How Should Christians Get Along
As christians

Do You Own A Bible
The 1611 KJV had,

"Thou shall covet thy neighor's wife" without the not.

They recently (about 3 years ago) found a 1611 Bible at a church in Scotland and used this verse to authentic it as being orginial 1611 by this test.

Against Capital Punishment
because we like to avoid consequences of our actions and make excuses.
Have a one night stand, affair and get pregnant have an abortion.
Be filled with hate and murder someone, "I am sure they had a good reason to" (this is an example of an excuse)

What Spurned Mega Churches
For NewSpring my church, we started with 15. 2 months later we opened with 115 people in a small conference room at a local university. A year later and after much prayer and some loans, good leadership we moved into a 800 seat place, then 2 years later we built our own place, 2 years later we built a satellite campus, now we have 10 campuses and 35,000 weekly. Honestly we do not know - we have no master plan, though we do have goals. We just have good quality Sunday services, defined mission, good leadership, relevant teaching, great volunteers, and most important God's blessing. People just keep coming and we keep making room. "To reach people far from God you have to do what no one else is doing (short of sin)."

Could Mega Churches Survive
//Worship is not supposed to be fun for us. It's supposed to be about God.//

"Let the children come to me, do not hinder them, for such belongs the kingdom of God" because Jesus wants to give them a docturnal lesson, no sometime God likes to laugh.

Eccl. 3:4 - a time to weep, and a time to laugh, a time to mourn and a time to dance

Could Mega Churches Survive
yes and no

I go to a "mega church." currently at 35,000 people weekly across South Carolina, 10 campuses. I said yes because we do have a good teaching period and we do have evidence of good fruit in the real life change which effects hundreds of lives every week.
I said no because you are changing our methodology (not doctrine) and purpose. The hype, loud music is not just because we "want to" there is a strategy behind that song. Some songs are just fun (for example Sweet Home Alabama), some are played to tenderize the heart (keep bleeding love), and some are played to bring a message (Highway to Hell).

Lord Help Me Help
"I do only what I see my Father doing" [paraphase] John X:XX I dont know where off the top of my head.

Is Christian Rap Okay
We should continually bring praise to God, great words of hymns like

"We're created for Him
Outta the dust he made us for Him
Elects us and he saves us for Him
Jesus comes and he raises for Him"

These are some of Lecrae's words in "Don't waste your Life". By the way I don't like rap music. But I respect what it means to my friends that do. If you don't like the "music" at least go and read the words. By the way many of the music styles incorporated into hymns were originally bar tunes. Holy, Holy, Holy just swing your arm next time you sing it.

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