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shira4368's Blog Replies
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Can Adulters Go To Heaven
Lawrence, the bible contains the Word of God. Nothing in it is man made. It is all truth. Sorry you don't believe what the bible says. It is also for reproof and doctrine.

What's Up August 2014
Elena, I am doing ok. I'm still trying to get stronger from the pneumonia. It zapped me good. Now I get tired too easy. My pastor wants me to put some of my cards on the table at church. We are having bible conference Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. I didn't know the chore would be this much time consuming. Plus my grandson has spent time with me. Just busy Elena. Love you sister

Is The USA In The Bible
Amen Leon. I love God and country. This is the only nation that is a Christian nation founded on Godly principals. We give, give, give and they still hate us.the enemy comes to america for an education then go back to where they came from and use it against us. Something ain't right about this scene.

Is There A Sinners Prayer
Pick up any tract and you will see the sinners prayer. The problem I have with that is no one and I mean no one can repeat a sinners prayer and be saved. You must believe in your heart and with your mouth confess that Christ died for you and will forgive you of your sin. That is a far cry from reading a sinners prayer.

How To Treat People
One never has to mention religion. Just tell what God has done for you. Tell them how joyful a Christian life can be. Tell of the benefits....eternal life in heaven where Jesus has prepared a mansion. He also prepared things that man can't comprehend. See.... I didn't mention religion.

Is The USA In The Bible
It only means eagles are birds and they are all over the world.

Debate Or Relate To Bible
God was 100percent God and 100percent man. Jesus was God in the flesh. When Jesus returned to heaven, he sent the comforter which is the Holy Spirit. So now we have God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost. Anyone who don't believe that needs to get themselves a King James Bible and read it.

What's Up August 2014
Elena, your friends are not real friends if they pressure you for anything. Cut them off. I've had to cut off friends before. Some friends are not true friends. Glad you have a hospital if you need one. My dr moved to another town 75 miles away. I need to find one here. I'm looking but it's hard when you have the same one for 10 yrs. he knows all my ailments. Lol God bless you friend.

What's Up August 2014
Thanks Elena for your prayers. Thanks Darlene for your prayers too. Elena, if you need a hospital, can you go? I was very sick when I got to hospital. I'm trying so hard to not get pneumonia again.

Why Is There War
Cluny, I agree with you about Muslims. They are implanted by the thousands in our country. It is very disturbing. The first thing Obama ought to do is destroy all the weapons we carried to the Middle East and confiscated by Isis. All should be bombed and destroyed. What is going on over there is pure evil.

Single Dads Are Viewed
Rita you are so right. Unless people have been thru it they don't have a clue. He could trade baby sitting ( big kids) and that would help. There are many single dads these days. I would be happy to help any single dad. They work during the day then work when they get home just like single mothers do.

Many Different Approaches
I've never read the hiding place. When I was young even young as 13 I could sing. I mean I could get up high. I could sing every part and change in the muddle of a word. I smoked which was the most stupid thing I ever did. Back then everyone smoked. What really got me was thyroid surgery. I stopped smoking many years ago.

Why Is There War
Jerry you said it perfectly. News reporters here wonder why the "good" Muslim don't say or do something. Are they afraid? I've heard over and over how peaceful Muslims are but I can bet . Where r they?

Many Different Approaches
Well cluny, God gave it to me and I didn't use it so it went somewhere, I had thyroid cancer and they ruined my vocal chords. That was in 05 and it still affects my voice. I don't think satan took it because he can't without Gods permission. I have prayed God would restore what i lost.

Forgiveness For An Abortion
A baby does not even know what saved is. When a child is old enough to understand salvation, then he is at the age of accountability. A child must also know he (they) are sinners. That's why it's so important to raise our children in church. We must expose them to the bible and what it teaches. We must pray for our children. They face things that we have no idea about.

Finish It Here August 2014
God does not make anyone kill any other. Every human is born in sin and it's our choice what we do with our lives. Everything we do is by choice.we choose where we live, whether we go to school, or whatever we choose to do with our lives.

What's Up August 2014
Darlene, I am in the same shape you are in. My knees are bone on bone. Now it is in my hips. My sweet dr gave me pain pills. They work when I take them and lay down a while. I bought a walker with a seat. It helps a lot. I was In Hospital with pneumonia for almost a week. I am feeling a lot better now. Thank God for doctors and medicine. You are still on my prayer list. I know it's rough trying to clean your moms house out. That is a Hugh job. I moved twice and that didn't help me at all. God bless you.

Christian Man Remarry
If you were legally married, then God honors that. You have been married 48 years. I would think you two would be stuck together by glue. I hope you are both saved.

Why Is There War
I don't understand how people can kill other people. I don't understand how anyone can behead a baby and throw it's head in the street. It is evil at its lowest form. They will face God. What made hitler do what he did? I don't know. All I know is the world is full of evil and it's getting much worse. There has always been war in the Middle East. Satan is on the warpath because he knows his time is limited. Christians need to pray hard especially for our president and our country. We need to witness to everyone.

What Is Christian Living
We are to be the same everyday but we know things come up in our lives that make us react in a bad way. We need to take care of those things as soon as they happen. Ask forgiveness from the person (if a person is involved) and ask forgiveness from God. Life is full of ups and downs.

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