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John.usa's Blog Replies
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Good Tree No Evil Fruit
No, I don't believe everyone is saved now. But I believe everyone will be saved in the end, just as is promised in 1 Corinthians 15:28. That's how it is.

Good Tree No Evil Fruit
Mark, gotta give you credit. No, I have no respect for your views or your hateful god who creates people just for the sake of destroying them. The true incarnation of your god is Herod the Great, not Jesus.

Good Tree No Evil Fruit
Mark, here I was trying to support Christian's and your position. Don't you want to feel special and superior as a vessel of honor? I do honor you both as special and superior.

God Gets Everyone Saved
Mark, that is a question I've been asking all along, and the answer is "Nothing."

Good Tree No Evil Fruit
Except for Christian and Mark and perhaps a couple of others here, all of us are vessels of dishonor, and there is nothing we can do to change it. We are without hope, so we might as well just eat drink and be merry!

End Time Marriges Urgent
Atheist, read Christian's posts and it will become clear to you.

Creation Week Eons Of Time
Jennifer, yes, you have read me correctly.

Creation Week Eons Of Time
No truly informed person denies that God created the heavens and the earth in 144 hours. Case closed.

End Time Marriges Urgent
It would be far better not to get married and bring into the world children who would almost surely be predestined reprobates.

God Controls Everything
As Christian has so cogently and clearly shown, you are all children of Satan. Why do you keep arguing with him? His position is unassailable.

Differences Of Covenants
It is most assuredly God's will that we label other people here as hypocrites while proclaiming ourselves free of hypocrisy.

Prepared For Hell
Yes. it is only springtime and the vipers are crawling out of their holes already. We gotta stop them!

Do You Judge Others
Listen to Christian. He hath judged righteous judgment.

Prepared For Hell
We must listen carefully to Christian. When he says we are weasels and children of the devil,. then that's what we are. He knows!

God Controls Everything
Please. let's not give Christian a hard time here. He is by far the wisest and most astute person ever to appear on this site.

Do You Judge Others
It is good to judge others because it gets them closer to God and lets them know they are loved by the person judging them.

Why Evolution Is A Myth
Jerry, evolution is a nefarious plot of the Illuminati to corrupt the youth of the world.

Will Israel Get Saved
Christian, what you are telling me is that Paul has contradicted himself. Interesting.

Do Prophets Still Exist
Eloy is right. But perhaps we should go further and only use the Greek and Hebrew scriptures. Then we would no longer have to worry that the Word was mistranslated.

When Can We Divorce
Christian, those adulterous people include both my children, but i still love them. I wasn't making a judgment, just stating what is.

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