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False Prophet & Anti-Christ
Lawrence, you are just spinning your wheels denying the trinity. You are not convincing anyone of anything because those if us who study the bible knows the truth. Everyone else on this site knows too.

Christian Rejects Christ
If anyone knows of an American who joins Isis should turn them in. Who would we turn them in to? I don't know since our government is infiltrated with them. Them being in our government is no shock to me who would we turn them in to? Obama? Or are we to kill the enemy?

Is Jesus God
David, God is the Father of Jesus. Doesn't the bible say He is God's only Son? No one seems to understand but we know it's true that God is Father, Son and Holy Ghost. When you teach something false, it makes you a false prophet. Read the bible and throw the books away.

Angel Of The Lord
What is wrong with you? Jesus was never nor is He not ever going to be an angel. That is so against the Word of God. God help you

Is It Me or Is It The Lord
Elena, I know it took a long time for you to find your church. I will surely pray for your pastor. Heavenly Father, I come to the throne room upholding Elena's pastor. I pray Heavenly Father you will restore his health and give him strength and stamina to keep him pastoring his church. We know we are to have fiery trials in our lives. I pray his response will be a testimony to his church. I pray Elena will get a prayer chain going for Elena's pastor. We pray in Jesus precious name, Shirley

Healing After Prayer
Cluny, I have never taken tramadol. I do take hydrococone it my dr monitors me closely. I ran out of my pain meds and for 3 days I didn't have any. I lay on the sofa for 2 of those days crying in pain.i took aleve , Tylenol and it's like drinking water. At my age, asking pain meds don't bother me. They improve my quality of life. I get a little sleepy but I still go to church and shopping. What I care about mostly is living and being able to do some things I want to do. I will be 76 in dec.are you on facebook? I would love to be friends with you. God bless and I pray for relief for you.

Can Adulters Go To Heaven
Leon and Peter, you are deceived about the trinity. Why don't you study your bible and you will see the trinity over and over and over.

Healing After Prayer
Cluny, I have the same thing. Both my knees are bone on bone and my left hip is in pain. It is affecting the surgery I had on my back in 2010. If I get to go anywhere, do anything, even go to church, I take pain pills. I can't explain the pain I have without my meds. If I run out the pain is so bad I lay on the sofa and cry. I also have chills when the pain starts. Does anyone else have this problem?

Appreciate Joel Osteen Sermons
What is wrong with loud preaching? I a preacher gets caught up in the Spirit, he may preach louder. I live in the south and I love a spirit filled church. I attend one. Once my grandson when he was three yrs old, he wrote the preacher a ticket for using his outside voice inside. His dad was a policeman at the time. My pastor says he filed it away with all the notes kids write him. I had rather hear a preacher preach in the spirit than to stand in the pulpit like a zombie.

All Saved Don't Go To Heaven
When we are born into the family of God, we belong to Him. We will be in heaven when we leave this world. Anyone who is saved will go to heaven.

When Did Heaven Start
Richard, I agree with you about the thief on the cross. One was forgiven because he ask and the other wasn't.

Christian Rejects Christ
I think they are demon possessed. Our country as a whole have turned their backs on God. Christians need to really pray if we are to save our country.

Healing After Prayer
Cluny, I am so happy for you. Prayer is powerful. I will pray for the no's to go even higher. God is able.

Falsely Accused By CPS
Elena, just shows evil in the world and how corrupt the system is. People do things because they are just plain mean and evil.

Can Adulters Go To Heaven
Lawrence, the bible contains the Word of God. Nothing in it is man made. It is all truth. Sorry you don't believe what the bible says. It is also for reproof and doctrine.

What's Up August 2014
Elena, I am doing ok. I'm still trying to get stronger from the pneumonia. It zapped me good. Now I get tired too easy. My pastor wants me to put some of my cards on the table at church. We are having bible conference Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. I didn't know the chore would be this much time consuming. Plus my grandson has spent time with me. Just busy Elena. Love you sister

Is The USA In The Bible
Amen Leon. I love God and country. This is the only nation that is a Christian nation founded on Godly principals. We give, give, give and they still hate us.the enemy comes to america for an education then go back to where they came from and use it against us. Something ain't right about this scene.

Is There A Sinners Prayer
Pick up any tract and you will see the sinners prayer. The problem I have with that is no one and I mean no one can repeat a sinners prayer and be saved. You must believe in your heart and with your mouth confess that Christ died for you and will forgive you of your sin. That is a far cry from reading a sinners prayer.

How To Treat People
One never has to mention religion. Just tell what God has done for you. Tell them how joyful a Christian life can be. Tell of the benefits....eternal life in heaven where Jesus has prepared a mansion. He also prepared things that man can't comprehend. See.... I didn't mention religion.

Is The USA In The Bible
It only means eagles are birds and they are all over the world.

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