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Marry My Boyfriend

The paradox of adultery is this: since one continues to sin when being with someone who is divorced, it is actually better to murder the person's ex (making them eligible to re-marry, as they are now widowed), take one's lumps, pray for forgiveness, and marry them - then to not, as one merely has one single instance of murder to atone for, rather than a constant on-going state of adultery.

That is, it makes murdering someone SPIRITUALLY PREFERABLE. There is something very wrong with this.

ISIS Angels Revelation

You wrote: Rev. 9 talks about four angels--presumably fallen--imprisoned near the Euphrates, but released towards the beginning of the Tribulation.

Considering that the Ephrates flows right through the middle of mahometan land, and ISIS, are we seeing this fulfilled today?

Unless ISIS dries up the Euphrates, allowing 200 million troops to cross over dry-shod, they aren't it.

I read many years ago in some end-time prophecy book that there is a hydroelectric dam at the head of the Euphrates - which could be shut off to cut off all water to that river. Also, China once boasted the ability to field an army of 200 million.

So, technically, it COULD happen, although I see no evidence of it at present.

Explain Romans 1:26-28

All I suggest is that our news sources are imperfect, so even though we must use them, tainted as they are (i.e. through a glass darkly), we must be aware of this, and not treat them as the gospel truth.

Devil Speaking Through Someone

Yet you continue to avoid two questions I have asked repeatedly:

Was Jesus schizophrenic at Gethsemane, speaking to himself, saying he simultaneously wanted to die, and did not want to tie?

And why do you keep hijacking one blog topic after another to bash trinitarianism? Why not discuss that in a blog specifically designed for that purpose, rather than turning every other discussion away from its purpose towards your own personal obsession?

Are Space Aliens Real

You wrote: is there such a thing as illegal aliens anymore?

since they seem to have more rights than me, where can i sign up or be beamed up??

Can you mention any specific rights that illegal aliens have, that you don't?

Also, would you be willing to give up your citizenship just for that?

(A related question one can ask many people is: Satan seems to give certain benefits to his followers. Would you give up Christ just to gain those benefits?)

Devil Speaking Through Someone

You go on and on, constantly vilifying trinitarianism, calling it a "harlot" - you are so obsessed with this one issue that you hijack one blog after another to endlessly argue about this.

Yet note that the Bible does not dwell on theology. Jesus never referred to himself as father. All deductions about the nature of godhead are gleanings from this verse and that. It is never a central teaching. Look what Jesus CONSTANTLY taught about - compassion, love, hypocrisy. THESE are important. Yet you are swallowing camels yet choking on a 3-headed gnat.

Cost Of Evangelism

You wrote: Most denom today like to be led by effeminate "pastors" who cannot find two witnesses for any scripture.

I don't know what you mean. Scripture ways what it says, and our manuscrits witness to each other. What other witnesses do we need? Also, the above is an accusation. Can you point out specific pastors above, and can YOU provide two witnesses for this? If not, it's "pot kettle black".

"Men" who find the witnesses don't need a "flavor label". Truth is their denomination.

Most denominations are formed when men of one group discover their group is teaching something obviously wrong, and decide to follow the truth (as they discovered it) instead.

Devil Speaking Through Someone

It does not matter if Jesus is the Father (oneness), co-equal with the Father (trinitarian), created by the father (JW+SDA) or even if he was merely a cleaning woman. Because "For in him dwelleth all the fulness of the Godhead bodily." (Collossians 2:9), it means that whichever of the previous cases is true makes NO DIFFERENCE on how we relate to him.

If you speak to an ambassador plenipotentiary, it is equivalent to speaking with the king, even if he isn't really the king, as he has the king's full authority.

You cans answers tos yours 3s fictitiouses gods whens thats times comes.

You think the Father is fictitious? I would love to hear how you tell him why you believe that.

Cost Of Evangelism
Rita_H wrote: If you wish your church to succeed it needs money, even if you don't pay a pastor you'll still receive heating bills etc.

Steveng wrote: Christians ARE the church - not a building or denomination.

True enough. However, if you want to meet with other Christians, and you would rather not have to do it in an empty field, scraping snow off your boots, you're going to need a building to do it in - and that takes money. If you want a pastor who can devote his time into the ministry, rather than just a few hours a week from a full-time job making tents so he can pay his own living expenses, you're going to have to pay him a salary and/or provide him with a home, and that costs money.

False Prophet & Anti-Christ

You said For Sure, the devil, the false prophet & the antichrist Is the Only trinity found in The Word of God.

Curious, I don't recall these three ever being mentioned together. Only the last two. Besides, the Bible never mentiones "the antichrist", merely "the beast", which popular culture has renamed "the antichrist".

However, the Bible DOES explicitly mention, in Matthew 28:19:
"Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost"

I see this is YET ANOTHER thread you have hijacked for trinity-bashing. Are you capable of discussing ANY other subject without doing this?

Devil Speaking Through Someone

I find it very telling that you keep avoiding providing an explanation for Jesus's Gethsemane prayer. Because the only explanation for it, believing as you do, is absurd.

Devil Speaking Through Someone

You said: So if you think He was talking to Himself, so be it.

I didn't say believe that - YOU implied YOU believe that.

If Jesus is the Father, and he is TALKING to the Father, he must, ergo, be talking to himself. Is this not right? If not, please explain HOW, because this is the only conclusion basic logic leads to.

Trinitarians say "Father is God. Son is God. Spirit is God. Father is not Son. Son is not Spirit. Spirit is not Father".

If you have seen my right hand, you have seen me. If you have seen my left foot, you have seen me. But my right hand is NOT my left foot.

"is" is NOT mathematical equality.

Devil Speaking Through Someone

In other words, you DO believe Jesus WAS speaking to himself when he said "Not my will but thine be done". He WAS schizophrenic. He WAS the author of confusion. It's good to know how you feel about this.

Evangelism Bible Verses

People listen to authorities they respect. Quoting bible verses to people who consider themselves Christians, and respect the bible, can be quite effective. But quoting bible verses at people who have never even heard of the bible, or who consider it no more important than the phone book, will have little to no effect. These days, you'd be much more likely to get someone's attention by quoting an effective moral passage from a Harry Potter book, as more young people have read that then a bible.

Is Jesus God

There are trinitarians (who form the majority of Christians) who believe that Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are separate but equal. There are the Oneness groups (like Apostolic Pentecostals) who believe in a tighter divinity - Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are one and the same. Then there are groups like the Jehovah's Witnesses who believe the Father is God, but the Son is not. The last two groups are miles apart, and should not be grouped together.

Explain Romans 1:26-28

You said: I read an article while in a dr's office that aids was an experiment in Africa and many were infected. it spread from there. I couldn't believe what I was reading. the gov in Africa had threatened the scientist if they exposed what was happening. that stuck in my brain forever. I couldn't imagine that being the truth.

I once read an article that said it was a secret American project in the 60s or 70s that somehow escaped from the lab. We shouldn't believe everything we read or hear. I've noticed over the years that in most cases where I am very familiar with the details, news stories are at best inaccurate. What does that say about most cases, where I don't know the details, and have to rely on the news?

Is Jesus God

You said: Some of them believe prophecy & God's communication with men have ceased because of some verses in 1 Cor.13. IF you asked when it ceased, they have no answer.

From what I understand, their official teaching is progressive revelation - i.e. over time, God reveals to their elders the "true meanings" of various scriptures, and new ways of understanding them. For example, they taught that Jesus would return in 1914. when that didn't happen, God "revealed" to them that his return was invisible, etc. They keep setting dates, and when the dates don't happen, God "reveals" to them a different date.

Devil Speaking Through Someone

Then please explain the Gethsemane prayer:
"Please take this cup away from me. Nevertheless, thy will, rather than mine be done."

If Jesus IS the father, he was praying to himself. Did he want to die, or not? Apparently, simultaneously yes and no. Was Jesus schizophrenic? Was he the author of confusion?

If what you say is true, I cannot see how it is possible for you to answer "no" to the above questions. Please explain.

Devil Speaking Through Someone

You are so quick to point out the verses that equate Jesus with the Father, but why do you ignore the ones that say they are different (i.e. "Not my will but thine be done", "Why do you call me good? Only God is good", "No man knows the day or hour - only the father in Heaven", etc.)

If you are truly guided by the Bible, you must accept ALL of them - and realize that Jesus is God, yet AT THE SAME TIME, not the same as the Father.

Explain Romans 1:26-28

Since HIV affects all demographic groups, and the largest increase of HIV increases today is among heterosexual women in Africa, the answer is "no".

It can also be misleading to focus on a few verses out of context. Subsequent verses 29-31 also list other specific sins that refer to these same people being mentioned - wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness, envy, murder, gossip, backbiting, spite, pride, boasting, disobedience, covenant breaking, etc. These things can be found in all demographic groups.


How the first victim got it has nothing to do with whether or not the resulting plague is God's specific judgment. It claims guilty and innocent alike.

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