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White Throne Judgment
\\ if we use such doctrines to be divisive and to fragment the body of Christ - it becomes a problem.
---StrongAxe on 9/30/14

Doctrines and creeds ARE divisive.

They divide truth from error.

They divide the Gospel of grace from heresy.

They divide Christianity from paganism.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

By The Pool Of Bethesda
\\Oh, I can answer, but you seem to have some kind of hatred against me and rarely do I answer you.\\

You flatter yourself, Steveng.

You're not important enough for me to hate.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Healing After Prayer
\\bryan i believe jesus can heal me,but i wish he would do it sooner,i have some pain relief which is great,glory to jesus,but id like to be fit to work again.
---jamea3475 on 9/4/14\\

If you are unable to work, maybe God gave you this pain so you can bear the arms of ceaseless prayer.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Can Adulters Go To Heaven
Carla, I think you're confusing the Samaritan woman at the well of John 4 with the adulteress in Jerusalem of John 8.

As you see, these are two separate women in two separate cities at two separate times.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Orthodox Theology Ideology
\\Jesus told Phillip when you have seen me you have seen the Father. Another, John 10 v 30. \\

And as StrongAxe said elsewhere to you, if you have seen his car, you have seen his tires.

It doesn't follow from this that his tires are the same as his car.

Glory to Jesus Christ, Who is neither the Father nor the Holy Spirit.

Finish It Here Sept 2014
\\Conversely that 'day' in Genesis ch. 1 means a 24hr day is clear from the context, and is confirmed throughout Scripture as I have shown on many occasions. \\

If it were that clear, there wouldn't be such disagreement over it.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Orthodox Theology Ideology
\\You never seem pass up the chance to pimp it up for the trinity Harlots.\\

You were the first one to refer to true Christians as pimps.

I'm merely using your own words to show you how ugly you sound.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Cost Of Evangelism
\\Is that all you can come up with? No words of wisdom? No verses from the bible? You, too, are in sarry shape.
---Steveng on 9/28/14

Don't criticize me for not doing what you don't do yourself.

You never give Scripture to back up your railing against what you call "worldly denominational churches."

But here's a word of wisdom for you: There is no A in "sorry.'

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Promises In The Bible
\\He did wear zit-zits and participated in many of the Jewish customs.

Do you have any evidence He wore tzit-tzit (to use the usual transliteration)?

BCV, please.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Orthodox Theology Ideology
You never pass up a chance to pimp for the great Oneness Harlot, do you, Lawrence?

Oneness is NOWHERE in the Bible.

And what do you mean by "oneness was outlawed?"

Glory to Jesus Christ Who is neither the Father nor the Holy Spirit!

Angel Of The Lord
\\ I thought you understood that while we differ in one name and one title we accept JESSU CHRIST as one with the Father from all eternity and that we just add one name and one title to the hundreds of titles we agree on as pointing to JESUS. \\

That may be what SDAs believe now, but I have seen with my own eyes the exhibit #4 of the Revelation Seminars which try to prove that Jesus is the Archangel Michael.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Cost Of Evangelism
\\Hogwash. If you don't recognize your own brother or sister in Christ, you ARE in bad shape spiritually.
---Steveng on 9/27/14

Did you look into the mirror when you wrote this, Steveng?

Glory to Jesus Christ!

What Is Key To Heaven
You keep pimping for the Oneness/Modalist harlot on every blog, don't you, Lawrence?

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Promises In The Bible
\\Jesus was a Jew, born of a Jew, and died as a Jew.
---Rod4Him on 9/28/14\\

But not as Judaism is practiced today.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

What Is Key To Heaven
You misquoted the passage, David.

It's not the "key to heaven", but the "KeyS [plural] to the Kingdom of Heaven."

One interpretation is that the Keys to the Kingdom are the Holy Sacraments. All are concerned with binding and loosing.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Is God Immortal
\\Neither is Jesus as our high priest, 'God'.\\

Yes, He is.

As St. Thomas told the risen Savior, "My Lord and my GOD!"

Jesus never rebuked him.

Glory to our Lord, God, and Savior Jesus Christ!

White Throne Judgment
\\I have no more to say.\\

That's why you keep on saying the same thing over and over again.

You have nothing to say.

Mere repetition will not prove you right.

Glory to Jesus Christ who is neither the Father nor the Holy Spirit!

White Throne Judgment
The blasphemous Harlot church is the oneness/modalist church for which Lawrence pimps.

The Church in the Book of Acts is today known as the Orthodox Church.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Are Space Aliens Real
Genesis 6 is a puzzling passage, isn't it?

It could refer to hybridizing of Homo sapiens and Neanderthals or other hominids.

But this is not an issue I worry about.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

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