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ISIS Angels Revelation
\\I thought that 1/3 of the Jews were killed, 1/3 were expelled, and 1/3 were forced to convert. Was I misinformed?\\


However, one official in Tsarist times said that should happen.

Maybe you are attributing this to Spain?

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Finish Anything Here
I have been told by people I trust that Barclay did not believe in the physical Resurrection of Christ.

Here are two things about him from his authorized biography:

**scepticism concerning the Trinity: for example "Nowhere does the New Testament identify Jesus with God."[3]
belief in universal salvation: in his autobiography he wrote, "I am a convinced universalist. I believe that in the end all men will be gathered into the love of God."[4]**

Glory to Jesus Christ!

ISIS Angels Revelation
\\Hitler perceived Jewish plots too and so felt he had no choice but to get rid of them. Was he justified?
---learner2 on 10/20/14\\

Isabella did not kill Jews for being Jews. Hiter did.

Can you tell the difference?

Glory to Jesus Christ!

ISIS Angels Revelation
\\In 1492, Spain did a very Muslim-like thing to Jews - move, convert, or die.\\

Death was not one of the options.

The reason Jews were expelled is that so many were involved in plots against the crown. They were expelled from Spain for political reasons, NOT religious.

Isabella herself told the Inquisition that Jews who were always publicly such were to be left alone.

And since you were raised RC, you should know that plenary indulgences were NOT as you have described here.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

ISIS Angels Revelation
\\One could infer, from Crusades, Conquistadores, Inquisitions, etc., that Christians as a group were greedy, power-hungry, murdering villains - with divine sanction for such crimes, so they must worship an evil god.\\

This, of course, is nonsense.

The Crusades were the Christian European response to mahometan jihadism.

The Inquisition left alone those who had always been known as Jews or mahometans. The object of its investigations were those pretending to be Christians, but secretly practicing other religions, sorcery, or things they don't like to mention on these blogs.

Puritan New England--Pilgrim's pride and all that--did the same thing, only they were Protestants,

Glory to Jesus Christ!

What Is The Real Gospel
==Neither is the, 3 persons godhead found in scriptures.==

Yes, it is TOO found in scriptures.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Most Accurate Bible
\\Cluny on 10/18 you said "we not through linguistic stumbling blocks". Did your word 'through' mean to say 'throw'? If not, will you explain what you mean please?
---Rita_H on 10/19/14\\

Yes, Rita, I did.

Thank you very much for pointing out my error.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

ISIS Angels Revelation
\\By the way, is the reason you don't like President Obama's policies because you just don't like the man?
---Leon on 10/19/14\\

I was favorably impressed with Obama at first.

However, I disagree with his stand on abortion.

I don't appreciate his telling lies about how Planned Barrenhood screens women for breast cancer. They don't. They merely send enquirers elsewhere.

Though the Affordable Care Act has some good things in it, such as not being rejected for pre-existing conditions, I don't like the way he and his cohorts rammed it through Congress.

Shall I go on?

I would also vote for neither Hilary nor Sarah.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Most Accurate Bible
**God did use cherubim and a flaming sword to guard from changing his truth to ours.

Wrong. God used A cherub (cherubim is plural) with the flaming sword to stop access to Eden.

And believe it or not, translating from one language to another is NOT the cut-and-dried issue that some people think it is.

The older the original text (and the Bible is pretty old), and the less closely related to the receptor language (e.g., Hebrew to English), and the more different the syntax and sentence structure (Greek is highly inflected, English is not), the more difficult translation is.

I'm not even going to get into the issue of the state of ancient MSS.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Most Accurate Bible
\\It appears that some people just like the archaic language as it sounds more religious.\\

I understand that.

I was brought up in the KJV and understand its diction.

However, our congregation is filled with people who speak English only as a second language.

This is the case with many Orthodox and other Eastern Christian parishes in the USA.

Charity demands we not through linguistic stumbling blocks at their feet, but use a more modern idiom.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

ISIS Angels Revelation
I don't like Obama or his policies.

But it goes too far to call him Antichrist, as some Christian sites do. He just doesn't have the spiritual significance to be that.

OTOH, I'm not sorry that the color barrier to the White House was broken.

Some day a woman will sit in the Oval Office, but I pray it's neither Hilary nor Palin.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Finish Anything Here
\\By deceitful selection the WTS has Morenz saying the Trinity is Egyptian, not Biblical, untrue!
---Warwick on 10/17/14

But the doctrine is NOT Egyptian, as theologians of the Antiochian school taught it, as well.

OTOH, you are right when you say that the Watchtower organization is deceitful.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

What Is The Gospel
\\In the Bible there are many cases where the Spirit commanded Paul and others not to go through certain towns with the gospel but to go to other towns, and many people from those towns died without Christ.\\

Et reliqua.

Do you know for sure that God didn't send someone else later?

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Most Accurate Bible
\\makes sense. "vent" as a verb is the expression or release of a strong emotion, energy, etc. "pre" is a prefix that means before. that is, what you intend to allow.\\

Actually, "prevent" is from the Latin "prevenire" which means "to go before.

I'm not the universal linguist, but I do know that most Indo-European languages have words that have more than one meaning, even Koine Greek.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Husband Using Drugs
How is divorce supposed to be used, aka?

Glory to Jesus Christ!

ISIS Angels Revelation
\\the suppositions are yours.
---aka on 10/\\

I'm glad I misunderstood you, and I apologize for doing so.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Most Accurate Bible
\\Rod, my point is the use of "replenish" in Genesis 1:28 has been used to support the nonBiblical Gap Theory which places death before sin, the opposite of what the OT and NT say.\\

There are other words in the KJV that have changed their meanings, sometimes 180 degrees, since 1611.

Two examples are "let", which originally meant "prohibited or prevented (in the modern sense)" and "prevent" which originally meant simply "to go before," usually with the implication of permitting something.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

ISIS Angels Revelation
Are you saying that Obama is a mahometan, aka?


Obama drinks alcohol, eats pork, and supports abortion, all of which are forbidden in mahometanism.

Nor has he been caught praying 5 times a day towards Mecca.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Husband Using Drugs
\\it is scriptural that God hates the way that divorced is (mis)used. (Mal 2:14-17)\\

It is also scriptural that Jesus called remarriage after divorce, except under certain limited conditional that not all ancient MSS support, adultery, too.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Is Morning After Pill Murder
\\They don't need to depend upon God to make them well.\\

And this has a deleterious effect on God's eternal and therefore immutable nature just how?

That's the question you're not answering.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

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