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David With Many Wives
\\there would have been no need to mention a bishop as being a "man of one wife" if polygamy was not acceptable.\\

Unless the context means married only once.

**I would not consider the insults and degrading behavior of Peninnah to Hannah to be godly.**

You mean like we see here on these blogs?

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Is Evolution Biblical
\\The answer, StrongAxe is "after their own kind."\\

And this brings up a question I've asked before.

The Biblical "kind" of Genesis refers to what Linnean taxon: Kindom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, or Species?

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Is Evolution Biblical
\\I am confident you were also told that this "orderly and sequential development" occurred by natural selection and the retention of favourable mutations-absolutely no need, or place for God here\\

Your confidence is misplaces. I wasn't told this at all.

Try again.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

ISIS Angels Revelation
What do social mores of 5000 years ago have to do with today's practices.

I guess you've never heard of Joan of Arc.

Or for that matter, St. Tamara, Queen of Georgia, who has a lot in common with her.

And Adam's male leadership didn't do us much good, did it?

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Are you Sanctified
||Father, why have thou forsaken me? He was without Gods presence at that time.
---Gayla on 10/19/14 ||

You misquoted the verse.

Look it up again in the Passion according to St. Matthew--27th chapter, I think.

Then compare what you read with Psalm 22 (21LXX).

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Call To Prayer Today
Elena, either spell out the word AND or use the ampersand (shift/7).

N by itself could be the preposition "in".

Pretty please?

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Justice For The Victim
\\Justice for the victim -- in the Old Testament that is called "EYE FOR EYE AND TOOTH FOR TOOTH."
---Sin on 10/20/14\\

This was understood to be compensatory damages for the victim, NOT an excuse for court ordered mayhem.

And I was talking about CRIMINAL trials, not civil trials.

Can you tell the difference?

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Is Evolution Biblical
\\Cluny, if Jerry's short description of evolution isn't a true description then can we please have your concise description of evolution?
---Warwick on 10/22/14\\

The theory of evolution was never touched upon until I was in college in freshman zoology.

There I was told that evolution is an orderly and sequential development from simpler to more complex form.

This is the pattern I see in Genesis 1.

And contrary to jerry's misrepresentation, I never said I embraced theistic evolution.

I merely said I have no problem with it.

Whether by theistic evolution or direct creation, God is still the instigator.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Most Accurate Bible
\\According to Rom 3:3-4, the errors dont exist.\\

That's not what this passage means.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

ISIS Angels Revelation
\\Christian men should be men and leaders.\\

This is nowhere taught in the Bible.

When we are told to pray for the government and civil authorities, it's not so these offices will be filled with Christian men.

It's so that the government will leave Christians alone "that we may live quiet lives in all godliness".

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Is Evolution Biblical
\\I agree with Cliff. I takes irrational, blind faith to believe in the development of rational, moral mankind by random chance from the empty vacuum of space\\

Of course, this is not the theory of evolution, but truth doesn't matter, does it, jerry?

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Most Accurate Bible
\\On the other hand, while the Bible does explicitly say that God saves, nowhere does it mention that he is guaranteed to preserve all the scriptures accurate down to the very letter and word.\\

Somewhere in the OT, it says, "I am watching over My word to fulfill it."

Does this mean the written word?

The spoken word?

Or the Logos Who took flesh an is known now as Jesus?

If it is the written word, which language or version is the one God is looking over to fulfill?

If you believe it is a particular version, then why?

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Does God Want Me Married
\\Todd, you're so foolish. The desires of the heart are continually evil.\\

Does that include your own heart's desires, Steveng?

\\ Go out an do God's will (feed, clothe, quench the thirst of the poor, encourage those who are weak in the faith) and you will meet someone who is doing the same.\\

Or maybe you won't. I know I didn't.

Glory to jesus Christ!

Finish Anything Here
Tirangles are also a symbol for the Trinity.

Purple is the liturgical color for Lent in many churches.

I think his reaction to Tinky Winky says more about him than the show.

As St. Paul said, to the pure all things are pure.
Glory to Jesus Christ!

Did Adam Sin First
Actually, Eve disobeyed before Adam.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

ISIS Angels Revelation
Just as I thought, Trav.

You have no idea what you mean either, unless you're a racist who doesn't like a black man as president, or a sexist who doesn't want a woman as president, either.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

ISIS Angels Revelation
\\ By testimony, you are partners of problems, not of solutions.\\

I have no idea what you are talking about, Trav.

Do you have any idea yourself?

If so, please explain.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Mercy On Who Desire
It means He's omnipotent, we are not, and it's not for us to decide who is a "really saved born-again Christian" and who is not.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

What Is The Real Gospel
\\As my studies show "Everlasting Father" does not mean He is the Father, the first person of the Godhead but that He is eternal and father of everlasting (eternity) and author of eternal life\\

LXX renders it "Father of the Age to Come."

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Finish Anything Here
\\The Unitarian Barclay responded, "[Jesus] is of the same stuff as God, that is of the same being as God."\\

Which is what "homoousios" means.

Barclay was not officially a Unitarian, but a minister of the Church of Scotland and professor at one of their seminaries.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

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