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Are Men Afraid of Big Women
Elena, I was not starved as a child. We ate lots of dried beans and cornbread.. Eggs, grits. Biscuits. Not a lot of meat but dried beans are better for us than meat. I rarely eat meat anyway. I lost weight because of a bacteria I got from a hospital that did back surgery. Got to have it again. I got 3 kinds of bacteria at that hospital. I did loose down to 99 lbs before dr found my problem. If I gained just 10 lbs I would not feel as good as I do now.

False Teachers In Christianity
The pope has nothing to do with the trinity. God is the source and He was here before the pope.

Are Men Afraid of Big Women
Elena, you are fine if you are big and happy with your self. I have fat friends whom I love. Me, I am skinny. Have always been. I did gain up to 160 when my thyroid was taken out but I'm back down to 113. I don't hate anyone fat. It is just unhealthy and causes some to be diabetic. I don't care if you are fat or skinny I love you anyway. You would live longer if you lost some weight. Love you

Liberals Versus Christianity
Josef, Christians and religion are attact by other " religions" everyday all over the world. They are being beheaded,hung, shot and beaten to death. They are wolves in sheep clothing. They are false religion of the worst kind. I think they are more than goats in sheep clothing, I think they are demons unleashed.

Are Men Afraid of Big Women
Mark, fat don't hide anything concerning sweetness. It just makes one less healthy and just fat. Fat is not attractive but I do know some sweet fat girls.

Are you Sanctified
Luke,God could not look on His Son because it was impossible for God to look at sin. Jesus bore our sin on a cross.

God Love Me More
When God sent His Son to die for us,that is the total of love that anyone possesses.

Are There Bible Based Churches
Steveng, did you believe in the church of Christ in the New Testiment?

Does The Bible Save
Gods word is holy and tells you how to get saved. It's Words are holy. A preacher who was trying to put me down ask me once if the bible was holy. I told him the words are holy but the paper is just something to burn. I told him that's why we are to hide the words in our heart.

Pastor's Wife Is Unsaved
Cluny, there is a formula to determine if one is saved. It is the fruits of the spirit. If a person does not have any of the fruits of the Spirit, there's a good chance he is not born again.

Can God Cure Mental Illness
God can heal anything He wants to. Mental illness is like a physical illness. We treat it. I believe some mental illness is demon possession. If you have ever been in a mental institution, you would agree.

Baptist Denonminations
James, thanks for the information. You are right, we really don't know what they believe. Some believe different than others. I know some and they tell me if you sin, you must be saved again. Of course that is false. Christ died once for me and I am saved for eternity. I do believe in church dicipline but that does not mean you get up in church and confess every little thing you do. As long as we live in the flesh, we will sin. I have decided to stay a fundamentalist (baptist).

Are you Sanctified
I can tell you salvation is an event. Being Born of the Spirit is not a long term gradual happening. When we accept Christ, we are instantly saved. Then we start to grow in the knowledge of the Lord. We finally are seasoned and no longer need milk.

Following Man's Doctrines
Lawrence, what does 3 mean in the bible?

Baptist Denonminations
James, primitive baptist you must repent openly in church. I mis stated being saved over and over. What I meant to say they must repent over and over. They have nothing to do with calvanist. Some individuals may be calvanist. They are strict in their dress and how they live. Some don't believe in musical instruments but some do.

Belief In Angels
There are angels all over the earth. I think we have guardian angels. Satan was a rebellious angel. He took many with him when God kicked them out of heaven but those are not the same as guardian Angels.

Baptist Denonminations
James, the question that was ask was a broad question. There are many different kinds of baptist. No one ask about a particular kind of baptist. We are not calvanist for sure.

Who Is The Rock
The Rock is Christ. He is the cornerstone. If the church isn't built on God, then it isnt a church. Christ is our rock.

Cost Of Evangelism
Peter I've been saying almost the same thing. My denomination tells what I believe. That is why I am what I am.

Marry My Boyfriend
Jesus teaches against divorce but he also teaches about other sin. All sin is forgiveable. There is nit one single sin God does not forgive. Even tho we do wrong things, we are given.

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