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How Is Sin Passed
//Why would Jesus teach us prayer like "forgive us our trespasses " when we are already forgiven ? (through Christ's death) "as we forgive those that trespass against us"//

The purpose of the saying to "daily forgive us our trespasses" is to give us a spirit of humility. Jesus's death paid for all of our sins both past, present, and future, both knowing and unknowing sins at the time of conversion. This is called justification, Romans 5:1. However there is also santification, this is where the Lord's prayer comes in to remind us of our weakness and our daily need of his strength and favor. Not that we must be free from sin, but to return our eyes to God and his everlasting love.

Know That God Exists
---David on 11/11/14

That is awesome David, so happy for you.

Know That God Exists
that is why a personal testimony is so important. It allows you to remember what God has done for you in the past so that you can face the future.

Politics From Pulpit
Depends on the politic is question. Economic system, build this item or not, go to war against somebody, no that should not be discussed. However if it is a moral issue that the Bible does speak about that yes you should. However the Church has done this poorly sometimes in which we speak to the person committing the sin and not the sin itself.

Appreciate Joel Osteen Sermons
//What is wrong with loud preaching?//

I don't know what you mean by "preaching in the Spirit" but sometimes preachers will yell, scream, repeatingly to get there point across. Their thinking is that yelling will move a person to change but sometimes comes across as condimenation but encouragement. There needs to be both.

Does Fasting Cause Miracles
Fasting especially from food can open our minds and emotions that sometimes get hidden by our thoughts, activities, and daily life. Thus we can see that miracle or change in us.

Liberals Versus Christianity
//Don't forget that the word "liberal" occurs several times in the Bible//

Please list. I am not disagreeing with you. I am actually interested.

God Love Me More
//which some regard as His love//Adetunji

Agreed, I will take it a step further. Sometimes what we consider to be a blessing can actually be a curse if we are not ready or in a different season. Matthew 7 7-12. Since we do not seek/want undesirable things, we look for good things at least in our mindset. However, the same object/person/goal can be a "fish" or a "snake" depending on motivation and personality.

Liberals Versus Christianity
//"favorable to progress or reform, as in political or religious affairs"//

Liberals want progress and reform, so do conservatives. The difference is that liberals look for new ideas no matter the cost. Think throw the baby out with the bath water. While conservatives remember the good times of the past and forget the bad stuff. In America, some liberals have a perception that christianity is strong and integral part of life thus it needs to be attacked, because hate is a stronger emotion than love, to bring about new ideas and ways of life.

David With Many Wives
//Whether this was a happy domestic arrangement is another matter.//

I would not consider the insults and degrading behavior of Peninnah to Hannah to be godly.

Are There Bible Based Churches
//who are in my area to know me better.//

Yes Steven we would like to know you better. But the only thing we know about you is that you hate denominational church. Thus we are trying to convince you that all organized churchs are not bad.

Finish Anything Here
//I do not see God's omnipotence in Jesus, for there are things which Jesus did not know. I do not see God's omnipotence in Jesus for there are things which Jesus could not do."//Scott

Here's your problem the Son (Jesus) is not the Father but he is still part of the Godhead. When reading the Bible it is actually God the Son that we see act in the Bible. When the Bible says that God is one it means in character, focus, and agreement. However they have different characteristics that compliment each other in perfect relationship, "if you have seen me you have seen the Father." Unlike polytheism inwhich the gods are at war/tension with each other to produce actions. Our God produces action through love and relationship.

What Is The Real Gospel
The trinity is not the gospel that is just the language we use to describe God. This trinity stuff is not that important if you do not know the gospel.

The gospel is the belief that to obtain righteousness (a correct relationship with God). An innocent non-sinful blood sacrifice (a death) needs to replace our sinful, stained lives, to restore our relationship with God. Look up John 3:16, google search the Roman road. We believe that Jesus is that person. So we put our faith and trust in him for his redeeming work in us. If you believe this we can then try to understand the trinity which people for 2000 years have been arguing and debating, not to be discourging but will not be settled over a short blog post.

ISIS Angels Revelation
the one thing ISIS does not have is a charsmatic leader, at least not yet.

Is Jesus Made Up
Take this from someone who grew up in a christian family. One of Satan's biggest lies is that when he cannot attack good fruit from a family, he attacks Jesus very existance because everything is built upon that. If Satan can remove that foundation it opens you up to question everything else you hold tight to.

Is Jesus Made Up
//One thing I know is that the Bible seems to either be too childish or about virginity.//
Be careful about calling the Bible childish that could lead to pride.
The purpose of the virgin birth is so that the sin of Adam would not be past down into Jesus such that he could be the perfect sacrifice.

Some reference and consequences to virgin birth
Gen 3:15, Isaiah 7:14, Matt 1:21-23, Hebrews Ch 7
Romans 5:19 - For as by the one man's (Adam, son of God, sinful) disobedience many were made sinners, so by the one man's (Jesus, son of God, sinless) obedience many will be made righteous

David With Many Wives
//"God said He [doesn't] change. So if he tolerated polygamy back then, would He still tolerate it today? If he doesn't then He 'changed', right?"
---1st_cliff on 6/8/14//

Show me one "godly" polygamy marriage in the Bible? The OT is a story of events not always an example to follow.

Does The Bible Save
Sure, I would find it improbable due to verses like Acts 8 26-36. We are saved by grace not denominational churchs.
Steve what is and what is the purpose of a denomination?

Are you Sanctified
//Can you or anyone here give me a definition of what holy means that comes from the Bible?//

let me give you the opposite of holy to explain holy.

The opposite of holy is common, not sinful. What Aaron's sons did was take common fire from the camp and put it in the place of holy fire in the tabernacle which is sinful, but the fire itself was not bad. Their is nothing special about Saturday to be sabbath except God choose it.

Most Accurate Bible
The one you are reading. Do not read for information but for transformation. Go indepth search and find but do not worry about it. I like ESV.

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