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Christian Rejects Christ
Cluny fyi the Muslims reject ISIS. ISIS isn't Muslim, they misrepresent Islam in a bad way & it is known both the sunnies & shia & other sects from Islam reject ISIS, so please if you're going to do the research do it right. As far as why people leave Christianity for Islam it is their choice ,but misunderstand as well.

Is Christian Rap Okay
To me its wrong. it's still iritating as regular rap music except they slap a Chrisitan label on it. If you're going to SING to God then sing, dont rap, there is no class no respect in rap.

What Is A Real Church
Yes having a denominational label is wrong. it does divide.We all should be Chrisitians having Jesus as our foundation.For example being a baptist or CoC is not better then the other. Just like being a Pentecostal is no better then a luthern. Again WE are the church. If someone say them being (whatever denomination here) makes them a better chrisitan then the other one, THEY are in the wrong because WE are suppose to be Chrisitans only.

Buying Selling In Heaven
No there isnt.

What Is A Real Church
Elana that's wonderful, but my point was we need to be a Chrisitan first, not be concerned who's a baptist or methodist,catholic, mormon, etc... WE are the church so WE should be abe to fellowship & lift up one another no matter where we attend. this includes mission trips, soup kitchens, disaster aids etc...

Biblical Meaning Of Church
YES! Denominations divide people. The only member roll we should be on is Gods book. We shouldn't forsake gatheirng with fellowship though, but doesnt mean you have to be an official member if you attend.

What Is A Real Church
Yes. Denominations divide people. the true church are the people. WE are the church. fellowshipping with one another, reading scriptures is what it is about, NOT belonging to a denominatian.

Judge People To Hell
We dont, Jesus is the only one judging the final judgement.

How To Join A Cult
No I never was a Jehovahs witness. I attended at one time ,but never baptised by them. I no longer asosciate myself with the jehovahs witnesses.

Christian Opens Pot Shop
A true Chrisitan wouldnt open a pot shop not like you described especially when God tells us our bodies are the temple, and we shouldnt put anything harmful in them. thi couple got the wrong advice, & it wasn't God speaking.

Did You See Noah Movie
No & I wont . I have heard that it was made for enviromental reasons , & it doesnt follow scripture, also an athiest plays Noah, as well as either the producer or director is also an atheist. Sorry cant support hollywood style movies that way.

Christian Traditions
Following Gods traditions aren't bad. its when we get church traditions, man made mixed up with Gods word.

Purpose Of Resurrection
Well that's the thing people ignore...Jesus comes to raise the dead at the ressurection,before that everyone is still in the grave.So for those dead before Christs return,it'll be like a *twinkle in an eye as far as how soon they see Jesus. they have no concept of time whether they died 1,000 years ago or yesterday. however for those still living when Christ returns then we'll be transformed as well where we dont taste death. Our sould are our breath of life as Genisis says. It returns to God. We become a living soul like Adam. hope this helps.

What Makes You A Christian
I am a Sister in Christ because I accept & confess Jesus as Lord, and according to Matthew 12: 50 Jesus is my brother because he said anyone doing his fathers will are his family.

Deceptive Tactics Of Cults
Cults are those isolating themselves & members from society aka FLDS. Other denominations claiming they have the only truth & you must be baptized today to be saved (aka church of christ)are just false pastors/leaders decieving the flock. Under this rule are the Mormons,Jehovah's Witnesses,Church of Christ,Independent fundementilist baptist, catholic & any other name saying again they are the only truth for Christ, ignoring many other church denominations faithfully serving Christ in the right way.

Are Getting Tattoos Sinful
Our body is the temple. So would you want to destroy the temple? no! if you weren't a Christian before & got tattoos ,either remove them or learn from past mistakes.If you have not gotten tattoos do not get them.

Fast Relationships Acceptable
My husband and I knew each other a total of 8months before getting married. We met once in april 1999, then ran into eachother again july 1999 & started dating.3weeks later he proposed.then Nov 1999 we got married. Now we have 3 boys and over 12yrs of marriage together, so though rare it can happen.

Steps To Christ Ellen White
never read it.Is it available in PDF so I can give my thoughts?otherwise Ican't

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