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Old Covenant Passed
\\Spirit-filled Christians are the only ones that are married to Jesus.\\

Who determines who is a "Spirit-filled Christian" and who is not?


And is it possible to be a Christian without being spirit-filled?

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Baptism Scares Me
\\No water baptism in Ephesians. Your replacement theology has you confused.\\

I'm not the one who's confused.

\\Paul baptized because he was sent to minister to Jews also, when he did he became as a Jew, that I might gain the Jews,.." (1 Cor 9:20).\\

Jews like the Philippian jailer or the proto-congregation in Samaria who had not had Christian baptism?

\\More important why would Paul stop baptizing?, \\

Because as a missionary bishop, that was not part of his ministry. Baptism would normally be done by the local presbyters.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Explain Romans 4:4
It means you can't earn salvation.

Even I know that.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Why Did John Use Logos
\\Cluny, OK, tell me how your bible renders John 1.1.
---1stcliff on 12/18/14\\

John's GOSPEL opens with "In the beginning...."

Not his epistle, as you originally posted!

So there!

Besides, he wrote three of them.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Christianity With Hanukkah
In one sense, it would not.

Had the Maccabees not defeated the Selucids, probably there would not have been a continuing Jewish nation.

OTOH, Chanukkah (to give the proper spelling) has no prophetic significance. It's not even a major feast among Jews.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Old Covenant Passed
\\ Guess it's easier to believe a preacher is a preacher in a $10,000.00 bathrobe. \\

It's easy to mock what you know nothing about, right?

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Baptism Scares Me
//Ephesians is talking about water baptism//
Wrong try again\\

Denying that Ephesians is talking about water baptism won't change the fact it is.

\\No one preaching the baptism gospel understood the preaching of the cross.\\

That you don't grasp they are part of the same message proves that you don't ,understand either.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Cain Fled To Nod
\\I'm just using my God-given noodle (cognitive reasoning ability) to flesh out what the Bible says about real people who had "sin" issues just like us. :)
---Leon on 12/18/14\\

The wisdom of this world is foolishness with God.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

End Time Religions
\\The Russian Orthodox churches also murdered many people who would not submit to their authority.
---Samuelbb7 on 7/24/14\\

Name one.

Give the date, as well.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

What's Your Life
Darlene, if you have a respiratory infection and your mother has pneumonia, you don't need to be in a close room together.

This would not do either of you any good, and may be harmful to both.

Don't condemn yourself for not doing things that are beyond your strength.

God doesn't expect you to do what you can't do.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Why Did John Use Logos
\\John opens his epistle with "In the beginning"\\

No, he doesn't.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Baptism Scares Me
\\Many argue over the merits, mode, and method of water baptism, and neglect the boC baptism into Christ requiring no water\\


Ephesians is talking about water baptism.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Evolution Biblical Concept
\\If only people would read the bible through the eyes of a child and not through an overly educated person.
---Steveng on 12/16/14\\

Then you would simply have the immature understanding of a child.

St. Paul says in 1 Cor 13 that at adulthood, we put away childish things.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Baptism Scares Me
\\ Baptism shouldn't scare you,
water has nothing to do with baptism into the boC.\\

Yes, it does.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Pope's Belief In Evolution
\\ They mean the same as they would for any of the Bible's prophets. \\

But EGW is a false prophet, as can be seen here.

In ine 1850's, she said of an Adventist conference, "My angel told me that of those present, some would be food for worms, some would be subjects of the 7 last plagues, and others would be alive to be translated when Jesus returns."

Assuming there were babies being born there at that moment, the youngest would be round 160 years.

EGW is a false prophet.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Old Covenant Passed
\\I read no claim of Jeremiah speak. I read a quote of the lord speaking in the book of jeremiah.

So far, the Ark has not been forgotten, so this prophecy does not presently apply as it has not been fulfilled.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Baptism Scares Me
\\The tradition of the Church. ---Cluny

and who decides the tradition of the church?
---aka on 12/17/14\\

The church does, as in this example when confronted with an unusual situation.

Even under the Old Law, it was written, "You shall live by these laws, and not die by them."

Who determined which way the Baptizand should face in YOUR church, aka? The Bible itself gives no indication whatsoever.

The immersion in the Mikveh, as far as I can determine, was done in a more or less upright position.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Evolution Biblical Concept
""This is why we have so many worldly denominational "churches."""

One of these is the worldly denominational "church" of Steveng.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Old Covenant Passed
\\The ark of the covenant of the LORD: neither shall it come to mind: neither shall they remember it, neither shall they visit it, neither shall that be done any more.\\

Well, so far, the Ark has not been forgotten, as you claim Jeremiah is saying.

In fact, it's STILL remembered and searched for.

And the Ethiopians are not Orthodox but Monophysite.

Try again.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

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