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Demonic Spirits Violate
cluny, thanks for correcting my English. you are very good at that with everyone but I really do appreciate it. satan had to have permission to bother Job. God gave it to him except he wasn't allowed to kill him. pray for me and my back surgery next month. I am praying they can do a spinal and do the surgery. Im not a candidate for going under. God bless you

Demonic Spirits Violate
demons can't do anything without God's approval.

Live Saving Techiques
God used a computer to give me an answer about my thyroid I had cancer of the thyroid. the page I was looking for just popped up on my computer after my pastor anointed me with oil.

Live Saving Techiques
steveng, you failed to mentioned God's will. you can have faith but God will heal in His time.

Churches Working Together
There shouldk be world protest over the beheadings of Americans by Isis. Outrage should be over them beheading children in front of their mothers. I can't think about this very much or I get sick to my stomach. I can't imagine lining babies up and beheading them. God sees all the evil and there will be a payday someday.

Evolution Biblical Concept
What is a green pill?

Brother Not Speaking To Me
Thanks Elena. God puts people in our lives for a reason. You are very dear to me and always will be. How is your health going? I'm having back surgery in jan. Dr wanted to wait til after the holidays. My hand is healing very well. This cast is running me nuts lol love you in Christ.

What's Your Life
Elena, thank you once more. You are special to me and you always will be.i am on pain meds for my back but after jan, I won't need them anymore. When I had back surgery in 2010, I never needed another pain pill til 8 months ago when my back messed up again. Thanks again for your prayers.

Reasons For Remarrying
Cliff I know that but I think you missed my point. Marriage and divorce is discussed here a lot.

What's Your Life
Elena, thank you so much. Please keep us in your prayers. I know Darlene needs it too. Strong ax needs our prayers also. Also had to go to Ed with my hand this am. It started swelling and hurting. The cast was feeling tight and it scared me. They took one pin out but left one in and it looks infected. Dropping my phone was expensive.
You are a sweet thoughtful lady and I

still love you as my friend.

Reasons For Remarrying
I don't believe God wants anyone to live in an abusive marriage. We just aren't to remarry but again it bothers me that God forgives all sin but not remarriage. Frankly I don't understand it.

What's Your Life
Thanks Darlene, my knee are gone too. I'm gonna try to get them replaced after back surgery. One I'd my knew I offset making my leg curve outward. I can relate with your knees. Hope your mom is doing better. God is in control.

What's Your Life
Trav, I can agree with you. Most of our elderly is abandoned even in nursing home but I am like you I am overcome with emotion. I am 76 so maybe Im closer than I wish to think of being there myself. My sister in law has to go this week because she has no one to take care of her. Her body is strong but her mind is about gone. She never had children. I was ask to take care of her but I'm trying to take care of myself. I am 76 and facing back surgery in jan. It is all so sad.

Politics From Pulpit
The constitution guarantees us freedom of speech and freedom from the government to stay out of church' business. It is the seperation of church and state.

Pray For StrongAxe
Strong ax has my prayers.God hears our prayers. I had E. coli after my back surgery and it is curable.

No Fear Of Death
Several years ago I passed out in my home. I don't know how long I was out but I was in a peaceful place. I figured dying was sort of like that. I don't dred dying but don't let it hurt on the way.

Is There A Burp Demon
burping is the result of gas in the stomach. I would hate to know a demon is in my stomach.

Politics From Pulpit
nurse Robert I know about the non exempt status of churches and how they loose. I just said they should have freedom of speech.

Christian Without Church
Hebrews 10:25 says we must assemble ourselves together. sounds like a church to me. a Christian without association with other Christians is cold as dead men's bones.

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