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Saved If Don't Understand
With infant salvation I tend to rely on 2 Samuel 23b. But the meaning of the verse is still debateable and not conclusive. I would also state that even Abraham did not fully understand the salvation process or procedure, but we agree that he was saved (righteous). He knew only that salvation was God's workings not his works.

Are These False Teachers
//Please read the following, Herod vs. Barnabus and Paul, Acts 12:21-23, 14:8-18. A true teacher would agree with 2Timothy 4:2-6, and not participate in a U.G.I. leadership conference with various Emergent Church, Seeker Sensitive, and Word of Faith profligates//---Glenn

I usually listen to Robert Morris weekly. I have never seen or heard Morris promote himself or try to steal God's glory for himself nor do I find him deviating from the Bible.

Are These False Teachers
I don't know who Jack Hayford is.

Robert Morris of Gateway Church in Texas is not a false teacher. I don't know why he got called 4th member of trinity but I don't see him calling himself that.

Dress Code For Clients
Did you talk to him about it?

Righteous Not Forsaken
Can you provide book chapter and verse please. Thanks.

Overcome Severe Depression
//Christians as there's a stigma attached and other's reactions can be brutal.//

Definition Christian (noun) - 1) religion based on the fact that all people are sinners needing a savior. 2)the only people group that shoots its wounded

Overcome Severe Depression
Counseling, a good christian trained counseler. They know the correct questions to unlock your mental attacks, from an objective and distant perspective. The easiest person to lie to is yourself.

Explain Romans 4:4
If I work for you, I would expect you to pay me (debt). Which is true. Therefore, If I work for God, I would expect God to pay me (salvation). However this is wrong as shown in Romans 3:10-11, 20 we see that we cannot be righteous on our work. Because we are saved by grace (Romans 3) not works. Paul uses Abraham to show even he obtained salvation by faith not circumcision or more broader term a work throughout Ch 4.
Remember Romans Ch. 1-9 is one single argument, unfortunately with chapters we tend to break it up a lot.

Why Did John Use Logos
/What "beginning" is John talking about here?/

When God created the heavens and the earth.
John MacArthur has a good study book on John Ch.1 and can explain it better than I can in 125 words.

When To Join A Church
I think we need to define "join"

Join can mean to attend a service or Bible study, which I totally encourage christian and non-christian to attend church.

Join can also mean to be a member and take on responsiblilities and commitments as defined by that congregation. This should only be christians.

There might be more, please list.

When To Join A Church
//So, Am I to stop attending church?//
---Chria8659 on 12/18/14

I am going to assume you are just starting out and thinking about this religion called Christianity, AWESOME. I would encourage you to keep seeking Christ at your local church and ask the local members their experience.

Understand this is a forum with many, many diffcult and challenging questions most that will not be answered this side of eternity. However, not to belittle you even Peter one of the best preachers in the Bible says, "Like newborn infants, long for the pure spiritual milk, that by it you may grow up into salvation" 1 Peter 1:2 ESV.

Benefits From Any Church
//James 2:14 What does it profit, my brethren, if someone says he has faith but does not have works? Can faith save him?//

Let me give you an analogy to understand James's verse here. James definition of faith here is trust, where Paul's is of freedom, both are correct.
Analogy - I have a chair (God) it looks good and I have faith that the chair will support (salvation) me. However, I never sit in the chair. James would say I don't have faith in the chair, because it does not create an action. So my faith is in the chair's construction, but the work is me sitting in the chair. Placing my trust in the chair. Paul's definition of work is to earn favor for salvation, which James would agree with that it cannot be done.

Why Did John Use Logos
Logos is defined as a statement or expression. So John 1:1 we have God the Father express himself which we call the Son. And that the Son is with or equal to God the Father and part of God. It is through this expression that everything was created Gen 1:1. verse 14 this expression took on flesh to become Jesus the Son of God so that we can know him (v18)

Demonic Spirits Violate
They cannot violate 1 John 4:1-3. That is the test we use to figure out if it is evil or from God.

Churches Working Together
//war and strife and controversy generates revenue with little effort// aka

very true, a common enemy is better than a common good

by better I mean ability to motivate people to a cause, good or bad.
Hitler vs Jews
USA's Manifest Destiny vs Native Americans
Marshall Plan after WWII vs USSR
ISIS vs christian

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