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Is KJV Inspired By God
Because with thees and thou, It is a more proper english thus I sound more inteligent. Similiar to someone saying "I" instead of "me" in a sentence even when it is not correct.

Does God Test Us
Yes he created the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

Who Are The Elect
The correct answer to all your questions is yes. Let me give you analogy to explain it all. God sees you as a complete picture or painting all at one time. Where we see ourselves as a movie. Even in your question "pre-choose" you have an element of time. God does not just know the future he is in the future.

Our Sins Are Forgiven
I would say that "covers" became a popular word because it conveys that sin still has worldly consquences in this life without giving the false impression of liberalism - I can do all things and sin will not hurt me. Unfortunantly it also can create a compartmentization mindset because sin is not removed but must be hidden. It also created a self-reliance mindset, God saved me from my past, but I must strive to be good in the future.

Husband Cheated Three Times
Drop him like a bad habit

Explain Hebrews 12:4
This is a summary statement from Ch 11 and Ch 12:1,2. That you also can be like the great heroes of faith in Ch 11 and the greatest hero Jesus. At this time persecution was growing against the church, this is a reminder that like Jesus he to suffered at the hands of evil doers, but he stayed true to his calling even to the point of death.

Go Ahead And Sin Anyway
Understand the difference between legalism, liberty and liberalism (not the political doctrine)

With Christ we have liberty which is what Paul preaches about in Romans 5 and 6

Legalism is you must do x,y,z to be acceptable to Christ which is a false doctrine see Galatians

Liberalism another false doctrine that I can do all things and it will not harm me because of God's forgiveness. "God will not be mocked", "reap what you sow."

When Was Jesus Born
The current theory is between 7 and 4 BC. The reason it is not 0 as expect is because the counting practice of dating through roman emperors got messed up because Ceasar Augustus changed his name from Octavious.

Thoughts On AD Movie
I have not seen it. I probably will enjoy for 2 reasons. The early church story has not been well created visually and I like Acts.
As far as new age that needs to be defined more. But I believe that their is a lot of room and freedom for artistic vision to present the major doctrinal themes of the Bible.

What Is Rigtheousness
//Adam was the seed for sinful man, and Jesus was the seed of righteousness. This is why he was called the 2nd Adam.//David
Yes I agree with this. Because of Adam we do not get a choice to be sinful or sinless. By birth we carry the image of Adam with us. However, Jesus was not born of Adam (virgin birth) thus he had the choice to sin or not to sin.

What Is Rigtheousness
//I believe sin is the opposite of righteousness.//

I partially agree with you, maybe I am grasping at straws. I have to remember that sin is what I do or have done, but righteousness is what I am. I am not making lite of sin and the serious consequences that effect me daily. However, my identity is found solely in my righteousness declared to me by God through my faith in him.

What Is Rigtheousness
//David. Where does scripture instuct you to explain.//

The great commission

What Is Rigtheousness
Declared innocent from all offenses

Saved If Don't Understand
With infant salvation I tend to rely on 2 Samuel 23b. But the meaning of the verse is still debateable and not conclusive. I would also state that even Abraham did not fully understand the salvation process or procedure, but we agree that he was saved (righteous). He knew only that salvation was God's workings not his works.

Are These False Teachers
//Please read the following, Herod vs. Barnabus and Paul, Acts 12:21-23, 14:8-18. A true teacher would agree with 2Timothy 4:2-6, and not participate in a U.G.I. leadership conference with various Emergent Church, Seeker Sensitive, and Word of Faith profligates//---Glenn

I usually listen to Robert Morris weekly. I have never seen or heard Morris promote himself or try to steal God's glory for himself nor do I find him deviating from the Bible.

Are These False Teachers
I don't know who Jack Hayford is.

Robert Morris of Gateway Church in Texas is not a false teacher. I don't know why he got called 4th member of trinity but I don't see him calling himself that.

Dress Code For Clients
Did you talk to him about it?

Righteous Not Forsaken
Can you provide book chapter and verse please. Thanks.

Overcome Severe Depression
//Christians as there's a stigma attached and other's reactions can be brutal.//

Definition Christian (noun) - 1) religion based on the fact that all people are sinners needing a savior. 2)the only people group that shoots its wounded

Overcome Severe Depression
Counseling, a good christian trained counseler. They know the correct questions to unlock your mental attacks, from an objective and distant perspective. The easiest person to lie to is yourself.

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