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Creatures Born In Garden

You asked: StrongAxe, where in the whole of Scripture is there any verse which says the 6 days of Creation are not earth-rotation days, that which we call 24hr days?

In the same verse that says they ARE 24-hour earth-rotation days. i.e. nowhere. That has been my whole point all along. Scripture doesn't say, one way or the other!

Go Ahead And Sin Anyway

Lawrence (and many others, especially Oneness people, although I recently saw a prophetic treatment on Youtube that was undoubtedly by an SDA with similar thoughts) equates this woman with the Roman Catholic Church, and by inference all trinitarians - even though there is nothing in this passage that even remotely suggests this. He constantly posts and re-posts scriptures to justify his belief, but these scriptures have nothing to do with trinitarianism, but rather just how God will deal with sinners (without specifying what specific sins they are involve with).

Creatures Born In Garden

You asked: StrongAxe, where does Scripture say the animals God created (as recorded in Genesis 1:20-25) gave birth to young on the day they were created?

As I just pointed out to Rita_H, this was an erroneous interpretation I arrived at by not reading the verses closely (i.e. the earth produced animals after their own kinds, rather than the animals producing other animals after their own kinds).

Creatures Born In Garden

You said: there is nothing in scripture to say that the 'multiplication' must be done prior to Him creating Adam and Eve

You are correct. When I carefully re-read those verses, it became apparent that it was the earth bringing forth the creatures after their own kinds, not the creatures themselves doing it. Sorry, my mistake. (I do make them on occasion, and I'm not afraid to admit it!)

Some here are just so intent on 'proving' that a day does not mean 24 hours.

I have this ongoing argument with Warwick on this. My point is NOT that creation days were necessarily longer than 24 hours, just that the Bible nowhere says that they were 24 hours long.

Apostles Creed Fundamental

You said: I see no reason to recite them ,as if I need "bolstering" my faith in Christ !

By the same reasoning, there is no need to go to church every week either.

Brands Of Christianity

You wrote: Which scriptures were they searching when the new testament has not been written yet?

The Old Testament, of course.

Creatures Born In Garden

If you don't like my reasonining, why don't you enlighten us all and tell us how to reason this correctly, rather than just telling me that I'm wrong?

therefore did God really say He took 6 days, as written by God's hand on the 2 tablets of stone

I don't recall Genesis being written on stone tablets. I always thought it was the Ten Commandments.


I wasn't talking about evolution. I was talking about creatures giving birth to young (after their own kinds), which takes substantially more than a day for anything more complicated than bacteria.

Dinosaurs Tearing Teeth

You said: Our loving saving God would not consider His Creation perfect if animals were already ripping others apart.

But even though it was perfect, it contained a lying, manipulative, seductive serpent.

(Which brings up an interesting point. Since all creatures except Adam had mates, there must have been a Mrs. Serpent, but there is no mention of her - yet she also fell under Mr. Serpent's curse, even though she did nothing wrong. Something to ponder!)

Creatures Born In Garden
To Warwick (if he's reading this blog):

Genesis 1:20-25 mention that sea creatures, fowl, and land creatures were being brought forth after their own kinds BEFORE man was created. Since all of these have gestation periods significantly longer than one day, how do you explain this? The creation days thus could NOT have been literally 24 hours, unless the laws of biology have changed so radically since then, that there's no relationship between the creatures we see now and the ones they saw then.

Go Ahead And Sin Anyway
I said: Damnable lies, like Luke 18:10-14, which I posted earlier?

Sorry, that was a mis-quote. I actually meant Mark 13:32. I got two blogs mixed up with each other.

Creatures Born In Garden

You said: The bible doesn't say? I just gave you verses where it does indeed say. Read Genesis 20-25. The creatures were multiplying before Adam and Eve were created.

I think you meant Genesis 1:20-25.

Go Ahead And Sin Anyway

You said: I'm So Glad God saved from the Damnable Lies

Damnable lies, like Luke 18:10-14, which I posted earlier? You still haven't answered how you interpret that.

If Adam Didn't Sin

You said: anyone who says "I am always right" is immediately WRONG!

Not necessarily. People who say this are either, in fact, always right (e.g. God), or vain. Even Peter was not always right, and Jesus rebuked him on one occasion, a rooster on another, and Paul on another.

It is easily proven that cluny's version of Orthodoxy isn't even orthodox, since it teaches doctrines that the Apostles never taught.

This doesn't always hold either. It's only if they teach something that contradicts Apostolic teaching that it becomes a problem. If I teach someone to configure his router, I'm not automatically a heretic, even though the Apostles never taught about routers.

If Adam Didn't Sin

You said: the Orthodox Church is always right in what she teaches.

Yes, but almost every church, denomination, cult, or religion also believes this of itself (just look at ISIS). Such an assertion also ends discussion, because it is impossible to argue.

Go Ahead And Sin Anyway

You wrote: I Thank God He saved from the Lies & ...

Luke 18:10-14: ...
11 The Pharisee stood and prayed thus with himself, God, I thank thee, that I am not as other men are, extortioners, unjust, adulterers, or even as this publican.
14 I tell you, this man went down to his house justified rather than the other: for every one that exalteth himself shall be abased, and he that humbleth himself shall be exalted.

Be careful about your own self-confidence, lest you fall into exactly the same trap the above Pharisee did!

Why Did God Rest

You wrote: ANY period of inactivity by God would destroy the universe.

This assumes that God is, essentially, a tremendous puppet master who is micro-managing every single thing in the universe. What is wrong with the idea that he created certain natural laws (which we can readily observe) that allow the universe to run itself?

If Adam Didn't Sin

You said: I'm saying that the Incarnation was always part of God's plan, with or without the event we call the "fall of mankind."

It would still have happened.

How can you be sure of this?

Brands Of Christianity

You said: All doctrines that are taught have to line up with Scripture. All Scripture.

On this we can agree.

So Strong Ax do you believe a church tradition that is against what scripture says is correct because church leaders say so?

No, because then God would be the author of confusion. (Then again, scripture tends to be a collection of anecdotes and teachings largely aimed at the uneducated masses, rather than being a legal document. It is largely descriptive, rather than prescriptive. A lot of it is slightly ambiguous and open to interpretation, which is why there are so many minor doctrinal differences.)

God Happy With Today's Church

What do you make of this scripture:

Mark 13:32:
"But of that day and that hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels which are in heaven, neither the Son, but the Father."

This means the Father knows the day or hour, but Jesus did not. Thus, Jesus is NOT the Father.

It's nice that you like the book of Acts, but you can't do the bible justice unless you accept ALL of it, including those that say things you may not like.

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