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Why Did God Rest

"Neither did Adam and Eve, after they got kicked out of the garden. But there is no record of God giving them any special sets of laws after that event either.

---StrongAxe on 3/30/15"

Good point. And look how incredibly soon thereafter humanity was so destroyed that God had no choice but to wipe the slate clean.

Why Did God Rest
Jed, I agree with you completely. I see no instructions from God to Adam and Eve to let the land rest either every 7 years. That would have been an important thing to tell Adam as well,
---kathr4453 on 3/30/15

Of course, we can't compare Adam and Eve's world to ours. The garden was a paradise with no sin, no death, no toil, no suffering, and no curse. We don't live in such a world. As such, God has given us laws that He didn't originally give to Adam and Eve.

Why Did God Rest
Kathr, Adam and Eve did not have to do any labor in the garden, so every day was a day of rest. Man having to toil for his provisions was part of the curse that came from the fall.

In addition, a Sabbath day is any of the LORD's holy convocation days, not just the seventh day of the week. The commandment refers to keeping holy days like passover, not just the seventh day.

No Wedding Due To Divorce
Cluny, bride does not mean virgin. In a wedding ceremony, the woman getting married is called the bride.

Is Playing Bingo Wrong
Jed, you know very well that those other things are not sin so stop trying to use that argument to justify gambling.

Sin CAN be a part of all aspects of life (depending on how we conduct ourselves) but you are really clutching at straws here.
---Rita_H on 3/28/15

I'm clutching at straws? You're the one who is unable to explain what makes gambling a sin, other than to say "because you are taking a risk", which is true about most things in life that we all know are not sins. Which was my point. What's yours?

Is Playing Bingo Wrong
"handing over money in the hopes of 'winning' more involves risking losing the lot"
---Rita_Hr on 3/27/15

So does starting a business. Or giving a loan. Or investing. I guess those are all sins too.

Does God Test Us
Not trying to go in any direction here, Leon. Just a question I'd like to hear other opinions on.

What Did Jesus Eat
No Jesus was not a vegetarian. Nor do we have to be vegetarians. But Adam and Eve were vegetarians at first. Since no animals could be killed. The first permission to eat meat came to Noah... ---Samuelbb7 on 3/16/15

Where did you read that? I'd like to see that verse. It appears Able was a shepherd/meat farmer and even prepared God a sacrifice of meat.

While it can and often does make you healthier it does not save anyone.
---Samuelbb7 on 3/16/15

??? Have you seen vegetarian or vegan men? You could break most of them in half easier than a twig! Despite the belief of many vegetarians/vegans, malnourished does not equal healthy. A healthy diet includes a certain amount of fat and meat.

What Did Jesus Eat
Interestingly a survey I was told about showed only c40% of SDA'a were vegetarian.
---Warwick on 3/16/15

Only 40%? That's actually really high, considering only 3% of Americans are vegetarians, and 0.5% are full-blown vegan.

Brands Of Christianity
Two JWs were disturbing my very old Greek Orthdox neighbour yesterday. I went down to rescue her but she said, "Don't worry, darling, I read my Bible and I know who they are."
---Marc on 3/15/15

If she reads her Bible, then why is she Greek Orthodox?

Pay Child Support
Wait, why is he seeing the children when he is 't paying child support? Don't you know that delinquent child supporters forfeit their visitation rights?

Non Biblical Songs
Just because the weeds were allowed to exist among the wheat doesn't mean the farmer and the workers couldn't tell the difference. It seems in Jesus' parable the weeds were easily distinguishable from the wheat (or else they wouldn't have known there were weeds growing among the wheat). The problem was not that they couldn't tell the difference between the wheat and the weeds. The concern was how to efficiently remove the weeds without damaging the wheat.

Jesus also said a tree is known by it's fruit, indicating that his true believers will be recognizable by their lifestyle.

Non Biblical Songs

Is a false Christian still a Christian?

---learner2 on 3/5/15

Doesn't appear to be. Hence the word "false".

Non Biblical Songs
"What is the difference between a true Christian and a false Christian?

---learner2 on 3/4/15"

I would figure a true Christian is a follower of Christ, one who seeks to be like and obey Jesus, in thought and deed. A false Christian would be a poser who merely claims the title but shows no interest in actual repentance.

Finish It Here March 2015
historically, one ethnic group, in particular, has thought of their "color" as being far superior to the vast color array of other ethnic groups. THAT'S RACIST!!!

---Leon on 3/3/15

Lumping people together into "groups" just because they share the same skin color is racist, Leon.

I hope you do realize that racism is not a "white" thing. Today, black on white racism is more prevalent.

Finish It Here March 2015

Cut the deceptive doublespeak & ludicrous statements Cluny. You're either Irish or Franco-American. What is your ethnicity?

---Leon on 3/3/15

Why can't someone just be American? Why do people have to try to divide and separate by race or ethnic background. That is what race baiters. True, non-racist Americans take pride only in being American. And seek to bring unity between all people by sharing core American values.

Get Demons Out
Do demons possess buildings, or just people?

Does Obama Love USA
No Leon, you very obviously have a huge chip on your shoulder. And you lack any common sense at all if you think it's fair to punish a person for something that their great great great grandfather did more than 150 years ago. (BTW: None of my grandparents had slaves, but that is beside the point).

You somehow think you deserve special treatment just because you are black. That is racist.

Does Obama Love USA
Leon, how long were you a slave? I hope you don't think that YOU deserve special treatment for something you never went through personally. Also, I have never owned a single slave in my life. Why should I be punished for something that someone else did? This is why social justice is racist, and so are you, Leon.

Does Obama Love USA
Cluny, most universities and colleges also have scholarships and grants just for being black, or any race other than white. Even the federal government gives grants just for not being white. There are even exclusive all black colleges. Yet, there are no scholarships or grants available just for being white. And there are certainly no all white colleges. Such a school would be illegal. How anyone does not think that is racist is beyond me.

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