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Is Playing Bingo Wrong
A casino doesn't tell anyone what their intentions are.

Most would probably hope that you think they're just generous people. But there isn't anything written or stated explicitly.

They also know some people will simply take it and run. It's all figured into their bottom line

Go Ahead And Sin Anyway
//Yes washed in His blood, born again, Acts 2 v 38. The Only salvation plan God gives.//

Your church baptizes people in blood ?!?

Go Ahead And Sin Anyway
You need to read Kathr's post right before yours.

You're right that no sin will enter heaven. Where you're wrong is thinking it's a behavioral's not.

Have you been WASHED in the blood? Titus 3:5

Stop looking at what you can do, and rest in what Christ has done.

Go Ahead And Sin Anyway
\\There are two Greek words in the New Testament which are translated as forgiveness. And only one of them has to do with being saved from hell\\
---James L

//And what are these two Greek words?//

haphesis - see Matt 26:28, Acts 10:43, Eph 1:7, Heb 9:22, Heb 10:18 - Eternal redemption, remission, forgiveness in His blood, through faith

haphiemi - see Matt 6:12-15, Matt 18:21, Acts 8:22, 1John 1:9 - almost every instance uses a family association - brother, children, etc. Fellowship, not eternal redemption

Go Ahead And Sin Anyway
There are two Greek words in the New Testament which are translated as forgiveness. And only one of them has to do with being saved from hell

The first is eternal, called remission of sins in some translations. It comes only from God toward man, and is only accessed through faith in Jesus Christ

The second is temporal, fellowship forgiveness. It comes from God to man, and from us to each other. And there are strings attached - attitude, motivation, turning away, confessing, willingness to forgive, etc

There will be plenty of people in heaven who left this earth without this forgiveness

Church of Christ A Good Church
Chance answered 7 years ago. Thank Lawrence for drudging up an old thread.

But while I've got you on the phone, Jesus is not the Living Water He offered to the woman at the well.

John 7:39 says plainly that Jesus was speaking of the Holy Spirit

God Stopped Contact
Since all men sin they are not innocent or holy. That is why no one can be holy, EXCEPT by imputation. God declares His adopted "innocent and holy" by Devine Decree.
---aservant on 1/23/15

It would seem you're intentionally ignoring what is written in Hebrews, what I posted.

Instead of simply restating your philosophical position, couldn't you just say you don't believe the scriptures?

God Stopped Contact
Since no one can BE righteous, imputed righteousness is all we can get....

---aservant on 1/22/15

If He hasn't made you righteous, LITERALLY, then you aren't His.

You need to read Hebrews 9 & 10

The blood of bulls and goats could never make anyone perfect. But by one sacrifice, Jesus forever perfected those who are sanctified.

The blood of animals could never remove sins, but the blood of Christ removes all sin.

Heb 12:22-24
You have come to the holy the spirits of the righteous made perfect

You need to study

Did Jesus Inherit Salvation
scripture doesn't even contain the word "glorification"

you seem to have some mystical understanding of the issue. Glory is honor.

Hebrews 2:9-10 says that Jesus received glory and honor because He endured suffering.

see the similar wording in Romans 8:28-29, where it speaks of US being glorified -which means receiving glory. Just like He received glory.

cut the mysticism and take scripture for what it actually says. Stop pressing doctrine onto the text

Did Jesus Inherit Salvation

you misunderstand what I mean when I say "matter of the will"

not "will yourself to suffer". When you surrender your will, scripture calls that suffering. It is a "matter", or issue, of the will. When you consider God's will above your own, you are suffering.

as for Cluny's post, he mentioned DEGREE of glory. Glory is honor. Some will receive more honor than others. He who seeks to be first, will be last.

Baptist Denonminations
primitive baptist church. They believe you have to get saved over and over and over.
---shira4358 on 10/7/14

Not even.

I have regular discussions with 3 Primitive Baptists.

One of them doesn't mind being called a Hyper-Calvinist.

They believe that salvation happened in eternity, before the foundation of the world. Think.....Election

Then they believe that pertaining to the elect, salvation MIGHT happen in time.

Basically, they believe "salvation" has a much broader meaning then simply saved from hell and going to heaven

They believe the elect will go to heaven, whether they ever know about Christ or not

It's confusing if you don't really know what they believe

Did Jesus Inherit Salvation
I have NEVER said that suffering is a choice.

What I have said is that suffering is a matter of the will.

BIG difference

When we are being led by the Holy Spirit, we lay down our will to do the Father's will.

Hebrews 5:8
Although He was a Son, He learned obedience from the things which He suffered.

1 Pet 2:21
For you have been called for this purpose, since Christ also suffered for you, leaving you an example for you to follow in His steps

Are you going to tell me that obedience isn't a matter of the will?

Did Jesus Inherit Salvation

you've never seen me write anything about self inflicted suffering. It's by suffering that we are conformed to the image of Christ.

this is what we were called for (1Pet 2:20-21)

but suffering is not only according to a Western understanding.

biblical suffering is when we "suffer" our will to being led by the Holy Spirit

and the inheritance of "salvation" is a possession

Baptist Denonminations
Whatever you do, do NOT get your information about Baptists from Shira.

She simply paints everything with too broad a brush, and probably gets her info about Southern Baptists from a paranoid preacher

Did Jesus Inherit Salvation
It would be in everyone's best interest to peek in on Cluny's post, where he mentioned

justification, glory and reward. So far, he's the only one who has a biblical grasp of the distinctions.

Mark Eaton needs to read Hebrews 1:14 those who will inherit salvation

and colossians 3:23-24 reward of the inheritance

Converts To Judaism Saved
can you clarify your question?

Are you speaking of a Christian in the sense of one having been born again? I take this as past tense

When you ask "can that person be saved?" you mean currently saved, or saved in the future?

define saved?

Single Dads Are Viewed
Single moms are treated as widows, while single dads aren't treated at all.

just this past Sunday, my pastor was teaching on fellowship, helping each other, etc

Three times he mentioned single moms, how it would be nice if someone would paint their house, fix their car, play catch with their kids.

but not even a mention that it would be nice for someone to come wash my dishes, or do my laundry, or plan a birthday party for my son

Single Dads Are Viewed
Single dad, or single mom (mum), denotes who does the majority of raising the child(ren)

I have two kids, by two different ex-wives. The first one was raised by his mom - even though I gave child support, had regular weekends, etc.

I was not considered a single dad, even by myself.

my younger one is with me primarily, sees his mom sometimes. I am a single dad now. And his mom was not a single mom before she remarried

Are All Christians The Same
Yes James I would choose not to argue this. But nether can I let it be stated and not object.
---Samuelbb7 on 8/4/14

I don't object to arguing about it, refuting it, it whatever someone wants to call it.

But we should not be offended by any particular view of God on philosophical or emotional grounds.

If scripture says God is a puppeteer, ok.

If scripture says that God is a man who lives on planet Kolob, ok.

If scripture says that God is going to send everyone to hell, ok.

So what if we're offended by a view of God? If that view is the truth, so be it.

So argue from the book of truth, not a wound up tizzy.

Are All Christians The Same
To me this doctrine does not portray a loving caring GOD.---Samuelbb7 on 8/3/14

So what ?? Who cares if the doctrine portrays God in a certain light?

That's one of the reasons I don't like the Calvinist/Arminian debate, because both sides have turned into a philosophical tit-for-tat.

What do the scriptures teach ?? That should be the issue.

Limited Atonement fails one MAJOR biblical point:

ALL men will be raised physically. Some to eternal life, and some to eternal judgment.

Jesus died not only to restore the spirit world, but the material world, including the physical bodies of unbelievers.

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