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Are C-Sections Biblical
Have you ever been to a cemetery and looked at headstones? There are many mothers and babies buried side by side that died the same day the baby was born. Most were in the 1800's and early 1900's. One grave close to my house has a mother and father side by side and beneath them is 5 sons all killed in WW11. How can a parent endure such hurt? My daughter. Couldn't stop crying.

My Pastor Is A Dictator
I was referring to divorced people. People who have lost a spouse thru death is not the same as divorced.

Is KJV Inspired By God
David, I believe the KJV is God breathed. Man has tried to change it they say to understand it better. That is not true. Satan is behind changing the bible so it says things it isn't suppose to say or suggest things that are not true. I think when God put it together, it was perfect and does not need changing. Man is not smarter than God even tho some think they are. People can use what they want to use but like I've said before I'll stick with the old stuff.

Once Saved Always Saved
Once we are saved, we are saved forever. The bible tells us what is wrong and right. Religion does not do that. The bible is our roadmap for life. If we read it and follow the right road, we won't run into trouble. (As far as right and wrong).

Is Holy Spirit A Mother
Darlene, sorry about yours son. He will be on my prayer list. I pray he will recover quickly.

Did Noah Forshadow The Rapture
The ark is a picture of salvation. God shut the door and he made the ark where it would last thru the flood. Noah's family is the only ones saved. God opened the door tothe ark also.

Creation Flood True
If the bible says it, it's true and I believe it.

Does God Control Us
Men who changes God's Word are playing with danger. The King James cannot be improved because God wrote it. That's why it's perfect. Men think they are smarter than God. Isn't that a shame?

What Is Rigtheousness
I am another who would like to know why the jw's are the only God's chosen. that actually makes the bible a liar and we all know the bible is all truth. God cannot lie. this is the kind of stuff that sends people to hell. I beg you don't face God with these lies concerning jw's. they are sinners just like the rest of us. if they get saved they will go to heaven but if they don't they will end up in hell.

Do You Pray For Presidents
yes, I pray for the salvation of Obama. maybe my faith is way off because I actually can't see him being saved but nevertheless I pray for him. maybe he would change if the whole world would pray for him. we need to pray for our country also.

Non Biblical Songs
Lawrence, whatisthe trinityimps?

Thoughts On AD Movie
Stephen, I don't always agree with you but I agree about the kingjames bible and movies. I don't usually watch movies from Hollywood especially ones that use the bible. They don't know the bible especially discovery channel. I watch that at times just to see what they say. It disgust me. I don't plan to watch anything Hollywood.

Do You Pray For Presidents
I pray for our president t be saved turn from his wicked ways and acceptJesus Christ as his Savior. I dont pray for his success except thru Christ.

Do Biblical Churches Exist
Trav, I wasn't being sarcastic, I was being real. Everyone will tell you their church is real but but the truth is I find much legalism today in churches. I had a preacher to tell me I would go to hell for wearing jeans. He somehow got on my facebook. He said God sent him him to warn me. That is legalism. I am a born again believer and I will never see hell. I don't look like a man, act like a man, talk like like a man. I am 100 percent woman and I wear women's clothing. I blocked him. His denomination is the same as mine. His church is not the same as mine. I feel bad for him and his dogma legalism.

Do Biblical Churches Exist
If you are lucky enough to find one, they still exist.....somewhere.

She Speaks In Tongues
I have been saved since 1953 and I have never spoke in tongues. I have a friend that does and would never judge her. I just believe tongues is a foreign language and I believe that is the explanation of tongues on the day of pentacost. Everyone heard in their own language.

Church of Christ A Good Church
well james, guess I need to look at dates more carefully. please go back and read about the woman at the well. Jesus is the living water.

God Stopped Contact
God sent his Son to die for the whole world. No where does it say God died for a few people. God chose ALL from the foundation of the world. Where do you people come up with some of this stuff. You need to read the whole bible in context with every scripture interacting with each other. You cannot take one verse out of context otherwise it takes many verses with it. God LOVED the whole world. He loved us so much, He made a way for us to be with Him in heaven. God gives us many chances to be saved.

Church of Christ A Good Church
Chance, where do you get baptism in "living water"? Show me scripture. Jesus Christ is the living water. We are baptized in Christ when we get saved. He offered the woman at the well living water. Which was himself. The bible does not instruct us to wash feet. It is done in some churches as an experience of being humble. I believe we should wash feet. Growing up we washed feet but you won't find any church now that washes feet. As a matter of fact most churches are dead and dry and the Holy Spirit isn't anywhere to be found.

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