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How Involved Are Pastors
Matthew 28 describes the process. A pastor should not be talking to one spouse and not the other. The pastor can talk to each individually but not exclusively. "One seems right until both sides of the story are told"

Submit Pastor Questions
My previous church has. It worked well. We usually use it during a relationship series. You would text the questions before or during the worship section of the service into queve then a person would collect them. The questions then could be displayed on a screen during the preaching section. The pastor would give a 5 minute or so talk about that subject.

I Want More Money
I would ask myself, By giving this person money, "Am I helping or hurting this person."
The rich (you) rules over the poor (them), and the borrower (them) is slave of the lender (you). Proverbs 22:7

What Are God's Laws
Romans Ch 14
God gives us inflections and other preferences that sometimes i will obey and other people will not obey. However, they are still God's laws for me. This does not include something God has flat out said not to do like sexual immorality and the like.

Explain Romans 6:14
No, Ch 6 v 1. How can we who died to sin still live in it.

Do We Need To Repent
Depends on your definition of repent.
Your definition of repent is of an acknowledgement of sin, which I totally agree with and follows 1 John 1:9.

Your friend might becoming more from an identity perspective definition of repent, found in Romans 5-7. There are two types of sin in the Bible and both are Biblical and needed in our daily lives. Action and thought based vs identity based. Your friend is operating from a position of strength, by God's power, that (s)he has overcome sin. Your friend may think that a need to repent is to require a re-acceptance of Christ, which is not Biblical. I highly recommend "The rest of the Gospel" by Dan Stone. The word "rest" is intended as a pun for peace.

St Paul Save Some
This all things is "an under the sun" statement. He is not claiming to be THE savior. He is claiming to do all ideas, personality, objects, etc to display Christ. For example, Paul related the statue of the unknown god to God in Athens or ate like a Jew in Jewish circles or Gentile in Gentile circles. The idea here is of relationship.

Think You Are A Christian
I surrender my good works for his good work to be my identity.

How To Forgive Someone
There are three mindsets to restoring a relationship after an offense.
Forgiving is focused on you loosing the bitterness toward someone. Best analogy I have heard is UNforgiveness is you drinking poison hoping something bad will happen to that other person.
Forgetting - It does NOT mean you know longer remember the offense. It means IF you decide to restore a relationship you do not bring up that offense at a later time.
Wisdom - You do not put yourself into that situation so that the offense happens again.
There is a reason Jesus said you must forgive 70*7. because sometimes you have to do it daily, even without interaction with that person. Agree with the comments below.

Early Christian Church Popular
i have asked that question many many times. The early church had racism, persecution, and lies. But that is what idealism will do for you. I think it also has to do with people think life was simplier because of less communications.

Was Paul A Jew
What is special about Sunday?

Is Playing Bingo Wrong
I can spend 20 dollars at a movie theater or 20 dollars at the casino. Personally I think casinos are more fun, just my personality.

Who Are The Elect
//As for Him choosing some for damnation, that is a doctrine straight from hell.//

This is where defining choosing has some issues. Choosing some for damnation has an act of willfulness in seeing people go to hell in the definition. That is completely false, agreed However, we cannot get away from the fact that God also does not make mistakes, thus He has created someone perfectly and fully knows that he will not surrender himself to the gospel. But God is perfect love, thus He can give all the favor and attention that would get someone to salvation even if he knows that person will not surrender to God.

Is KJV Inspired By God
Because with thees and thou, It is a more proper english thus I sound more inteligent. Similiar to someone saying "I" instead of "me" in a sentence even when it is not correct.

Who Are The Elect
The correct answer to all your questions is yes. Let me give you analogy to explain it all. God sees you as a complete picture or painting all at one time. Where we see ourselves as a movie. Even in your question "pre-choose" you have an element of time. God does not just know the future he is in the future.

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