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Love Thy Neighbor
it's anyone who may need your acts of righteousness.

---David on 5/24/15

That's where you're departing from scripture. Jesus never, never, ever called the guy in need a neighbor. Not once.

The one who helped was the neighbor.

You have it exactly backward.

Neighbor = friend, and it was an OLD Testament thing.

Nowadays, in the NEW Covenant, we're brothers because of the Spirit of grace

Love Thy Neighbor
You're a few degrees off in your understanding of what I've been saying. And as we go longer, every scenario takes you further distance from what I've said.

Go back to 5/7 and 5/12

Read what I've said previously

Habitually Sinning Problems
The best way to stop habitually sinning is...

Stop worrying about doing this and that wrong. You will NEVER be free from a behavior as long as you keep reminding yourself about it.

Trying is futile, that's a fleshly endeavor.

STOP trying, and trust the mercy of God. Believe upon Jesus Christ, and hope on Him

Love Thy Neighbor
you've deserted the context of the original question....

Does "love thy neighbor" include giving money to charity, or just people you know?

The context is giving money, and the command to love your neighbor is used out of scriptural context.

A naighbor isn't simply a guy holding a cardboard sign, a charity, or even your brother-in-law.

Neighbor = believer

neighbor is not synonymous with victim

Saved Person Commits Suicide
"It was his choice to take his own life, not God's.
Thou shall not kill, even your own life."

---Lawrence on 5/19/15


Where do we find in scripture the part you're adding?

Don't kill or else hell?

do you eat animals while they're still alive? Maybe you catch them sleeping and only bite a chunk out of the leg?

You're ridiculous, Lawrence.

Saved Person Commits Suicide
"There is a difference between THE FAITH, and FAITH. To fall away from THE FAITH, is to fall away from the doctrines of the faith. No one is saved by doctrines to begin with. People can be taught THE FAITH without ever having personal faith."
---kathr4453 on 5/18/15

That's a good point. But these passages don't have to be relegated to a hypothetical scenario, or assigned to "spurious" faith.

When we do that, we're simply agreeing as to the fate of such person.

There isn't a single warning passage which mentions hell

Saved Person Commits Suicide
"Have you not read the warning to christians about backsliding and falling away from the faith (one must have faith to begin with in order to fall away, eh?).

Have you not read about sinning no more? Or the Parable of the Sower?"

---Steveng on 5/15/15

I'm really curious.....

Where does Hebrews mention anyone going to hell?

Where does the parable of the soils/sower mention anyone going to hell?

Where does any "warning" passage mention hell?

Helping The Poor
"It is better to do good deeds for the wrong reason then not to do them at all."
---learner2 on 5/15/15

Sounds cute, but not biblical.

Like when Jesus told of the Pharisee who stood and prayed to himself....
"I fast twice a week and give a tenth of all i get" (Lk 18:12)

He was doing good things, clearly with the wrong motives.

And Jesus wasn't kind about it.

Love Thy Neighbor
"The point was going to make with James was both the Samaritan and the one he helped, were the neighbors."

Where does scripture say that?

"How can you be neighborly, unless the one you are being neighborly too, is also your neighbor?"

I'm really not fond of emotional, philosophical rhetoric. Much better to stick with scripture. But...

It's similar to how you can be a good friend to someone who is not a good friend.

As I stated previously, OT classifications were Neighbor, Stranger, Enemy

The related to Israel. And NT doesn't even use the word Neighbor, except to quote or reference the OT

Love Thy Neighbor
your scenario is similar to the story Jesus told about the Samaritan who helped the one who was robbed.

But, unbeknownst to the "love thy neighbor" crowd...

Jesus never called the victim a neighbor,the SAMARITAN was the neighbor

He specifically asked which one was the neighbor, and the options were the 3 who weren't the victim

Love Thy Neighbor
good post, brother.

What I noticed in OT is a division -
neighbor, stranger, enemy

It related to the tribes, and how they related to each other, those aliens among them, and those around them

Neighbor was presumed to be a believer, one who was friendly to the tribes

Now believers are brothers

Helping The Poor
Right on, man. People are absolute being confused. Law or no Law?

They're taught that they're not under the Law, then they are told to come to "the House of God", go into an inner sanctuary, pray in front of an altar, pay tithes, obey 9 commandments...

Don't get tattoos, observe a Sunday Sabbath-like rest

Good grief, someone is accursed for the oil and water gospel they're preaching

Love Thy Neighbor
Look up neighbor in a concordance, and see the OT usage versus NT. Remember that the NT began when Jesus died - NOT Matthew 1:1

Now look up brother and compare the same.

Old Testament neighbor became New Testament brother.

In other words, a believer.

God NEVER commanded us to give money to unbelievers, and a Muslim or Buddhist is not a neighbor to a Christian

Is Playing Bingo Wrong
A casino doesn't tell anyone what their intentions are.

Most would probably hope that you think they're just generous people. But there isn't anything written or stated explicitly.

They also know some people will simply take it and run. It's all figured into their bottom line

Go Ahead And Sin Anyway
//Yes washed in His blood, born again, Acts 2 v 38. The Only salvation plan God gives.//

Your church baptizes people in blood ?!?

Go Ahead And Sin Anyway
You need to read Kathr's post right before yours.

You're right that no sin will enter heaven. Where you're wrong is thinking it's a behavioral's not.

Have you been WASHED in the blood? Titus 3:5

Stop looking at what you can do, and rest in what Christ has done.

Go Ahead And Sin Anyway
\\There are two Greek words in the New Testament which are translated as forgiveness. And only one of them has to do with being saved from hell\\
---James L

//And what are these two Greek words?//

haphesis - see Matt 26:28, Acts 10:43, Eph 1:7, Heb 9:22, Heb 10:18 - Eternal redemption, remission, forgiveness in His blood, through faith

haphiemi - see Matt 6:12-15, Matt 18:21, Acts 8:22, 1John 1:9 - almost every instance uses a family association - brother, children, etc. Fellowship, not eternal redemption

Go Ahead And Sin Anyway
There are two Greek words in the New Testament which are translated as forgiveness. And only one of them has to do with being saved from hell

The first is eternal, called remission of sins in some translations. It comes only from God toward man, and is only accessed through faith in Jesus Christ

The second is temporal, fellowship forgiveness. It comes from God to man, and from us to each other. And there are strings attached - attitude, motivation, turning away, confessing, willingness to forgive, etc

There will be plenty of people in heaven who left this earth without this forgiveness

Church of Christ A Good Church
Chance answered 7 years ago. Thank Lawrence for drudging up an old thread.

But while I've got you on the phone, Jesus is not the Living Water He offered to the woman at the well.

John 7:39 says plainly that Jesus was speaking of the Holy Spirit

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