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Can God Cure Mental Illness
Judy, schizophrenia is a mental illness. A couple good examples of behavior disorders are Oppositional Defiance Disorder and Explosive Anger Disorder. The behavior disorders are merely bad behavior choices that the individual makes slapped with a "disorder" label as an excuse.

Think You Are A Christian
I have been Baptized, and then I have not only given myself to Christ, but I have tried (these last 30+ years,) to cooperate with Him.

I have tried to keep close to the Sacraments, I pray daily, (and I am beginning to sound like the Pharisee in the story of the Publican and the Pharisee.)

In the end, though, it will be up to God's mercy, and I pray that the last words on my lips will be, "Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me, a sinner."

Pray for me,
the unworthy monk Brendan
---Monk_Brendan on 4/22/15

In other words, Brendan, you don't know how to become saved?

Death Penalty For Criminals

Jed, these are people we have visited. They are not locked into rooms with no windows and they do have a good deal of human contact, even with each other. So I don't know what you are talking about.
---learner2 on 4/17/15

I agree. You obviously don't. You've never seen what solitary confinement in a maximum security prison looks like?

Salvation Church Choice
I think we all should pray for david's repentence and salvation. For those who think they have no sin can not be saved and can not repent. If there is anyone who thinks they do not sin, that is the first sign that they are absolutely NOT saved, because they don't even understand salvation. They havr no testimony of grace or salvation, only a testimony of themselves and their own works, which is a lie and could never be enough to save you.

Death Penalty For Criminals
Learner2, are these criminals you know friends of yours? Perhaps they only think imprisonment is better than death because they fear death. Everyone fears the unknown. There are certainly thinks that are worse than death. I would have to think 70 years in a cage with no human contact, no window, and never seeing the light of day again must be one of those things that is worse than death.

Is Hoarding Unscriptural
I grew up in abject my entire childhood and through early adulthood. As a child, my family ate food from dumpsters in order to survive and we had no valuable posessions. And I am not a hoarder in the least bit. Actually, quite the oposite. I detest keeping posessions that di not serve a useful function or are not being used regularly. I see it as a major waste as those things could be sold and the money saved or used to help others. I have only less than a handful of things I keep for sentimental value. I hate decorative nik-knacks that serve no useful purpose.

Date Or Court Biblical
Leon. Why are you attacking me? I'm just trying to answer you're question and have a nice conversation and get on the same page with you. You dont have to be hostile. I will say though that I have returned to my original conclusion, that you are confused about what "dating" actually means.

Death Penalty For Criminals
I hear you StrongAxe, I'd rather see a guilty person given a second chance than see an innocent person rotting in prison. The problem is that society has abandoned the "innocent until proven guilty beyond all doubt" and instead we have adopted "guilty until proven innocent beyond all doubt". The attack shows on TV like Nancy Grace are largely responsible for that societal change.

With that said, I believe execution is actually more merciful and humane than life imprisonment. Life imprisonment is actually very barbaric and beneath us as a society.

Date Or Court Biblical
Leon, I have made clear that dating and courting are two separate things. Courting is like dating, but with the intent to secure a spouse rather than just filling immediate emotional and physical needs.

It seems you are confusing a dating relationship with the act of going on a date. Going on a date with someone is not the same thing as "dating" someone, as in being in a dating relationship with someone. Married people can go on a date, but they are not in a dating relationship. They are in a marriage. Courting couples also go on dates, but their relationship is different than a dating relationship. It is a courtship.

Date Or Court Biblical
Leon, perhaps I misunderstood your earlier post. Initially, I thought you were saying that courting was the more casual act and that dating was the serious relationship. But after reading your last post it seems to me we are on the same page.

To answer the question, unmarried Christians should court rather than date. There is no godly purpose for a single Christian to date, unless it is to find a spouse, which is what courting is.

Dinosaurs Tearing Teeth
"By one man's sin death entered into the world"

Are C-Sections Biblical
God help us all! What a horrible and godless thing to say and believe. May the LORD rebuke your in-laws.

Dinosaurs Tearing Teeth
StrongAxe, good observation. I have heard it said that if only Eve had sinned then only women would be cursed and if only Adam had sinned then only men would have been cursed. Neither is true. Adam was the appointed head of all man kind and all the earth actually. His sin brought about the curse on all the earth, not Eve's. Had only Eve sinned and not Adam, then only Eve would have been cursed. Had only Adam sinned, everything still would be cursed. The same applies to families. As a husband, I am the head of my family. If my wife or children sin, I also bear responsibility. But if I sin, they do not.

Is Playing Bingo Wrong
Rita, as I'm sure you well know, the Bible is not a dictionary. It says they cast lots. You are free to pick up a dictionary or an encyclopedia, or just google it for that matter, and look up what casting lots means. It has nothing to do with voting as you suggest. It's okay to admit you were wrong. You don't have to try to blame someone else for the fact that you don't know what the word "lots" means.

Date Or Court Biblical
Couples that are in a courtship are more likely to refrain from premarital relations as the relationship is more about the future goal of marriage. It is generally understood that most people who casually "date" engage in premarital fornication as the relationship serves no other purpose than to satisfy the present.

Date Or Court Biblical
First of all, yes, there is a distinct difference between dating and courting. But they are opposite of how Leon defined them. Dating is the more casual act, although it more often involves physical intimacy. In dating, marriage is not necessarily the intended outcome of the relationship. Dating is intended to satisfy the present need for companionship, not the long term future. Courting is similar to dating, but with the intention of securing a spouse. When a couple is said to be "courting", it is generally understand that they are not together for the mere enjoyment of the present relationship (as is the case with dating), but with marriage in mind.

Is Playing Bingo Wrong
Jed, "The outcome was a matter of chance, not votes." Please guide me to where I can find that information. I have never heard that before (or read it) so please help me on this.
---Rita_H on 4/6/15

Yes. The Bible says they cast lots, not voted. I'm sorry if you've never read about it. This tradition happened on more than one occasion in the Bible. As StrongAxe correctly pointed out, casting lots is a process similar to rolling dice or drawing straws. It's where the term lottery comes from. It's a process of chance. Has nothing to do with voting.

Is Playing Bingo Wrong
RitaH, I guess you've always thought wrong. Casting lots is not the same as casting votes. Voting is not part of the process. It was more like a lottery. The outcome was a matter of chance, not votes.

Is Playing Bingo Wrong
RitaH, I don't have to prove that gambling is approved by God. YOU have to show that it is condemned, and you haven't. If there is no biblical law against it, then it isn't a sin. Is driving a car also a sin since you cant prove that it is specifically approved by God in the bible? Of course not. Since there is nothing in the bible which names it as a sin, then there is no sin in doing it.

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