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What Will Ministers Do

Jed, where does the Bible say that a Christian has a right to refuse to sell a screwdriver to someone who may have serious temptations or whose private intimate behavior might be sinful?

I noticed this same hardware dealer will NOT refuse service to remarried divorcees living in liasons Jesus condemned as adultery.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

---Cluny on 7/2/15

I have never heard of this happening. Can you cite your source? I was talking about bakers, who didn't refuse service to anyone, they simply refused to bake a specific type of cake. The bakers said they sell to same gender couples all the time, they only refuse to bake same gender wedding cakes because it defies their religious beliefs.

What Will Ministers Do
StrongAxe, that's very disappointing that you think individuals shouldn't enjoy the same religious freedoms that churches hav, which are garanteed in the constitution. Apparently you think the religious freedoms in the first ammendment only apply to religious organizations and not individual citizens?

What Will Ministers Do
Cluny, tell that to the cake makers. I'm sure they will find your confidence in our religious freedoms very reassuring.

What Will Ministers Do
StrongAxe, When Jesus said "BUT" he was talking about legit reasons for separating. He said "It is said whoever shall put away his wife, let him give her a bill of divorce. But I say to you that whoever shall put away his wife, except for the cause of fornication, causes her to commit adultery."

This statement makes sense ONLY if put away means separated, not divorced. Previously, a man could temporarily separate from his wife without a divorce for various reasons, even if he just didn't like her. But Jesus said if you separate from your wife without giving her a divorce, except for fornication, then you have caused her to commit adultery.

What Will Ministers Do
The verses don't even make sense and are painfully redundant if "put away" and divorce mean the same thing. The sin Jesus talked about was being separated from your spouse and remarrying without first getting a divorce. Jesus said Whoever puts away his wife without giving her a divorce and remarries has committed adultery, and causes her to commit adultery. The adultery occurs because they are not divorced, merely separated. This is why the Bible tells husbands who put away (separate from) their wives to give their wife a divorce, so that she can be free to remarry without committing adultery. Whoever puts away his wife without giving her a divorce causes her to commit adultery.

What Will Ministers Do
Oh I see. So you WERE misinterpreting "put away" to mean divorce. Well, that explains your confusion. Carry on then.

What Will Ministers Do
Where does Jesus actually condemn remarriage after divorce? I hope you are not confusing "put away" (separation) with divorce. The bible actually uses two very distinct words for "put away" (separation) and divorce. Matthew 5:31-32 talks about sleeping with a woman who has merely been put away (separated), not divorced. Of course an un-divorced person who is merely separated will commit adultery if they sleep with another person. That's common knowledge.

What Will Ministers Do
StrongAxe, which Christians are you referring to that don't oppose divorce? I certainly do. I think the difference is that Christians aren't under attack for opposing divorce. There is a general consensus among Christians and secularists alike that divorce is a tragic reality. There are no divorcee activists trying to sue churches, businesses, and individuals for being anti-divorce. So there really is no need to constantly defend our position on divorce against pro-divorce activists that don't exist. That would be like saying Christians are okay with murder because they aren't constantly defending their position on murder. Not at all. It's just that Christians aren't under constant assault for calling murder a sin.

What Will Ministers Do
StrongAxe, there would be no reason for Jesus to forbid same gender marriage since same gender relationships were already forbidden. So a same gender marriage would have been unthinkable at the time, and specifically forbidding them would have been redundant. Also, since there is actually no such thing as a same gender marriage, it would have made no sense to forbid something that isn't actually a thing. Only now do people pretend that a same gender relationship is a marriage. And same gender relationships are forbidden in the bible.

What Will Ministers Do
Leave it to Cluny to chime in with his "gotcha" moment instead of actually offering up something that is relevant to the question. Starting an argument about whether remarriage is Biblical or not is irrelevant to the topic. I'm sure any minister who performs remarriages thinks they are Biblical. But I hope at least that any Christian minister would know at least that same gender marriages are not.

Caveman Before Adam
Nichole, a pre-flood human is a human that lived prior to the universal flood recorded in Genesis. A post-flood human is a human that lived after the flood. They are different in that one lived before the flood and the other lived after the flood. It's that simple.

Husband Never Buys Me Gifts
Maybe you don't deserve any gifts.

God's Rules For Family
As Christians, we are to obey God's commands regardless of whether anyone else is obeying him or not. These commands are not contingent on the other parties doing their part. Of course, if you are in immediate danger of physical bodily harm then you should seek help. But if you're looking to be excused from your responsibilities because your spouse is "mean" or disrespectful or doesn't love you like you think they ought to, then you are sadly mistaken. Too many people cite "emotional abuse" as an excuse to neglect their marital responsibilities. But of course, "abuse" is one of the most over-used words today. Many people who claim "abuse" have no idea what abuse really looks like.

Caveman Before Adam
Jerry, that doesn't even make sense. Vegetarians are typically small and weak compared to those with a balanced diet. So IF pre-flood humans were indeed vegetarian as you claim, they should have grown larger and stronger when.they finally started eating meat and receiving all the nutrients that they were intended to as omnivores. Secondly, we know that Cain was a lifestock farmer.

Son In Pink Clothing
StrongAxe, the behaviors you described are a result of conditioning, not genetics. If a woman acts like a brute or a man acts like a fruit loop, it is because their environment fostered or allowed that behavior.

Physically men are typically stronger than women. But, as you pointed out, anomalies exist in everything. But physical strength really has nothing to do with masculinity or femininity. A physically small and weak man can be very masculine while large, strong women can be appropriately feminine. And of course, even big strong men can be conditioned to act feminine and vice versa.

All Male Football Team
Wow. Strongaxe, you are so wrong and confused if you don't see the big difference between racial segregation and gender segregation. Racial segregation is bad and unneccessary. Gender segregation is not only appropriate at times, but necessary. Do you think that men and women should use the same bathrooms, just because blacks and whites use the same bathroom? There is a big difference between race and gender.

Son In Pink Clothing

"While personality traits may have gender-dependent trends, these are not rigidly defined. Not all men are brutes, not all women are flowers."

That is the unfortunate result of this very same behavior we are discussing now. Unfortunately, some children are brought up in a confusing environment, where boys are feminized and vice versa. The end result is confusion. This is the same reason some individuals develop an unnatural attraction to the same gender. No one is created that way by God. Those feelings must be taught, encouraged, and fostered by their environment or culture. As a fellow Christian, I hope you would agree that the feminization of our sons is a shameful abomination.

Do All People Smile
Thank you Leon.

Son In Pink Clothing
StrongAxe, given the nature of the original question, I think it's safe to infer that the poster lives in a culture where pink is considered feminine. So your reference to other countries or cultures where pink clothing may not be feminine is irrelevant to this conversation. The simple answer is that he should not allow his wife to dress his son in feminine clothing. If he feels the pink clothing is feminine (obviously he does), then it is wrong.

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