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Early Christian Church Popular
I take that to mean they were more scriptural bound & followed what Jesus taught then most churches today adding the worlds view & moving away from the word. I see more congregations leaving the mainstream style & going back to what the disciples taught. line upon line. really study in the word.

Salvation Church Choice
Salvation is between me & Jesus only, not where I attend. So yes i left the church i got baptized at because God called me out of there to serve him at another place. Just because you're baptized at a denomination doesn't mean you need to stay unless God tells you to.

Are You Alive In Heaven
Yes as of now no one is in heaven because Jesus has not returned for the resurrection as of yet so only Jesus ascended to heaven. it is scriptual.

Gender Neutral Movement
From what i understand its a single restroom not many with many stalls. So to me because it does lock from the inside it doesn't matter. Our restrooms at home are gender neautral & everyone in the home uses them, & we dont complain about that. Now if they did make the bigger restrooms mixed yes i would have a problem.

Do Biblical Churches Exist
I have found a Sound Doctrine Ecclessia/congregation I now attend. We study the scriptures as they are, history and all, original meanings. We don't add fluff of worldly ideas. We sing hymnal music, break bread weekly. I like our bible studies because its 2 way not just the teacher. We read line upon line, precept upon precept or otherwise we just read each book of the bible ch by ch vs by vs in order.

Do You Pray For Presidents
Yes. I pray for any official nation wide or local

What Is The Sheepfold
WE are the sheepfold those truly accepting & confessing Jesus is the lord & savior. The sheepfold isn't based on what denomination you are a member of, but WE are a member of Gods family.

Merry Christmas Saying
I say happy holidays so that way in case they don't celebrate Christmas its not offensive, but polite. Also Jesus was born in April not December ,but we still celebrate family during these 6 weeks between Thanksgiving through the new year. We should keep Jesus the center of our family all year around.

Why Did John Use Logos
the Word of God, or principle of divine reason and creative order, identified in the Gospel of John with the second person of the Trinity incarnate in Jesus Christ.
So simply put Jesus became the word, Gods thoughts, actions when he spoke his fathers message. He was with his father in the beginning, so he knows his fathers actions & was taught by his father.

When To Join A Church
When we accept Christ & are baptized we are in Gods holy book or his scroll . However if I decide to join up with a local congregation this means the congregation has to meet scriptural values,lining up with the word of God . When I join I am extending the services God gave me to this congregation.It's part of my responsibility to go where God leads me. However I agree we must accept Jesus before deciding to join. that is different then just attending.

When To Join A Church
Rita exactly. membership into the church a person should already be a believer or been baptized or process of baptism. Anyone can attend & learn, but to lead ministries/classes we must be a Christian believer.

When To Join A Church
All the churches I attended, you must be a Christian first before they accept you as an official member. you don't have to be baptized yet. but do accept Jesus as your lord savior.

Are Animals Angels
thanks for the laugh, but no animals arent angels. God created angels seperate from animals, though God does use animals in the bible & can use them today.However people are made different then angels as well,so we will not be angels either. Angels have a different purpose then animals & humans.

Christian Rejects Christ
Cluny fyi the Muslims reject ISIS. ISIS isn't Muslim, they misrepresent Islam in a bad way & it is known both the sunnies & shia & other sects from Islam reject ISIS, so please if you're going to do the research do it right. As far as why people leave Christianity for Islam it is their choice ,but misunderstand as well.

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