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Are All Fears Sinful
//BUT had to trust God to get me through it.//

Sounds like God blessed you through the medical issue.
God does not remove fear, Abraham feared sacrificing his son, Jesus feared the cross, Hebrews Ch. 11. In this world you will have trouble, but fear not I have overcome the world.

Explain Leviticus 19
Monk thanks for asking the question so I can clarify my statement. Moral law operates as God's wisdom to man, not rules. Paul said it best when he said all things are permissible (including sin) however they are not all things benefitual. I am in no way saying sin should be glanced over nor ignored but sin has been defeated and we operate in righteousness. To be subject to the law means I have to earn salvation by the law, which I agree with you, I am trying to bring the practical nature of the law.
We would all agree that taking wisdom from the older generation is wise. Same argument applies as when Paul realized that covertness is harmful in Romans Ch 6.

Pastor Having An Affair
You can absolutely judge him, he is your pastor in a leadership role, and he betrayed your trust. Read 1 Tim. conditions and qualities of being an elder. He should also be removed from office. Judging is not a bad thing, judging and forgiveness are not exclusive, you can do both with grace and wisdom. judging makes us evaluate our relationships and actions. Forgiveness does not mean we turn a blind eye to things, but look to restore bitterness in our selves and look to restore that relationship in due time, if you choose to. You can also find a new church.

Explain Leviticus 19
I would say this is moral law. This law obeyed or ignored many times in the Bible.

Exodus 20:12
1 Kings 12
Proverbs 1
1 & 2 Timothy and Titus listening to Paul
1 Samuel 3

How To Properly Tithe
//What does he offer as his tithe, since he does not have 5,000 bushels?
---aservant on 7/9/15

What does he get for the 48,000 bushels?

How To Properly Tithe
If you think, "you must give because you have to give," you have already failed. Matthew 5-7. Grace always leads to more than the law. Matthew 23-24. They were not freed from tithing but encouraged to tithe and love.
2 Corinthians 8
abundance of joy,
according to means - profit
beyond their means - sacrificially or savings
own accord - willfully
Like Jesus - rich in heaven, poor on earth

Once Saved Always Saved
/Do you believe God will save the righteous?/

/If you do, I'm curious to know what makes you righteous and the unsaved, unrighteous?/

Please tell me how I can fullfill Matthew 5:20. and I will show you how I am righteous.

See Matthew 7:21-23 it is not our action that makes us righteous but that God knows us.

Did David Go To Heaven
/The Bible says we can't live in willful sin and we can fall from Grace./

I have to disagree with this statement. See Romans 7:15. Also see 1 cor 6:12. Sin has 2 meanings in the Bible. There is sin the action and sin the identity. As a christian sin (action) is what your flesh does against God because we are weak and feable minded. Sin the identity dies when we accept Christ and take on the life of Christ who lives through us, grace.

Pyramids Survive Flood
in Gen. Ch 11 everyone on earth lived in Babel modern day Iraq. There was no ancient Egypt at the time of the flood which is Ch. 6.

Can God Die
Why would Almighty God need Paul's weakness to make Him strong?
---barb on 6/19/15

Paul's weakness reminded Paul that no matter how powerful Paul got he still need God's power. In Paul's mind, he could serve God better if the thorn was removed. But actually the thorn helped Paul than hindered him, because he had to rely on God continually.

Can God Die
We describe the Godhead as three persons who have equal power and nature but different characteristics. So we can say God is one and God is three. Think of it has a small company, A manager, a worker, a salesman. Together they are the company, call it God but different roles: the Father, Son, Holy Spirit. See Gen. 18 Abraham calls one of the men, "Lord" this is God's Son before Mary in the OT. Or the firey furnase in Daniel, there are 4 men in the furnace who is the other person,

//Why do you have to muddy up a clear message that God's Son volunteered to die for us and His Father brought Him back to life . . .
---1st_cliff on 6/14/15//

I agree with this statement as evidence of the trinity.

Can God Die
Man has 2 natures. Body man and Spirit man. See Romans 5-7. When Adam was created he was created in the image of God. However, Seth and the human race was created in the image of Adam. Gen 4. Before the fall Adam's spirit man was alive symbolized by the Tree of Life. The spirit man is immortal however it can die because the wages of sin is death. Thus we have a dead spirit man at birth. Jesus had virgin birth aka no Adam sin thus his Spirit man is alive. On the cross all of the world's sin was placed on Jesus thus his body man died. However, his Spirit man had never sinned thus the resurrection. Romans 8.

St. Thomas Not Skeptical
there is a difference between testing and seeking. We have this modern day mentality of all or nothing. We also make faith a "blind faith" instead of relying on past experience and God's continual blessings in the past to help us take each day struggles as they approach. There is a reason the crossing the red sea is repeated over and over in the red sea to remind Israel of God provision.

How Involved Are Pastors
Matthew 28 describes the process. A pastor should not be talking to one spouse and not the other. The pastor can talk to each individually but not exclusively. "One seems right until both sides of the story are told"

Submit Pastor Questions
My previous church has. It worked well. We usually use it during a relationship series. You would text the questions before or during the worship section of the service into queve then a person would collect them. The questions then could be displayed on a screen during the preaching section. The pastor would give a 5 minute or so talk about that subject.

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