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What Was The Mark Of Cain

You said: Tell that nonsense to professional atheletes, e.g., in the NBA 'Axe.

Are you trying to tell me that all 7-foot-tall basketball players have children who all also grow up to be 7 feet tall?

My point is this: either the Mark of Cain is giantism or it isn't. If it is, we would either see a lot of giant nations now (if one of the 4 ark wives were Cainites) or none ever. Since neither is the case, it can't be the mark of Cain.

Cluny wrote: But the Bible does say that their offspring were giants.

Actually, it says "there were giants in the land" but does not actually directly connect that with the previous verse. That is merely inferred.

What Was The Mark Of Cain

You said: So, now you're saying giantism ISN'T genetic? How do you suppose that?

Do we not have giants in the land, all over the world, in 2015? How do you explain that? smh

I'm saying if "The Mark of Cain" is related to "there were giants in the land" (i.e. mark of cain means you are a giant), it doesn't exist now. If it were a persistant genetic trait (like albinism), it would have had to have been passed down through one of the 8 ark passengers, and thus 1/3 of humanity would show it. Since we don't have 1/3 of the human race substantially taller than the rest, that can't be.

Giantism (and dwarfism) today are genetic anomalies that are NOT passed down from generation to generation.

Mary No Physical Death

You said: You see, because of Protestants like you, John9346 states Mulsims believe Mary is part of the Trinity.
Catholic NEVER said that, but Protestants SAY IT OFTEN.

Now Protestants are confusing Muslims.

I have never heard any Protestants who actually believe Catholics think Mary is part of the Trinity, although many note that many Catholics revere her as much (or even more than) Jesus. The majority of Catholic churches I knew as a child were named "Our Lady of This" or "Our Lady of That".

Islam originated in the 7th century, almost a millenium before there were any Protestants, and says Christians worship Father, Mother, and Son. Where do you think they got that idea?

What Was The Mark Of Cain

The contention is that perhaps giantism is the Mark of Cain. If that were the case, then giants were merely marked humans. There were only 8 people on the Ark, and all humanity is descended from them. If Shems's wife had the Mark, so would all Shemites. Same for Ham's and Japeth's. If any of Noah or his wife's ancestors had it, EVERYONE would now have it.

You've haphazardly disregarded DNA 'Axe. That's in the "big" Bible picture...

Exactly the opposite. My point is that if giantism WERE genetic, and it was the Mark of Cain, then either nobody would have it, or 1/3 of the world's population would have it, because all our DNA comes from those 8 people.

September 23 The Tribulation

If, as both you and I agree, the Bible is all over the map about just exactly what "generation" means, you can't dogmatically assume that in this case it "must" be a specific number.

What Was The Mark Of Cain

You said: Obviously, moot to you 'Axe. Do we not have giants in the land, all over the world, in 2015? How do you explain that?

The mark was supposed to mark Cain and all his descendants, so that nobody would kill them in retribution. As such, it would have to be something that would affect ALL his descendants. Were any of the people on the Ark giants? Since all humanity is descendant from Noah's 3 sons, 1/3 of humanity would have to be giants. Does this describe any major racial group to yuu? If not, then giantism CANNOT be the "Mark of Cain".

Mary No Physical Death

You wrote: I was alter boy and a few other things until I was excomunicated from the catholic church - at eight years old. I lived in Porter Ranch in Chicago, an italian community. The neighbors shunned our family when they found out what happened and we were forced to move out of the neighborhood. Boy, was my mad at me for eight years thereafter until she kicked me out of the house at sixteen giving me a one way plane ticket to Los Angeles. A long story, but I won't bore you.

No wonder you have an axe to grind against the Catholic church.

Size Of Noah's Ark

You wrote: I didn't say he did Strongaxe. I started my comment (to someone else) using the word IF.

I didn't say you did. I also started using the word IF.

When Are They Beheaded

You wrote: I didn't claim that John wrote in Aramaic... Catholic and Protestant historians all agree that he did!!

Really? All the ones I have encountered said he wrote in Greek. Again, could you cite at least some of your "all" above, and explain why you think they are the majority?

I could at least prove to you that my position on Islam does indeed have a solid foundation.

As I said, I agree with you. Just not necessarily on this one very specific piece of evidence.

When Are They Beheaded

You wrote: It's my understanding that Muslims insist Revelation was first written in Aramic.

Of course, Muslims are such experts about Christian history (e.g. Abraham sacrificed Ishmael not Isaac. Jesus escaped crucifixion when someone else died in his place. His disciples lied about it. Jesus is not God. Apostles twisted and distorted the teachings of Christ, so only Muhammed, 600 years later, could correct the errors., etc.).

How can you expect to trust any group with historical knowledge, when their religion teaches them to hold actions of those who went before them in contempt? You see this now with groups like ISIS demolishing cities and especially temples and churches, effectively erasing history.

September 23 The Tribulation

In the Bible, a generation was always 40 years. Even though people are supposed to live 70 years, they reproduce much earlier than that. This would make it 1988, which many people (including Camping) indicated as the date. When that didn't happen, many found ways to say "oops, we mised a bit" and slide it up again and again. Camping was adamant it was May 11, 2011. When that didn't happen, he said "Oops, my bad. September 2011". When THAT didn't happen, he got disillusioned (i.e. lost faith in the false god of his own calculations) and died soon afterwards.

Why Ten Commandments

You said: It is obvious the 10 commandments were known by mankind (Cains punishment) before Moses was given them written on stone.

Some of them, but not all of them. The Code of Hammurabi, centuries older than the Bible, mentions several of them. Rabbis taught that the whole world should respect "the Noahide Laws" they say were given to Noah. Yet NO nations other than Israel had any mention of the first 4 commandments in their laws.

It is generally believed that Moses wrote the first 5 books of the Bible.

Although this cannot be totally true, as some events (i.e. his own death) took place after his death, as it is described in the past tense, and not prophecy.

Forgive Or No Heaven

You said: But as Jesus said you cannot hate anyone and not forgive and be saved. So if you say you are saved and live in hate then your are lying to yourself.

Not only that, but Jesus also said that blasphemy against the Son would be forgiven, but blasphemy against the Holy Spirit would not be forgiven, in this life or the next. Not even "eventually".

When Are They Beheaded

You wrote: The name of the last empire is... "Mohammedanism". Its number may be the year the Koran was presented as a holy Book ... "666" AD.

You are so adamantly sure about this, despite the fact that the evidence for it, although it exists, is somewhat flimsy. It is dangerous to make such specific predictions about biblical prophecy, based on current-event knowledge. I remember back in the 80s many were sure the Mark was UPC bar codes, and in the 00s many are sure it's RFID chips. 10 years from now it will be something else.

I agree that Islam is very dangerous, and needs to be watched, and may indeed be what you say. But to affirm it dogmatically at this point is unwise.

What Was The Mark Of Cain

I personally believe God marked Cain with increased size so the others would fear his stature. In other words, Cain became a giant. The men of "renown" were his descendants, i.e., big, large, huge, gigantic men ( & women).

In that case, since none of Noah nor his family are listed as giants, the Mark of Cain didn't survive the flood, and whatever it was is now a moot point.

When Are They Beheaded

You wrote: This was commonly taught by Catholic historians.

And all the Protestant ones I have encountered as well. Can you cite any that say otherwise?

John's audience did not have Greek as their first and best spoken or written language.

What was his audience? The New Testament was written in Greek specifically to reach a much larger audience than Aramaic would ever have done. The earliest church was in Jerusalem, but it quickly spread all over the Roman Empire, most of whom had never even heard of Aramaic. Revelation was written decades after the events in Acts.

When Are They Beheaded

You wrote: Since he wrote in Aramaic not Greek.

How do you know that? While Aramaic was the common language during Jesus's time, Greek was the lingua franca of the Mediterranean basin, as English is of the world now. Anyone who wanted his words widely read would write in Greek. Especially by 96AD, by which time Titus had already destroyed Jerusalem, and the Jews were scattered.

why there was so much confusion in the minds of the early translators.

Jehovah's Witnesses justify using "Jehovah" in the NT by quoting early manuscripts that show "pipi" instead of Lord, which they claim is due to Greek scribes attempting to transcribe the Tetragrammaton.

What Was The Mark Of Cain
Some have taught that the "Mark of Cain" was dark skin, and used that theory to justify white supremacy. What they forget is that EVERYONE from before the flood was wiped out, except Noah, his wife, his sons, and their wives. So, whatever it was, if it survived at all, it could only have done so via Noah's wife (in which case we would all have it), or one of Noah's daughter-in-law (in which case 1/3 of humanity would have it). And remember, God considered those 8 people, alone of all humanity, worthy of saving.

Marry A Much Older Woman

You said: One can only truly love ONE person at a time.

I said: This is why God only loves one of us, and mothers with one child love only one of them. Oh wait. That's not right...

You said: Strongaxe, are you suggesting God has our limitation?

I didn't claim God doesn't love us all. I was using the logical method Reductio ad absurdum to demonstrate that your statement, as written, was illogical, by showing that it leads to an absurd conclusion. "That's not right" emphasized this point.

September 23 The Tribulation

You wrote: The whole concept of Sept 23, has to do with observing the Jewish Laws and their days, months and times and years. Their moons, eclipses, blood moon theories, etc.

Romans 14:5:
One man esteemeth one day above another: another esteemeth every day alike. Let every man be fully persuaded in his own mind.

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