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Subject To Own Husband
No, that is why the next verse is love your wife like Christ loved the church. aka he died for it.

The Rich Pastor
//I am only seeking advice for spiritual and Biblical questions.
---anthony on 8/12/15//

Anthony - Then I would ask in a personal, humble way. Your question puts a lot of emphasis on your judgement of the pastor and his house. You can reword the question as. "I am having an issue with the pastor buying ..." Since we do not know you, we do not know if you are arrogant trying to make a point or seeking advice.

Is A Building A Church
Yes, God has always wanted church to be the gathering of believers together for edifying, community, and friendship. A known fact is people like to meet in buildings. Jesus meet people in synagoges and the temple to preach.
The OT temple is where God was able to link with the Israelites. Yes, the christian is now that link between God and man.
The false dichotomy is that the church building is now irrelevant compared to the individual. The church is still a main component for the spread of the gospel and the santification of believers. Accordingly the human people who are on staff should be given tithes and offerings as the fullfillment of there work. 1 Corinthians 9:9-12.

The Rich Pastor
//so why tell him to get rid of his riches?//

Passion, same as in John Ch.3. He had kept the regulations but like most pharisees, he did not have the aspect of love that goes along with christianity. Post-Biblical records show the rich, young ruler of the temple selling all of his possessions - Josephus. It is possibly the same person.

Why Ten Commandments
The 10 commandments are a sample of the entire law. The law is given so that we will know what sin is. Romans 7:7. God is totally for us, he is not looking to punish his children. He gave the law so we know how much we do need him as a savior. Yes, if you do disobey him (reject his grace) the penalty of sin is separation and eternal death. The law is wisdom in our daily life so that we will become more like him, 1 Thessalonians Ch. 4. Proverbs.

The Rich Pastor
Would you like to live in this home?

Unholy Days Of The Week
An unholy day is just a common day. What makes something holy is that it has been claimed as special or separate.
The sons of Aaron used unholy fire to light the tabernacle. There was nothing different between the fire in the tabernacle and the fire from a camp site except the camp fire was considered unholy because God called it to be.
There is a difference between unholy and sinful. Going to work is an unholy act. Stealing is a sinful act.

Are All Fears Sinful
//BUT had to trust God to get me through it.//

Sounds like God blessed you through the medical issue.
God does not remove fear, Abraham feared sacrificing his son, Jesus feared the cross, Hebrews Ch. 11. In this world you will have trouble, but fear not I have overcome the world.

Explain Leviticus 19
Monk thanks for asking the question so I can clarify my statement. Moral law operates as God's wisdom to man, not rules. Paul said it best when he said all things are permissible (including sin) however they are not all things benefitual. I am in no way saying sin should be glanced over nor ignored but sin has been defeated and we operate in righteousness. To be subject to the law means I have to earn salvation by the law, which I agree with you, I am trying to bring the practical nature of the law.
We would all agree that taking wisdom from the older generation is wise. Same argument applies as when Paul realized that covertness is harmful in Romans Ch 6.

Pastor Having An Affair
You can absolutely judge him, he is your pastor in a leadership role, and he betrayed your trust. Read 1 Tim. conditions and qualities of being an elder. He should also be removed from office. Judging is not a bad thing, judging and forgiveness are not exclusive, you can do both with grace and wisdom. judging makes us evaluate our relationships and actions. Forgiveness does not mean we turn a blind eye to things, but look to restore bitterness in our selves and look to restore that relationship in due time, if you choose to. You can also find a new church.

Explain Leviticus 19
I would say this is moral law. This law obeyed or ignored many times in the Bible.

Exodus 20:12
1 Kings 12
Proverbs 1
1 & 2 Timothy and Titus listening to Paul
1 Samuel 3

How To Properly Tithe
//What does he offer as his tithe, since he does not have 5,000 bushels?
---aservant on 7/9/15

What does he get for the 48,000 bushels?

How To Properly Tithe
If you think, "you must give because you have to give," you have already failed. Matthew 5-7. Grace always leads to more than the law. Matthew 23-24. They were not freed from tithing but encouraged to tithe and love.
2 Corinthians 8
abundance of joy,
according to means - profit
beyond their means - sacrificially or savings
own accord - willfully
Like Jesus - rich in heaven, poor on earth

Once Saved Always Saved
/Do you believe God will save the righteous?/

/If you do, I'm curious to know what makes you righteous and the unsaved, unrighteous?/

Please tell me how I can fullfill Matthew 5:20. and I will show you how I am righteous.

See Matthew 7:21-23 it is not our action that makes us righteous but that God knows us.

Did David Go To Heaven
/The Bible says we can't live in willful sin and we can fall from Grace./

I have to disagree with this statement. See Romans 7:15. Also see 1 cor 6:12. Sin has 2 meanings in the Bible. There is sin the action and sin the identity. As a christian sin (action) is what your flesh does against God because we are weak and feable minded. Sin the identity dies when we accept Christ and take on the life of Christ who lives through us, grace.

Pyramids Survive Flood
in Gen. Ch 11 everyone on earth lived in Babel modern day Iraq. There was no ancient Egypt at the time of the flood which is Ch. 6.

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