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Suffering In Hell
\\The context of the subject verses in Ezekiel is indeed that "souls" are "persons",\\

No, it is not.

The context is that the parent shall not be punished for the sins of the children, or vice versa.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

What Was The Mark Of Cain
\\Leon, believing that Cain was not a giant is believing a lie from the pit if hell, don't you think?
---learner2 on 8/29/15\\

I wouldn't go that far, but obviously Leon's pride is getting in the way.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Unrepentant Go To Heaven
\\You must have a learning disability, as you have been shown this before.\\

I'm quoting exactly what I was told in an SDA Revelation Seminar.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Suffering In Hell
\\Eze 18:20 The soul that sinneth, it shall die.

---jerry6593 on 8/29/15\\

You are taking the verse out of context. Here "soul" is used is the synecdoche--the part for the whole.

Doesn't it bother you? Or do you think the Bible verses were written as stand alone units?

Glory to JEsus Christ!

What Was The Mark Of Cain
\\Kathr: Throughout Scripture, God's word (Logos) follows a logical progression (line upon line, precept upon precept).\\

But you don't.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Need Dietary Plan
This is hardly the place to find worthwhile advice on such a serious health matter. Don't forget the people on this blog don't even know what you look like.

If you cannot go to a doctor, it would be better to ask your school counsellor, nurse, or even physical education teacher.

You also might be able to find some help with Overeaters Anonymous--not with diet and exercise, but in searching out the possibly hidden causes of your overeating (if such it is).

God bless you on your road to recovery.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Worst Sin To Commit
\\Cluny - Put down the verses you are Using , - Thank's
---Richardc on 8/28/15\\

I've already given examples from Scripture. John 6 is one such example.

**Cluny, I'm not familiar with the synod of dort.**

That's where the expression "Tulip Theology", with its 4th point of irresistible grace, came from.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

What Was The Mark Of Cain
\\Kathr: Where do you think giants came from?\\

You don't actually think they were descended from Cain, do you?

Genesis 6 says where they came from, and Cain had nothing to do with it.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Unrepentant Go To Heaven
\\Learner2 you asked, "John, did you copy that from Strong's?" \\

The brief lexica in the back of Strong's are NOT the last word in Biblical lexicography.

Liddell and Scott is the gold standard for ancient Greek lexica.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Worst Sin To Commit
It's quite obvious that God has not given everyone the grace to believe, else there would be a lot more believers.\\

Non sequituur.

Contrary to the Calvinist Synod of Dordt, grace CAN be resisted.

Multitudes were given grace in hearing the living words of the Incarnate Word, but refused to hearken to it.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Suffering In Hell
\\Sam: The Holy Spirit backs my understanding of the Bible?\\

Where did you get that notion?

Every sectarian and heretic from Cerintus onwards has said the same thing.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Beheadings In Middle East
\\When the beheadings happen in North America it will be the followers of false prophets and false apostles beheading those who follow the teachings and words of Jesus Christ\\

And where did you get the idea that North America (or some say western Europe) is the prophetic center of the universe?

Beheadings for Christ's sake are happening now by mahometan jihadistas of ISIS. Just ask the 21 Coptic Christian martyrs.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

What Was The Mark Of Cain
\\Why so hateful to others here?\\

Let's see, Rita.

On another blog you accused Roman Catholics of believing something they in fact do NOT believe--but **I** am hateful.

Do I understand you right?

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Unrepentant Go To Heaven
\\The Bible asserts that they are destroyed by the brightness of His coming, are not alive during the millennium, are resurrected in the second resurrection, and destroyed in the lake of fire. \\

Actually, it's the SDA, and not the Bible, that asserts the wicked will be resurrected simply to be burned alive and destroyed again.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Subject To Own Husband
\\Therefore, as I read it, a wife is to be subject to her husband so long as the husband loves her enough to give his life for her.\\

St. John Chrysostom said about this passage something like this: Men do you want to see your wives submit to you? Then drown them in an ocean of love. But know that even if you allowed yourself to be cut into 1000 pieces for your wife, you would not have equalled what Christ did. Because you are doing this for one to whom you are joined, but He allowed Himself to die for those alienated from Him.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

What Was The Mark Of Cain
\\You're the one who brought up hybrids! \\

I never denied it, but you are ignoring the simple fact that YOU brought up giants.

\\Obviously, you don't want to expose to the light of day your spurious beliefs by trying to explain your unfounded (looney) speculations which has to do with angels & women mating.\\

That's a very old interpretation of the Biblical "sons of God and daughters of men" in Genesis 6.

I never said I agreed with it. But the Bible does say that their offspring were giants.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

September 23 The Tribulation
\\Yom Kippur is a celebration/rememberance of the atonement of Christ \\

No, it isn't, and saying it over and over again does not make it so.

Jews were observing Yom Kippur for centuries before Our Lord's earthly sojourn. How could they be celebrating/remembering something that hadn't happened yet?

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Size Of Noah's Ark
\\ Cluny, I do a lot of reading. There are many references to the antediluvians being larger. \\

In what, michael?

And who decided your sources were trustworthy?

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Christians Working Together
\\Because we all like to think that our ways and ideas are better than anyone else's and co-operating would mean giving way to the ideas of other people sometimes.\\

Don't you think that YOUR ideas are better than other people's? If not, why do you hold to them.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

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