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Advantage Of Christianity
"Correction, both Tertullian and Athanasius "Early Christian Church Fathers." derived, defended, and taught the trinity from the reading of Holy Scriptures (the bible)"
---john9346 on 10/7/15

However, the Athanasian creed states "There are not 3 Eternals, but 1 Eternal"

And that stands in stark contrast to modern "trininy" of 3 co-eternal, co-equal.

Essentials Of Christianity
Do you have that belief? And if so, how well is that sinless behavior working for you?
---Mark _Eaton

Most common mistake is to think of sin as behavior alone.

Why did Jesus equate a healing to forgiveness?

Spot, wrinkle, blemish, filth, etc....what do those mean?

By His stripes we are healed. Not physically, but healed of the disease of sin.

Forever perfected - Heb. 10:14

But I'm sure the writers of scripture don't know what they're talking about - smh

Size Of Noah's Ark
I just visited the Creation Museum near Cincinnati last week. Their contention is that young, small animals would have been on the ark.

Also, only two of each KIND of animal.

So large dinosaurs wouldn't have had to survive, only two of each type - which could have been very small

Who Are The Elect Of God
Some believers are not part of the Elect, though all believers have eternal life

Once Saved Always Saved
yes, seriously. The vast majority of people I've met who designate OSAS do espouse the Calvinist tenet of Perseverance of the Saints.

Even you have said f a man should fall into worldliness unto death, you have stated before that he was never saved.

Faith does not inevitability lead to works, we are made righteous APART from works

Romans 4:4-5
Righteousness is not a matter of good behavior, it is a matter of being healed of the disease called sin. Regenerated. Cleansed. Washed. Forever perfected. Apart from works.

This would be good discussion in a separate thread

How To Properly Tithe
If your tithe is not being given to a Levite priest, for temple service, it is improper. Read Numbers 18

While you're about it, you'd better make plans to go to Jerusalem for the Feasts of Passover, Weeks, and Booths - Deuteronomy 16

Once Saved Always Saved
Glenn just made the assertion I warned against.

It leads to a vicious cycle of doubt and uncertainty. Such as....

Have I done enough to prove God loves me?

I think I'm pretty good

Is my behavior good enough to call myself righteous?

I can't know

Does failure mean God never chose me?

Where is He?

Do I really have eternal life if I act like this?

I keep trying and trying, yet failing and failing

Pray for those folks

Did David Go To Heaven
Though bible "characters" are an example, it is dangerous to build up elaborate doctrines from inference.

Also, 1Corinthians 6:9 says nothing about who will go to heaven. Paul said they will not INHERIT the Kingdom of God.

Do you know what inheritance is? See Colossians 3:23-24

Once Saved Always Saved
Once Saved Always Saved is a doctrinal misnomer, because it is a deceptive doctrine of works.

It would be more honest to call it...


The perverted doctrine starts with God changing a man's will (heart)

Then a man chooses to serve God.

So if the man stops WORKING, they claim God never changed his heart

Their faith is hanging on their works, always looking for "fruit"

What Is The Trinity

\\Show me in the scriptures these technical terms.\\
---James L

They are right after the ones that say "personal Savior" and "accept Christ."
---Cluny on 6/1/15

Exactamundo. And if these so-called biblical notions cannot be substantiated by scripture, they should be rejected

We don't have to resort to fabrication of truth through doctrinal imposition.

Scripture does well enough standing alone

What Is The Trinity
People have struggled with the NATURE of Jesus, ever since He began to reveal Himself as the Anointed One, Son of David, Son of God, et al

The issue of Trinity hangs on a misunderstanding of the above realities.

Samuel makes an astute observation on one front. Scripture teaches that Jesus is equal with God. But scripture also teaches that He is subservient to God, doing not His own will but that of the Father

Cliff is also off the mark, thinking of Son from a Greek mindset.

What Is The Trinity
"back in 451 A.D...."

Yup, which is after Augustine's "On the Trinity" in 415.

After the church went west do we get this notion of "technical term"

"Jesus has two natures--human and divine. "Nature" here has a technical meaning"

That's just a lazy excuse. Show me in the scriptures these technical terms.

And believe me, I'm not advocating Arianism.

Have you read my comments on the Athanasian Creed?

What Is The Trinity
Jesus has 2 natures human and Divine....
He is fully Man and fully Divine."

You think He has a divine body and human spirit?

You're using "Nature" in the wrong context. It's not divine and human, it's spirit and flesh.

His divine nature is Spirit

His human nature is flesh.

Anything other than that, and you'll have a Jesus who has 2 souls

"we call Mary The Mother of God."

Scripture doesn't

What Is The Trinity
Not all "Trinity" deniers can be grouped together.

If you want today's version, the "3 Coeternal" Trinity, I reject that one too.

But if you want Athanasius' version, which states there are NOT 3 Eternals, but ONE Eternal, scripture supports that.

In doctrinal jargon, it all hangs on your definition of "Person"

Scripture never once says "One God in 3 Persons", so the "3 persons" crowd needs to define "Person"

If you have 3 Eternals, you have a false god

Love Thy Neighbor
Didn't his actions exemplify the command, "Love thy neighbor"? The beaten man was not being a Good neighbor to the Samaritan, but he was being treated like a neighbor by the Samaritan"


no, the Samaritan was not fulfilling the "Love thy neighbor" command, he was simply displaying the mercy of God.

In that way, he proved himself to be a neighbor.

Romans 5:8 says that God displayed His love toward us in that while we were yet sinners Christ died for us.

Not while we were neighbors, or friends, but enemies.

Love Thy Neighbor
Many here need to see the context in which "love thy neighbor" was written

Leviticus 19:18
You shall not take vengeance, nor bear any grudge against the sons of your people, but you shall love your neighbor as yourself

Sons of your people = neighbor

And the command was to love your neighbor AS YOURSELF

Not simply love your neighbor, but as you love yourself.

Love Thy Neighbor
it's anyone who may need your acts of righteousness.

---David on 5/24/15

That's where you're departing from scripture. Jesus never, never, ever called the guy in need a neighbor. Not once.

The one who helped was the neighbor.

You have it exactly backward.

Neighbor = friend, and it was an OLD Testament thing.

Nowadays, in the NEW Covenant, we're brothers because of the Spirit of grace

Love Thy Neighbor
You're a few degrees off in your understanding of what I've been saying. And as we go longer, every scenario takes you further distance from what I've said.

Go back to 5/7 and 5/12

Read what I've said previously

Habitually Sinning Problems
The best way to stop habitually sinning is...

Stop worrying about doing this and that wrong. You will NEVER be free from a behavior as long as you keep reminding yourself about it.

Trying is futile, that's a fleshly endeavor.

STOP trying, and trust the mercy of God. Believe upon Jesus Christ, and hope on Him

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