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What Is Justification
You have two different parts of salvation. Justification (one time) and Sanctification (lifetime). Paul in Romans uses justification a one time God saving instance by Jesus's sacrifice.

The main question is does James contradict Paul. His use of justification is present tense, daily life, application of salvation. Paul agree with James in Philippians Ch 2. "work out your own salvation." I like the chair analogy, Romans tells you how to get the chair. However, a chair's function is for you to sit on it and hold you up. Only when you sit on it do you test the chair's function. In the same way we place our faith by our actions (works) on God so that we learn, grow, sanctification. This is what James is talking about.

How To Go To Heaven
I agree, The Bible is not a scientific book or it would have said. In the beginning, God created the hydrogen atom. Then the gravitational constant throughout the entire universe attracted other hydrogen atoms created by God. OH WAIT, quarks. In the beginning God created the quark a bunch of quarks got together to create a proton, OH WAIT, string theory. In the beginning God created the string... See my point. If God started to write about nature he would have never been able to write about himself.

Advantage Of Christianity
---David8318 on 10/8/15
Is Jesus God?
Is God the Father God?
Is the Holy Spirit God?

If you have answered yes to the above questions you believe in the trinity. The characteristics of each person of God is different. Some say, "But Jesus is not Omnipresent" is proof Jesus is not God. However, Jesus never claims to be omnipresent nor is he meant to be omnipresent. That is a characteristic of only God the father.

Advantage Of Christianity

I will say this about the trinity. This is a very hard and meaty discussion that cannot be summarized nor fully explained in 120 characters, without insulting you I will say be careful with this subject, and if you decided to continue in Christianity great but have this discussion later. But I will say this, The trinity describes God and gives the characteristics of God to describes how he performs the work that he does. If someone disagrees with you that's fine.

Advantage Of Christianity
//The Trinity created us to enter the joy and love They have for each other.

They are letting us in the loop.//

I like the imagery

Would It Be Weird
Only if you put that emphasis on it

Advantage Of Christianity
Christianity is based on the action that God died for you to make you worthy of his love, righteousness, and life (John 3:16). The standards God gives come after the statement above and are to help you achieve a blessed or fulfilled life. There is an old hymn that says "come just as you are." You do not get cleaned up to take a shower, in the same way you do not become a Christian by cleaning yourself to come to God.

All other religions say, "here are some standards for you to meet" Do these and I will bless you to a fulfilled life.

Please Pray For Me
I heard this a couple of months ago from my pastor, God can handle your doubt. God can handle your frustration. God is bigger than you think. He is great (all powerful) and good (for you).
If you want to check out more see North Hills church in Taylors SC doubt series for the actual sermon. It is very practical.

Study Scriptures With Me
The main reason I do not follow your blogs is because I do not want to know what false teachers are saying. I personally need to listen just to the truth in the Bible and not be filled with false teachings. Your blogs are very focused on prosperity teachings which I agree is a false belief. I am just not that interested in prosperity gospel theology.

Explain Hebrews 4:12-13
Good question Rob. Absolutely, 2 Tim Ch. 2 comes to mind since we are going through it at church. I have to surrender my will and emotions to obey God's will and steadiness because though it seems right to me at a moment in time. It is not the best for me in the long term. Hebrews 12:11

Explain Romans 6:14
---micha9344 on 9/30/15
I agree with you that is why I said my first statement.
/God has made you holy - sinless before you sin. Which is grace./ The verses you quoted.
The Bible and God holds us in tension we have full liberty to do whatever we want but we are also bound 'slave' to God, 2Tim Ch. 2. Read any of Paul's letters they take a similar form. The first part is all about grace, the second is all about obedience and how to remain holy.

Explain Romans 6:14
This verse is not describing sin itself but the power and punishment for sin. In the OT if you sinned you had to clean yourself, it was an action (sin) then reaction (sacrifice) mentality. Jesus has flipped the sequence. In Romans theology, God has made you holy - sinless before you sin. Which is grace. However, the Law is good and keeps me from sinning. For we as humans are still a slave to something. Either slave to obedience to the Law given by God or a slave to sin and death. Romans 6:15-20.

Will Jesus Return In 2015
2 Tim. 2 14-19.

False Gospels Quiz
I just took the quiz. My feelings are mixed about it. A lot of the questions need a context and can be ambiguous. For example, Paul in Acts used idol worship, an entertainment for the Greeks, to show the character of Christ. Actions are good but the motive behind the action is most important.
As far as #11, communion is a great symbol of salvation it is not an element of salvation.

Jesus Say About A Cross
Jesus - Hey does that remind you of me.

Me - Yeah it does, it also reminds me that I am not my own. I was bought at a price. I am second.

Steven thanks for the reminder.

Was God Pregnant
I will have to know the context. At first glance this sounds like an analogy of some kind.

Reasons To Doubt Creation
Yes, the Bible is not a scientific book. The point of creation story is not about creation but the power and nature of God. The Hebrews lived in a land for 400 years with many gods and a spirit living in every type of object. The purpose of the story is to show that only God by himself and out of his desire (not need) created humanity. All creations stories before the Bible have creation come from some type of struggle or war. Before Darwin the Bible was not viewed as a scientific book. I am not saying evolution is correct, far from it, only that the Bible tells the story of God and man not the story of history.

Gift Of God Is Free
The gift of God and blessings are two different things. Christians can give there life away to Jesus easy because we have no hope of saving our lives. However we have a lot of hope and power in gaining financial worth, thus it is harder to surrender that aspect of our lives. Only when we surrender our finances, which most Christians don't, do we receive blessings in that area. This is not prosperity gospel, which says "If I do x, God must do y." This is "If I trust God with x, I can see God work in y."

Reasons To Doubt Creation
Yes because the Biblical creation study is not for scientific reasons.

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