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Ban Divorce

There is a saying: Those are accuse someone of something is guilty of the very same thing they accused the other. ---Nicole_Lacey on 11/28/15

Who says that? That's doesn't even make sense.

Or are you a Secularist wearing Christian in name?

Well, I don't date Muslims, or anyone outside of my faith for that matter, including liberals posing as Christians. So...

Planned Parenthood Colorado
Ruthanna, I agree that it is never a good idea to open fire on an abortion clinic and would never support such an act. But I do think the case could be made that killing people who are committing genocide is not really murder. Obviously, killing Nazi's or ISIS members would not be considered murder. So it's not much of a stretch to connect the dots and include abortionists as well. Remember, murder is the taking of innocent lives. Taking the life of someone who has themselves committed murder is not murder. That is justice. Now you may be asking "did he really just compare abortionists to Hitler"? The answer is "Yes. Yes, I did". There is little to no moral difference between abortionists and Nazi's.

Is Jesus Coming Back Soon
When Christ is coming back is nearly irrelevant. Regardless of when the world will end, one thing you can be sure of is that within the next several decades YOUR world will end, and in that day, you had better not be found dead without Jesus Christ.

Ban Divorce

You do know there are all kinds of Muslims?
Just like there are all kinds of Christians...

I explained to him that there are Thousands of different Christians who states Jesus is Lord.
---Nicole_Lacey on 11/26/15

Ahh. I think I get the picture. When you say that he is a "Muslim" and that you are a "Christian", you really mean that you were both secularists wearing the titles of Christian and Muslim. A true Christian or Muslim would not date outside of their faith. Islam and Christianity is completely incompatible.

Condemned The Crusades
Nichole, I do believe there is something in the Bible about being unequally yolked to an unbeliever. A relationship that doesn't even have a foundation of mutual faith is surely doomed.

Condemned The Crusades
Why would a Catholic or any Christian date a Muslim?

Condemned The Crusades

\\Who cares what they think.\\

Are you saying you don't care how Christians are being treated by Isisites and other mahometan jihadistas?
---Cluny on 11/24/15

I can't tell if you're purposely feigning ignorance or if you actually have a severe reading comprehension deficiency. He asked who cares about the Orthodox and Catholic Church's opinion. He said nothing about not caring about Christian being persecuted.

Blessing If You Win At Gambling

Really, anybody can justify anything if they want it to be okay. One can use Scripture to justify just about anything. ---Ruthanna on 11/23/15

The same thing can be said about people justifying old superstitious traditions that are not actually found anywhere in the Bible, like gambling being a sin.

As for me, I know that personally, I can't be involved in such things with a clear conscience before God.---Ruthanna on 11/23/15

Fair enough. If you feel God has told you specifically not to gamble, then by all means you should obey God. But don't make up rules for other people based on religious traditions that are not actually in the Bible.

Ban Divorce
StrongAxe, That KJV is your problem. I recommend you put away that KJV and start reading a more accurate translation. The KJV has been proven to have numerous translation errors. There are two places that I know of right off hand in the KJV that incorrectly say "Jesus" when the scriptures are referencing Joshua (Moses' successor). The American Standard Version is the most accurate Bible translation to date.

Condemned The Crusades

Adult males, not necessarily single adult males. I would imagine that most families capable of walking across half a continent would have to be fairly physically fit - e.g. parents in the 20-35 range.

---StrongAxe on 11/20/15

No, that's mostly single adult males. Besides, what kind of father flees for his own life and leaves his wife and children behind to face certain death? Perhaps one who lives in such a culture where wives and children are treated as worthless slaves.

Ban Divorce

Jed, maybe YOU are the one in error by your misinterpreting "put away" to NOT mean divorce.

Ever think of that?

Glory to Jesus Christ!

---Cluny on 11/21/15

Yes, I have thought of that. In fact, most of my life I was taught and believed incorrectly as you do, that "put away" and divorce were the same thing. When I began actually reading the scriptures, I realized that those scriptures make no logical sense and are hopelessly redundant if that is the case. But when you read those scriptures with the understanding that "put away" is not divorce, but rather is just what it sounds like... put away, then those scriptures all make perfect logical and moral sense.

Condemned The Crusades
In case StrongAxe missed it, there was an interesting article on CNN today. Police have reported that a group of Muslim Syrian migrants on a ship bound for the U.S. killed and threw 12 passengers overboard. The reason: Those 12 passengers were Christians. Are these the wonderful moderate Muslims that our president speaks of? Or the widows and three year old orphans?

Blessing If You Win At Gambling
While addictions are technically considered a mental illness, the problem with that label is that many people assume mental illnesses are not the fault of the ill person. When in reality, often times mentally ill people are to blame for their own illness. Many times mental illness is a choice. And many times mental illness is caused by a choice that the person made.

Ban Divorce
Jesus, in Matthew 5:32 SPECIFICALLY FORBIDS it. How is this not a contradiction?

No, he forbids putting away. YOU apparently are either using an inaccurate translation, or you are misinterpreting "put away" as divorce.

If put away means divorce, then Matthew 5:31 is redundant and makes no sense. "Whoever shall divorce his wife, let him give her a divorce"???? That makes no sense. But "Whoever shall send away his wife, let him give her a divorce", THAT makes sense. And "every one that putteth away (abandons) his wife, saving for the cause of fornication, maketh her an adulteress: and whosoever shall marry her when she is put away (separated) committeth adultery" THAT makes sense.

Condemned The Crusades

The refugees aren't just "armies of young men", but mostly families (and yes, there are likely a fair number of single young men among them too, and a small few terrorists among those). ---StrongAxe on 11/20/15

Where did you get that idea? 75% of the Syrian refugees are adult males between the ages of 24 to 35. This statistic is straight from the U.N., not Rush Limbaugh or Fox News. The rest are mostly young women of the same age. When do all these families and children that you speak of arrive? All the pictures I have seen look like young adults that are covered in piercings and tattoos.

Ban Divorce
Putting away always means divorce. Otherwise, anyone who puts away but does not divorce is violating the Law.

EXACTLY! Moses forbid separation without divorce. The reason for this rule was to allow the wife a way out to remarry without committing adultery, rather than be bound to man who has abandoned her. Jesus doesn't contradict this at all! He takes it to the next level by saying not only should the man give his wife a divorce if he puts her away, but he is also responsible if he abandons her and she commits adultery! By giving her a divorce, it allows her to remarry without committing adultery. That makes perfect sense! If put away means divorce, the scriptures are redundant and make no sense at all!

Condemned The Crusades

No, but I wouldn't protest in paranoid fear if someone moved next door, just because of the color of his skin.

---StrongAxe on 11/19/15

How about because his believes in Sharia law and thinks that it's okay to kill you and rape your wife and behead your children because they are Christians? I don't know anyone who oppose Islamic refugees simply because of the color of their skin. You're simply lying about that. It's their beliefs and culture that are the reason. Interestingly, you protest the existence conservative Christians simply because they oppose the redefinition of marriage, yet you want to bring in people who want to actually stone and behead same-gender couples! Your double-mindedness is astounding.

Condemned The Crusades
It is doubtful that Obama is a Muslim. It is more likely that Obama is simply non-religious. He is his own god. In his mind there is no higher power than himself. Although one thing is clear from both his actions and his rhetoric. He is most definitely an Islamic sympathizer. It is clear that he views Muslims as a victim of white Christianity, and feels they need defending and protecting.

Ban Divorce
StrongAxe, which scripture are you referring to, so that I may help you to understand it. It is unlikely that Jesus was contradicting Moses, since God Himself gave the law to Moses. Usually when Jesus says something like "Moses said this... But I tell you this...", he is not contradicting the position, but rather strengthening it by raising the standard to a more extreme level. Like "Moses said to do such and such, but I say you should do such and such times two!" I suspect that is the case in the verse you are referring to. Not that Jesus was contradicting Moses, but driving the point home by raising the standard even more.

Ban Divorce
Jesus neither forbade divorce nor remarriage after divorce. He forbade remarriage without a divorce during separation (putting away) . He also forbade separation (putting away) without divorce, because it causes adultery. The problem is that many denominations, especially catholics, misenterpret "put away" which is separation, to mean divorce. But the Bible has a word for divorce, and that word is "DIVORCE". When you read those scriptures with the understanding that "putting away" is sexual separation, then those verses make perfect sense.

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