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Explain Genesis 3:16
1) The largest mission for a woman is birth of a life. Thus now that pleasure will be painful and hard.

2) The key sin of women is control. The key sin of men is passivity. See Adam's curse in work and toil. Adam is supposed to be the leader of the household however women can overtake this position. See Abraham and Sara with Hagar.

Lot Was Afraid On Mountain
---Leon on 11/19/15
I don't know. The only specifics about Lot is that he had a lot of sheep thus he had to live in a plane with good pasture. The next time we see him he has moved closer to Sodom and gets attacked. Then he is in the city. Maybe he was scared to live out in the mountain or wilderness again and get attacked. The Bible does not say thus I trust it is not important. The OT sometimes does not give commentary and is just a story of what happened. Knowing human nature we can sometimes imagine what he was thinking.

Can Christians Have Depression
Yes, we are still subject to the information and events of life. "But know I have overcome the world."
Counseling and contentment. I have learned a lot about contentment this year. Contentment is not settling for mediocre but accepting what events happen in your life and moving forward.

Lot Was Afraid On Mountain
In the previous chapters Lot steadly moves closer and closer to Sodom before moving into the city. See Ch 13:11. See Ch 14:12.
Ch19:20 He goes to a little city, He did not want to live alone in the hills, because he liked the city.

Lot Was Afraid On Mountain
Leon, where do you live. Now imagine living in the exact opposite. That is what he was afraid of.

Favorite Devotional Reading
I like John MacArthur Bible workbooks. It slows me down and makes me pay attention to what I am reading.

Born In The 1950's
THis might be an area of forgiveness you need to focus on.

Eastern Orthodox Doctrines
Iconography for the orthodox church has a lot of procedural rules in creating the artwork. I cannot just go paint a picture and say it is iconography.

Various Types Of Preachers
It depends on the doctrine. I disagree with my church on some minor points

Eastern Orthodox Doctrines
//Would you agree conjured up images can be very misleading especially when they portray the slanted views of a particular group?//

You mean like white Anglo-Saxon long hair blue eyed Jesus. Yeah I agree.
The reason I said it was so that you did not think I was picking or challenging icon.

Prosecute Church Frauds
Ok Rob, Now I understand your passion against WOF movement. I can see the lie that your sister has experienced. As far as suing your sister's church you would also have to prove intent to fraud which is very hard. I would continue to show love to her and read through Galatians.

Eastern Orthodox Doctrines
Iconography. I went the to the Bethlehem orthodox church last year. It felt very overwhelming because of all the pictures. There is nothing wrong with iconography it is what it is.

Holy Spirit Speaks To Heart
It is always both. The Bible is a lot of principles. what usually happens I get a verse stuck in my head (theory) from HS, then what HS does is connect it to something in my life (application). Then you go confirm that personal inkling with a close friend. Then act accordingly. The HS is larger and wider than the Bible but never goes against the Bible. For example, we can have different music styles but it is always the same message.

Explain 1 John 3:9
Define Born of God

I believe that God, the Son (2nd member of trinity), manifested himself into the human race through the virgin birth of Mary. So that he is not tainted by Adam's (man's) sin to be the perfect sacrifice

Explain 1 John 3:9
This verse says nothing about Jesus.

What Is Justification
You have two different parts of salvation. Justification (one time) and Sanctification (lifetime). Paul in Romans uses justification a one time God saving instance by Jesus's sacrifice.

The main question is does James contradict Paul. His use of justification is present tense, daily life, application of salvation. Paul agree with James in Philippians Ch 2. "work out your own salvation." I like the chair analogy, Romans tells you how to get the chair. However, a chair's function is for you to sit on it and hold you up. Only when you sit on it do you test the chair's function. In the same way we place our faith by our actions (works) on God so that we learn, grow, sanctification. This is what James is talking about.

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