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Help Depressed Son
So If God provided us with this pharmacopoeia of drugs, how do they explain to the drug addict, God provided them with the drugs they are addicted to?

It's the same as with anything else in this world - it can be used for good effect, or under-used or abused for bad effect. Insufficient water causes death. Enough sustains life. Too much causes drowning. Enough drugs ease pain. Too much causes addiction or death. Too few spouses usually causes loneliness (the first "not good" thing in Gen. 1). Too many usually causes strife. :)

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You wrote: Michael & Axster: Are you guys really suggesting that Moses invented the 7-day week? This, even though God Himself wrote that He did it at Creation? Why do you fight so hard against God's Word?

God rested on the very first Sabbath. There is no indication in Genesis that he did so on day 14, or 21, and so on, and there is no indication in Genesis that he established a command for man to do likewise. There is no indication that Abraham observed the Sabbath. The very first mention of weekly sabbath observance is in the law of Moses.

You can read between the lines all you want, and believe all you want - but that is not sufficient evidence to force such beliefs on others.

Obama's Bathroom Law
Trans people have using whatever bathrooms they wanted for decades without incident. Now, suddenly, there hysteria is spreading like wildfire. Why? We are not to have a spirit of fear - especially about something that has never happened.

Number of trans people who have abused girls in bathrooms: zero.
Number of bathroom-hysterical family-values preachers and Republican politicians arrested for child abuse: dozens.

If such statistics occured in ANY OTHER area, and one group accused another, which would be more credible? So why does the reverse hold in this one particular case?


Bathrooms have stalls for privacy. Are you afraid women will see you washing your hands? Also, home bathrooms are gender-neutral.

Help Depressed Son

You wrote: And,.....I never said depression could be cured, "By ones mental attitude". I said it could be cured with Joy, Joy which comes from God. Joy is not a mental attitude, it's a blessing from God.

"Seeking God" is a matter of will, i.e. mental attitude.

Jesus himself sweat blood, said "Take this cup away from me", and "My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?". He legitimately experienced despair that faith in God did not relieve him of. Are we stronger than he is?

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You wrote: Do you have any idea how contorted your mental gymnastics sound? How can one remember something that never existed? The Sabbath Day was called the Seventh Day in Genesis, but it was still the same day of rest. It appears that you are desperately seeking justification for your willful violation of God's Law.

Genesis said that "God rested" on the seventh day. It mentions no command for man to rest, or the animals, nor anyone else. Millenia pass, including the antideluvians, the Flood, the division of nations after Nimrod, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and the exile into Egypt, and observing the Sabbath is not mentioned even ONCE during all that time. Not until Moses is it mentioned.

Syrian Refugee Crisis

You wrote: Fully realizing that all the company owed me during my employment was a paycheck for my services

It is true that in any kind of professional relationship, an employee owes his employer an honest day's work, and the employer ows his employee an honest day's wage. However, there is one thing that has long been an extremely important part of human culture, yet is being forgotten today. That is loyalty.

Most companies today treat employees like used tissues, throwing them out on a whim - and then lament that it's so hard to find loyal and honest employees. Companies used to look after their employees, but now they don't do that, so employees are forced to look after themselves.

Help Depressed Son

You wrote: impossible for those who walk in the light, to be depressed.

This is fallacious thinking - i.e. that physical illnesses can need external cures, while mental illnesses can be cured by the will alone. You would not say "If we have a broken leg, or cancer, or old age, all we need do is have faith in God, and all of these things would go away, because it is impossible for those who walk in the light to be physically ill".

Clinical depression is a PHYSICAL illness caused by chemical imbalances in the brain, and just as difficult to cure just by one's mental attitude.

End Time Secrets Are Revealed
The blog questions probably refer to the prophesies of St. Malachy, supposedly from 1139, but first published in the 1500s.

There are a series of verses, each of which supposedly represent each successive pope from his day until the end of time, when the city of 7 hills would be destroyed, and God would judge the world. Some believe the verses are accurate, while others disagree.

Actually, the verses stop after the 112th pope "Gloria olivae", and end with a cryptic prophecy of "Petrus Romanus" and doomsday, so it's not clear that this happens immediately afterwards, or a long time later.

Bibllical Punishment For Murder

Consider the related question: "What should be the Bible authorized punishment for the people who commit murder but are NOT convicted?"

If the answer is the same as for your blog question, the words "are convicted of" are irrelevant and confuse the issue.

If the answer is DIFFERENT, it implies that God's justice depends on the imperfections of the American judicial system and the partiality of juries.

How would you answer it?

What Are The Two Wars

Your question is impossible to answer. There are many wars of different kinds going on in the world, not just two, so you can't talk about "THE two wars". It also depends a lot on how you define "war". Do you mean a state of aggression between two groups? Or a legal state of war declared by (say) Congress? Because these two are similar, but different.

The older generation believe that war ended because they have been lied to for so long.

Lied to by whom? It would help a lot if we knew just which wars you are talking about, instead of making us all have to guess.

Peter Upside Down Traditional

While a prisoner's request about his execution has zero legal weight, it's possible his executioners were sufficiently amused to say, "You want an upside-down crucifixion? OK, we'll GIVE you one. Happy now?!"


Whether you like it or not, even sola scriptura Christians base everything on tradition. for example, how do you know what books are in the Bible? The Bible itself has no divinely-inspired table of contents. The canon is, itself, extra-biblical tradition. How do you know what the Greek and Hebrew words in the Bible actually mean? Again, the meaning of those languages has been passed down through tradition. Without just these two things, there would be no Bible to speak of.

Worst Sin To Commit

Yes, but that's beside the point. This blog isn't about "what is the worst law to break?". It's about "what's the worst sin to commit?" - and if all sins are equal in God's eyes, we should (theoretically) feel no more guilty about stealing someone's life savings that a stick of gum. Do you really feel that way, or do you know anyone else who does?

Help Depressed Son

Why is marijuana illegal? Hundreds of years ago, hemp farming (for cloth and rope) was a staple industry in the U.S. The founding fathers grew it. In fact, the Virginia colony made it mandatory (i.e. you could go to jail for NOT growing it)!

Harry J. Anslinger of the Bureau of Narcotics wrote: "...the primary reason to outlaw marijuana is its effect on the degenerate races." His motives were not medical, but political and racist.

After lobbying Congress and deceiving them that the AMA was against marijuana, marijuana prohibition was railroaded through in 1937.

Today, the U.S. has the highest degree of incarceration of any nation on earth, and most people in prison are there for drug-related crimes.

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You wrote: Christ established the Sabbath in the garden of Eden.

No, GOD established it in the garden of Eden. The two are not equivalent. Yes, Jesus is God, but God is not Jesus ("is" is not a bidirectional relationship) in the same way that Washington was president and Lincoln was president, but Washington was not Lincoln.

The Son didn't send the Father down to the Holy Spirit's baptism and say "This is my spirit in whom I am well pleased". the Holy Spirit didn't sweat blood and say "Son, take this cup away from me". The Father was not crucified.

Why would a Christian not want to follow Christ?

When have I ever said one should NOT worship on the Sabbath?

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You wrote: Exo 20:8-11...

Cluny never disputed this. This does not mention worship, or what "keep holy" means. He (and I) only object to your reading between the lines and claiming what God didn't actually write is God's Word.

I didn't say anything. Those were God's words - not mine.

And just which of those words FORBIDS worship on other days?

Samuelbb7 wrote: Many today don't keep any kind of Sabbath.

So what? If you condemn anyone for doing this, you run afoul of what Paul wrote.

But there is no command in the Bible to keep any other day but the Seventh day Sabbath.

And no command to NOT worship on any day either.

Opinion Of Street Preachers
Many have very valid points of view. Unfortunately, since it's so easy to self-publish these days (whether on text or video), it's easy for anyone with any agenda to promote it with no oversight or accountibility - so a lot of total wackos get on there, and for many people, it's hard to tell the sound ones from the crazy ones.

Bibllical Punishment For Murder

You wrote: 'Axe: My, my! You're prickly today, huh? You habitually read too much into a question. Relax! All I "want" is to engage in a non-argumentative discussion & exchange points of view. :)

I'm not prickly, just trying to be precise. It's hard to discuss a subject when one doesn't know what the subject really is.

Everything we do is ultimately about God's law. He gets the final say!

True, but in that case, why did you mention "convicted" or "in the USA"? How do those relate to the subject, because God's law is for people who are guilty of certain crimes, not FOUND guilty, and it applies to all countries, not just one.

Syrian Refugee Crisis

You wrote: Again, so true. I have personally experienced this, without the "hiccup", after thirty years of service. They called it downsizing.

According to the law, corporations have a fiduciary responsibility to their stockholders first, their customers second, and their employees dead last. We call humans who put their own interests first, without regard to the concerns of others, "sociopaths". Our laws require corporations to be sociopathic, yet we are always surprised, disappointed, and outraged when they are exactly that.

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You wrote: But the main emphasis in that Passage is the other Sabbaths not the weekly one.

This cannot be the case. Paul says not to let others judge us in food, or holy days, or sabbaths.

If sabbaths mean normal sabbaths (as I contend), this makes perfect sense.

If sabbaths mean "special holy day sabbaths" (as you contend), this does not. Why would Paul say not to let others judge us in food, holy days or holy days? Why would he repeat himself twice in the same sentence? The very fact that he mentions them separately means he's talking about two different things.

Bibllical Punishment For Murder

I am being completely honest. The blog question, as written, is not clear about just what exactly you want. You said "what SHOULD ... be", not "What IS..." - implying that that the punishment that exists is not what it should be. So the blog question is clearly NOT about God's Law, because God's law is what it is, period. Arguing about what God's law "should be" is arguing with God.

This is about US law (since you said "convicted of" and "in the USA"), and US law is determined by the Constitution, and not scripture.

Here's the answer to the question:

If you already had the answer, why bother asking the question?

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